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  • Two-Faced Police

    Two-Faced Police

    Police personnel occupy many positions that are not relevant to law and order. The force has a reputation for violence.

  • Pointless Anger

    Pointless Anger

    When complaining in front of his cabinet, the President simply showed his weak leadership. It is time to replace incompetent ministers.

  • Playing with Data

    Playing with Data

    The number of people who died of Covid-19 in Indonesia is almost five times higher than the official total announced by the government.

  • Lobster Politics

    Lobster Politics

    THE decision by Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo opening the door to exports of lobster larvae is a grave error.



    *How can you enter state school, while you’re still little? **Yes, I’m little, but old, Bro... (Words on board: Announcement of New Student Selection Result)/Tempo/Yuyun Nurrahman

  • Making Pertamina More Agile

    Making Pertamina More Agile

    The plan by Pertamina to turn its company subholdings into limited companies is a good omen for the establishment of good corporate governance. With a portion of the shares held by the public, the management of these subsidiaries will be more transparent and professional.

  • Shrinking Civic Space in Asia

    Shrinking Civic Space in Asia

    Authoritarian regimes in the region are using cyber laws to silence critics. People need to unite and fight back.

  • Wrecked Assets in Ambitious Project

    Wrecked Assets in Ambitious Project

    The development of the Indonesian International Islamic University has resulted in the loss and destruction of Radio Republik Indonesia assets. This is an ambitious project forced through by President Jokowi.

  • Dangerous Digital Attack

    Dangerous Digital Attack

    HACKING mobile phones, social media accounts and access to other digital services now is apparently the new way to restrict freedom of opinion during the second term of President Joko Widodo.

  • Pancasila


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • A Strange Scheme

    A Strange Scheme

    The government must be very careful in paying in bank liquidity assistance. The 1998 Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance problems must not happen again.

  • Cleaning the Church

    Cleaning the Church

    Churches must be active in protecting children. They must not remain silent if there is information about rapes or other sexual crimes.

  • Don’t Turn the Clock

    Don’t Turn the Clock

    As well as not being urgent, the Pancasila Ideology Guidelines Bill could give rise to a single interpretation of Pancasila. The deliberations of this bill should be ended.

  • No More Banking Crisis, Please

    No More Banking Crisis, Please

    THE drying up of Bank Bukopin’s liquidity should be addressed through an economic approach, not politics.

  • Bad!


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Don’t take the corpse, it’s dangerous...!
  • No Losses from Bioenergy

    No Losses from Bioenergy

    For the sake of B30 project, the government is to inject Rp2.78 trillion into the Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency. Most of these management funds will go to large companies.

  • Bad Timing for Unnecessary Burden

    Bad Timing for Unnecessary Burden

    The Government Regulation on the Public Housing Savings Program has sparked controversy. It adds to the burdens of workers and businesses.

  • Papuan Lives Matter

    Papuan Lives Matter

    The government must not continue its mistaken policies in Papua. Stop the violence and start the dialogue.

  • Beware of Nepotism in Politics

    Beware of Nepotism in Politics

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo may well give the excuse that the nomination of his son and son-in-law in elections for regional heads this December does not break any rules.

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