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Edition 09 July 2018


  • Learning Toba Batak Through Social Media

    Learning Toba Batak Through Social Media

    The Toba Batak are working to preserve their ethnic language through a Facebook group targeted at youths.

  • Preserving Ethnic Languages

    Preserving Ethnic Languages

    The Ministry of Education and Culture’s Agency of Language Development and Construction has declared 11 of Indonesia’s 652 ethnic languages extinct. As many as 19 ethnic languages are now endangered and four critically endangered. The administration of North Maluku, where some of these near-extinct texts are from, is working to preserve extant languages, among others by including ethnic languages in local school curricula and compiling dictionaries. Efforts to salvage and preserve ethnic languages are also in progress in North Sumatra, with various groups as well as individuals working to safeguard the Toba Batak language, including through a social media forum. Tempo English reports.

  • New Hope for the Sulawesi Civet

    New Hope for the Sulawesi Civet

    Photos taken by a national park patrol team prove that the Sulawesi civet, previously thought to be extinct, still exists in the wild, even outside the park's territory.

  • Preventing the Extinction of Endemic Species

    Preventing the Extinction of Endemic Species

    Though Indonesia may be known for its rich biodiversity, some endemic species have come too close to the brink of extinction, among others the cendrawasih-birds of paradise endemic to Papua-and the Sulawesi civet.

  • Giving their All

    Giving their All

    Pencak Dor does not apply many rules. Fighters must master numerous martial arts techniques to avoid injury.

  • Freestyle Fighting at Lirboyo

    Freestyle Fighting at Lirboyo

    The tradition of Pencak Dor, a freestyle martial arts competition, grew in an Islamic boarding school, or pesantren. At first the competition was meant as a way for students at Pesantren Lirboyo, Kediri, East Java to practice martial arts. Today, Pencak Dor is a prestigious festival for martial artists from various clubs and schools in East Java. The competition offers no reward, save for a warm dish of goat curry for both the winner and the defeated at the end of a fight.

  • Seeking Redemption Through Film

    Seeking Redemption Through Film

    Former terrorism convict Iin Brur contributes to deradicalization through his films, promoting diversity and unity.

  • A Journey Across Differences

    A Journey Across Differences

    Indonesia’s pluralism is nothing short of an irony. On the one hand, diversity lends color to life and should, ideally, go hand in hand with the values of tolerance. But on the other hand, history has shown us how easy it is for conflicts to arise amid diversity, as we witnessed in Ambon, Maluku, in 1999, as well as in Poso, South Sulawesi, from the late 1990s until the early 2000s. Past spine-chilling clashes between Christians and Muslims in the two regions did not only consume lives but also produced territorial and psychological segregations. A number of groups and individuals have decided to act to restore peace and harmony in these regions. In Ambon, the Maluku Interfaith Institution (LAIM) and other groups have moved to action. Meanwhile, in Poso, former terrorism convict Arifuddin Lako is campaigning for peace through his films. Tempo English reports.

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