• A Wellspring amid Oil Palm

    A Wellspring amid Oil Palm

    The Segumon customary community is determined to salvage their ancestral land.

  • Giving Voice to Women Farmers

    Giving Voice to Women Farmers

    In the past, most women farmers in Southwest Sumba were busy with nothing but house chores and field work. Wilhelmina Mali Dappa persuaded them to study and get involved in organisations, and encouraged them to stand up for their rights.

  • Guardians of the Woods

    Guardians of the Woods

    A place to learn about village forests management.

  • Empowered Domestic Workers

    Empowered Domestic Workers

    Lita Anggraini and her colleagues mobilized thousands of domestic workers to unionize. They also allowed domestic worker issues to be recognized as a national issue.

  • A Cornucopia of Crabs and Honey

    A Cornucopia of Crabs and Honey

    Kubu Raya fishermen are no longer anxious about fishing crabs in their region’s protected mangrove forest.

  • Lian Gogali Schools for Women for Peace in Poso

    Lian Gogali Schools for Women for Peace in Poso

    Lian Gogali’s dream is for women to spearhead the efforts to bring back peace and sovereignty to the people of Poso.

  • Giving Strength to Victims of Violence

    Giving Strength to Victims of Violence

    Wendelina Olin has never ceases to help and defend women and children subjected to violence in North Timor Tengah.

  • Preventing Corruption Through Women

    Preventing Corruption Through Women

    Not many people fully understand what corruptive behaviour actually is.

  • All the Widows: Independent

    All the Widows: Independent

    Through Pekka, Nani Zulminarni empowers impoverished women household heads. Her deed touches the hearts of more than 31,000 women across 34 provinces.

  • Going organic

    Going organic

    A farmers group on the slopes of Mount Merbabu, Central Java, are protecting the region’s biodiversity through organic farming.

  • ancient Disaster Warnings

    ancient Disaster Warnings

    Some oral accounts of past disasters are seen as warnings passed on from one generation to another.

  • Batik’s Influence in Toraja

    Batik’s Influence in Toraja

    Several studies have found Toraja in South Sulawesi to be another home to batik.

  • Holding On To Traditions

    Holding On To Traditions

    Harmony with nature is the philosophy of the people living in the customary village of Boti in South Central Timor.

  • the love for Sumba’s culture

    the love for Sumba’s culture

    To prevent Sumba’s culture from vanishing.

  • The Last Guardians of Mentawai Tattoos

    The Last Guardians of Mentawai Tattoos

    Mentawai’s tattoo tradition is on the brink of extinction after the Arat Sabulungan indigenous belief was banned in the 60s-80s.

  • Clay Batik and Ancient Script

    Clay Batik and Ancient Script

    Batik textile does not only come from Java, but also from other regions, such as West Sumatra and Jambi.

  • Students’ Fight Against Corruption

    Students’ Fight Against Corruption

    The Pelopor Muda community offers a course on anti-corruption in Medan.

  • Empowering Fisherwomen

    Empowering Fisherwomen

    Women are often not recognized as fishers. They need information and access to various facilities, including assistance.

  • Contemporary Lengger

    Contemporary Lengger

    Contemporary lengger dance performances combine lengger with other art forms, from modern Japanese dance to northern coastal dangdut music.

  • Crowd Fundings for Electricity

    Crowd Fundings for Electricity

    The Pelita Khatulistiwa movement opted for crowdfunding to supply a community health center in Lindu, Central Sulawesi, with solar-powered electricity. The movement has spread its wings to another region.

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