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  • No Entry

    No Entry

    Cartoon: Imam Yunni

  • Fair Carbon Trading

    Fair Carbon Trading

    The government is drawing up a presidential regulation on the economic value of carbon. This regulation must be fair and must force all business sectors to reduce emissions.

  • Rising Demand for Digital Video

    Rising Demand for Digital Video

    Video on demand services are growing rapidly in Indonesia. This digital disruption provides new opportunities for local companies.

  • A New Face for the Ulemas Council

    A New Face for the Ulemas Council

    Moderate figures now comprise the leadership of the Indonesian Ulemas Council. It is time to show a more friendly face of Islam.

  • Wrong Direction for Komodo Tourism

    Wrong Direction for Komodo Tourism

    The development of tourism in the Komodo National Park threatens to sideline local people. The original habitat of the giant lizards is also threatened with destruction.

  • Dressed Up for the Holidays

    Dressed Up for the Holidays

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Investment is Not Insurance

    Investment is Not Insurance

    The decision by the government to restructure the policies of Jiwasraya is a win-win solution for customers, the company and the state. People need to be more aware of the risks of investment.

  • Listen to Papua, Church Leaders

    Listen to Papua, Church Leaders

    Pastors in Papua asked bishops in Indonesia to break their silence over the violence in the region. Church leaders must push for dialogue and reconciliation in order to end the conflict.

  • Pointless Cabinet Reshuffle

    Pointless Cabinet Reshuffle

    Without more fundamental changes to his development strategy, President Jokowi’s replacement of a number of ministers will be for nothing.

  • Momentum for Changes

    Momentum for Changes

    THE year 2020 is about to end and now the big question is: will Indonesia emerge from the pandemic any time soon?

  • Vaccine Vacation

    Vaccine Vacation

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • No Middle Road for Tobacco

    No Middle Road for Tobacco

    The road map for the tobacco products industry needs to be orientated toward reducing production and consumption. It is no longer appropriate for the country to depend on the cigarette industry as a revenue earner.

  • Free Vaccines, Then What?

    Free Vaccines, Then What?

    The government decided to dole out free Covid-19 vaccines for all. The need arises to watch out for speculators and tighter regard towards health protocols.

  • Sledgehammer Developmentalism

    Sledgehammer Developmentalism

    Development of infrastructure should not violate basic human rights. There should be no hiding behind the principle of the right to development.

  • Do Not Stop at the Minister

    Do Not Stop at the Minister

    The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) should not allow investigation into the case of embezzlement in the social assistance program to only stop at former Social Affairs Minister Juliari Peter Batubara.

  • Speeding Up LPG Replacement

    Speeding Up LPG Replacement

    The gas pipe networks for homes infrastructure project and the supply of electric cookers as an alternative to LPG have shown little progress. Commitment and resolution from the government are needed.

  • Autopilot in the War on Corruption

    Autopilot in the War on Corruption

    The detention of two ministers in the last month shows that there is still widespread corruption in Jokowi’s administration. It is the people who are the victims.

  • Minister Edhy’s Glamourous Bribes

    Minister Edhy’s Glamourous Bribes

    Some of the kickbacks related to the export of lobster larvae allegedly paid to the former minister of maritime affairs and fisheries are believed to have been passed on to his associates. Investigation should not stop with Edhy Prabowo.

  • The Wrong Way

    The Wrong Way

    President Joko Widodo must establish an independent fact-finding team to investigate the killings of six members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) in the early hours of Monday, December 7.

  • Social Aid Collection

    Social Aid Collection

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

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