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  • DPR Passes Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance Draft Law

    DPR Passes Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance Draft Law

    THE Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) signed between Indonesia and Switzerland received the approval from the House of Representatives (DPR) special committee on Thursday, July 2.

  • Death from the Market

    Death from the Market

    Positive Corona cases continue to be high in 16 provinces. Market places are among the disease centers.

  • Cabinet Reshuffle Threats

    Cabinet Reshuffle Threats

    The president is unhappy with the performance of his ministers and banking institutions. There are plans to disband the Financial Services Authority and reshuffle the cabinet.

  • Blind Groping In Face of Corona

    Blind Groping In Face of Corona

    Data fumbling has been occurring since the coronavirus pandemic started in Indonesia in March. The Covid-19 task force began its work in total blindness for lack of data. Tracing people who had been in contact with positive patients met with obstruction. Lately it has been revealed, the Covid-19 death toll is far higher compared to official data announced by the government spokesperson.

  • An Ideological Battle

    An Ideological Battle

    The PDI-P lobbied hard to get the Pancasila Ideology Guidelines Bill passed. The DPR changed direction after the public reject it.

  • Reopening at Abah ’s Behest

    Reopening at Abah ’s Behest

    Plans to reopen schools and pesantren garnered criticism. Accuracy of zoning databases is shrouded in doubt.

  • Preemployment Cards Problems

    Preemployment Cards Problems

    THE Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) have found issues in the Pre-employment Cards program.

  • Continuous Repression in Papua

    Continuous Repression in Papua

    SOME human rights defender organizations denounced the indictment filed by the public prosecutor against seven residents of Papua.

  • Death in the Kawende Mountains

    Death in the Kawende Mountains

    Three Poso residents died at the hands of a Tinombala security task force. Most likely a case of mistaken identity.

  • Leaving the Barracks to Fight Terrorism

    Leaving the Barracks to Fight Terrorism

    The military is lobbying for support of a draft of a presidential regulation on military involvement in overcoming terrorism. Some circles are opposed this idea, seeing it as overstepping the military’s authority. The government is evaluating the draft.

  • Government Guilty of Internet BAN

    Government Guilty of Internet BAN

    THE Jakarta Administrative Court ruled that it was unlawful for the government to shut down access to the Internet in Papua and West Papua during a period of unrest last year.

  • Omnibus Bill’s fast track

    Omnibus Bill’s fast track

    Deliberations on the Omnibus Bill is continuing in the midst of a recess period and at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Golkar Party is giving its full support.

  • Pursuing Normality before the Peak

    Pursuing Normality before the Peak

    The government plans to ease social restrictions. But some regional heads tightened their population movements instead.

  • Duel at Tower Seven

    Duel at Tower Seven

    After over 50 days operating as an emergency hospital for Covid-19 patients, the Athlete’s Dormitory have treated nearly 2,000 people. Some lied to the doctors.

  • Unrealistic Rice Field Program
    News Capsule

    Unrealistic Rice Field Program

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo’s instruction to create new rice fields in peatland areas has received strong criticisms. Some argue that such program had been done and failed.

  • Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    The government prepares a scenario to ease off large-scale social restrictions, claiming that coronavirus transmission trend is flattening. Meanwhile, the number of tests is still not ideal.

  • Stumbling in the Halls of Power

    Stumbling in the Halls of Power

    The appointment of millennials as special staff members is being labeled a political image building strategy.

  • Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Some special staff members of President Joko Widodo drew attention over possible conflict of interests in some government projects.

  • The Activists Roundup

    The Activists Roundup

    Police arrested and intimidated some activists. Many things do not add up.

  • Chasing Numbers

    Chasing Numbers

    Groups of people seek to map out the actual data of Covid-19 cases. They doubt numbers presented by the government.

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