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  • Freestyle Fighting at Lirboyo

    Freestyle Fighting at Lirboyo

    The tradition of Pencak Dor, a freestyle martial arts competition, grew in an Islamic boarding school, or pesantren. At first the competition was meant as a way for students at Pesantren Lirboyo, Kediri, East Java to practice martial arts. Today, Pencak Dor is a prestigious festival for martial artists from various clubs and schools in East Java. The competition offers no reward, save for a warm dish of goat curry for both the winner and the defeated at the end of a fight.

  • Seeking Redemption Through Film

    Seeking Redemption Through Film

    Former terrorism convict Iin Brur contributes to deradicalization through his films, promoting diversity and unity.

  • A Journey Across Differences

    A Journey Across Differences

    Indonesia’s pluralism is nothing short of an irony. On the one hand, diversity lends color to life and should, ideally, go hand in hand with the values of tolerance. But on the other hand, history has shown us how easy it is for conflicts to arise amid diversity, as we witnessed in Ambon, Maluku, in 1999, as well as in Poso, South Sulawesi, from the late 1990s until the early 2000s. Past spine-chilling clashes between Christians and Muslims in the two regions did not only consume lives but also produced territorial and psychological segregations. A number of groups and individuals have decided to act to restore peace and harmony in these regions. In Ambon, the Maluku Interfaith Institution (LAIM) and other groups have moved to action. Meanwhile, in Poso, former terrorism convict Arifuddin Lako is campaigning for peace through his films. Tempo English reports.

  • Floating School for Islands Children

    Floating School for Islands Children

    Every weekend, children from three islands in the Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi, gather on the beach to welcome the Floating School.

  • Education For Disadvantaged Children

    Education For Disadvantaged Children

    Achieving educational equity in Indonesia faces several hurdles, including limitations in infrastructure, educational facilities, and qualified instructors. These poor conditions have inspired several youths to act. Young people have opened classes in several provinces, including in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi. In Pangkep, also in South Sulawesi, three youths pioneered the Floating School, a program meant to reach children living on small islands. Tempo English reports.

  • Food Self-Sufficiency and Tourism in Bahitom

    Food Self-Sufficiency and Tourism in Bahitom

    Bahitom village's resettlers-people enrolled in the government's transmigration program-are exploring organic farming. They do it not only for sustenance but also for agrotourism.

  • Protecting Nature and Improving Welfare

    Protecting Nature and Improving Welfare

    The government is now more eager than ever to develop and promote its tourism village program. Among the 74,954 villages spread across Indonesia, 1,902 villages gifted with cultural riches and arresting natural landscapes offer tremendous potentials for tourism. Among them is the remote Merabu village in East Kalimantan, endowed with karst hills and prehistoric handprints hidden in caves. There is also the Bahitom village in Central Kalimantan, where villagers are now working to develop an organic farming program for food self-sufficiency and agrotourism. Over the past several years, residents of both villages have been striving to improve local economies through tourism. Tempo English reports.

  • Tasty Chips and Ecotourism

    Tasty Chips and Ecotourism

    Armed with a community forest license, the Lubuk Kertang Village community is now making mangrove products and trying their hand at ecotourism.

  • Goodbye Oil Palm, Hello Mangrove

    Goodbye Oil Palm, Hello Mangrove

    Mangrove forests in the Lubuk Kertang village in North Sumatra's Langkat Regency can now thrive again.

  • The Wehea Dayak's Thanksgiving Tradition

    The Wehea Dayak's Thanksgiving Tradition

    The Wehea Dayak held Lom Plai to celebrate the rice harvest. It is also to express their gratitude for the bounties of nature.

  • A Conservation Stronghold in Remote Kalimantan

    A Conservation Stronghold in Remote Kalimantan

    East Kalimantan’s wilderness has managed to keep the Wehea Protected Forest “hidden” amid logging and oil drilling. The 38,000-hectare forest is home to a variety of protected species, including the orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). In the face of numerous challenges, the Wehea Dayak tribe has taken firm action to safeguard and preserve their forest and its resources, and are now working with the government, non-profit organizations and even companies. Meanwhile, the customary community also strives to maintain the natural balance by celebrating Lom Plai, a thanksgiving tradition. In celebration of World Biodiversity Day on May 22, Tempo English reports.

  • Pranoto's Secret Recipe

    Pranoto's Secret Recipe

    After a traffic accident, Servasius Bambang Pranoto began making homemade herbal oil to relieve his condition. Today, his monthly turnover reaches tens of billions of rupiah.

  • Backyard Natural Remedies

    Backyard Natural Remedies

    Indonesia's wealth of herbs and spices, believed to be effective natural remedies, has made the herbal oil sector flourish.

  • Backyard Organic Farming

    Backyard Organic Farming

    Maya Stolastika and Herwita Rosalina are training young communities to take up organic farming. They also invite young farmers to work together.

  • Making Farming Cool For Young Farmers

    Making Farming Cool For Young Farmers

    As an agrarian country, Indonesia is faced with a rather ironic predicament: more and more people have shied away from agriculture, mainly because of the stigma that farmers are a poverty-ridden segment.

  • Power To Sumba Schools

    Power To Sumba Schools

    ONCE a week, Eliantana Bombo carries some extra weight in her bag: a wireless lantern.

  • Solar Power on the Sandalwood Island

    Solar Power on the Sandalwood Island

    For the people of Sumba in East Nusa Tenggara it seems likely that kerosene lamps will soon be a thing of the past.

  • Enlisting Local Wisdom

    Enlisting Local Wisdom

    Communities living around the Sesaot Forest, West Nusa Tenggara, are using customary law in managing the forest. Not everyone in the community is in support.

  • Community Welfare for the Forest

    Community Welfare for the Forest

    Indonesia is known for its vast forest areas-an important element for the continuity of life on our planet.

  • Keeping Paloh’s Turtles Safe

    Keeping Paloh’s Turtles Safe

    Paloh residents are helping protect sea turtles along the regency’s coast. WWF offered to provide guidance.

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