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Edition 15 October 2019


  • Unexpected Terror

    Unexpected Terror

    THE attack on Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto was a humiliation for the intelligence services and the police. Although it failed, the assassination attempt also sounded the alarm that terrorist cells are still active and dangerous.

  • A Dangerous Impasse

    A Dangerous Impasse

    The plan to revive State Policy Guidelines continues to be considered. A way to kill democracy through democracy.

  • No More Propaganda in Papua

    No More Propaganda in Papua

    Facebook has closed hundreds of accounts and pages involved in computational propaganda about Papua. This is a good way to oppose disinformation campaigns.

  • The Cashless Trap

    The Cashless Trap

    The presence of different types of electronic money has increased the number of non-cash transactions. Bank Indonesia needs to prevent the emergence of monopolies.

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