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Edition 31 March 2020


  • The Minister’s Shadowy Games

    The Minister’s Shadowy Games

    There is increasing evidence to support the suspicions voiced by a number of people that the selection of ministers in the current cabinet was not based on competence and caution. Details of the chaotic way a number of ministers have carried out their duties in the last six months are beginning to emerge.

  • Seeking Leadership Against Coronavirus

    Seeking Leadership Against Coronavirus

    It is no longer a matter of deciding whether or not to quarantine the country. Indonesia needs strong leadership to avoid a multi-dimensional crisis

  • Farewell, Anti-corruption Commission

    Farewell, Anti-corruption Commission

    Three months of Firli Bahuri’s chairmanship has ended hopes for the Corruption Eradication Commission. A betrayal of the reformasi mandate.

  • Expensive Energy Option

    Expensive Energy Option

    The construction of waste-to-energy power plants in 12 cities has the potential to cause losses for the government and PLN. There are other more profitable business models.

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