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  • Freeport's Tailing Mess

    Freeport's Tailing Mess

    Minister Siti Nurbaya's decision to annul Freeport's waste management shook the divestment process. Things were ironed out only after a meeting of four ministers.

  • Inalum’s Contract for a Pile of Gold

    Inalum’s Contract for a Pile of Gold

    The signing of Freeport Indonesia’s share buying agreement was delayed for a day for the green light from the government’s internal auditor BPKP and the AGO.

  • Charity Funds on the International Stage
    Cover Story

    Charity Funds on the International Stage

    The government is pursuing assistance from donors. Local and global conglomerates have been approached.

  • Troubled Waters Around the Port

    Troubled Waters Around the Port

    The government seems divided after a court canceled Marunda Port’s concession. Both parties are lobbying key officials.

  • The Commander’s Gaffe

    The Commander’s Gaffe

    The confiscation of the illegal tin of a major exporter carried a negative impact. The results of verification by Surveyor Indonesia are blocked.

  • The Red Lion That Flew Blind
    Cover Story

    The Red Lion That Flew Blind

    The Lion Air air carrier traveling from Jakarta to Pangkapinang already had known failures and was even grounded from flying the day before.

  • Mud-sunken Land

    Mud-sunken Land

    The reclaimed land of the Kalibaru Port turned into quicksand mud

  • Retreating over Foreign Invasion

    Retreating over Foreign Invasion

    The government finally re-included five business sectors in the Negative Investment List following criticism from both the opposition and business

  • Rage over a Name

    Rage over a Name

    Rage over a Name

  • Gripped by Induction Steel

    Gripped by Induction Steel

    Reinforcing steel bars producers flocked to Indonesia as they are no longer wanted in homeland China.

  • Business Lost,  Debts Found

    Business Lost, Debts Found

    The government revoked Bolt’s frequency license. A pandora’s box of debts was opened.

  • New Capital for the Benoa Bay

    New Capital for the Benoa Bay

    Tomy Winata still has a dream of turning Benoa Bay into nine travel destination islands. But wave of protests never ceased, especially after the new location permit was issued.

  • Chasing Nickel to Rio

    Chasing Nickel to Rio

    Freeport’s divestment was not the last. The second mission is to get Vale Indonesia’s shares.

  • Charged by China’s Batteries

    Charged by China’s Batteries

    Global players are flocking to Indonesia for nickel and cobalt. Aneka Tambang’s chance to form a joint-venture in nickel downstream returns. Opportunity knocks for Indonesia to join the global market for electric car batteries.

  • Party Traces at the Batam Bay

    Party Traces at the Batam Bay

    The appointment of Batam’s Mayor as ex-officio head of the Batam Free Trade Zone and Free Port Authority (BP Batam) has rattled many sides. Was he put there to smooth the way for an ongoing mega project?

  • A Cliffhanger for Policyholders
    Cover Story

    A Cliffhanger for Policyholders

    Thousands of Jiwasraya investors are worried that they may not get their money back. Some were enticed by the tax amnesty program’s repatriation scheme.

  • Jakarta Water’s Red Report

    Jakarta Water’s Red Report

    Jakarta government decides to take over clean water management in the city. They have met with Salim Group, private operator for Jakarta water management.

  • Guerrilla in the Coal Path

    Guerrilla in the Coal Path

    Djan Faridz’s mine is plagued with problems. The South Sumatra Provincial Government banned coal trucks from crossing the highway.

  • Headwind for Air Cargo

    Headwind for Air Cargo

    The increase in air cargo prices has far-reaching impact. It gets in the way of burgeoning trade.

  • Food Preservatives from Chicken Coops

    Food Preservatives from Chicken Coops

    Food preservatives have become latent hazards in South Sumatra. A number of findings indicate that many food processing industries use the chemical solution; tracing back its origins to a farming company, Agrinusa Jaya Santosa, Japfa’s subsidiary.

  • Expert-Hunting in Houston

    Expert-Hunting in Houston

    The SKK Migas sought external help to examine Masela’s development costs. Internal auditor questioned their capacity.

  • The State Should Not Bear Losses

    The State Should Not Bear Losses

    Dwi Soetjipto, Chairman of the Upstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Special Task Force

  • Harmonization Stalled by Rini’s Letter

    Harmonization Stalled by Rini’s Letter

    The government is not yet unanimous about the revision of regulations on mining business operation. State owned enterprises want a greater role to play. Coal businessmen have met with Minister Jonan to inquire about their further operation.

  • Krakatau Steel’s Final rescue

    Krakatau Steel’s Final rescue

    Shrouded in debts, the state’s steel company is standing on the verge of bankruptcy. Rescue mission began before Krakatau Steel is merged under a mining holding company.

  • Digital Wallet for National Companies

    Digital Wallet for National Companies

    State-owned banks and enterprises join forces to create an integrated e-payment platform. With past plans to acquire startups, the companies seek to catch up on Go-Pay and OVO.

  • Mandiri Aims for the Top

    Mandiri Aims for the Top

    The purchase of Bank Permata shares has entered due diligence process. Standard Chartered, Astra and Mandiri high-ranking officials met in Singapore to discuss the acquisition plan.

  • The Bus’ Revival

    The Bus’ Revival

    The surging price of airfares is a blessing for autobus companies, prompting them to promote the premium class fleet.

  • Making Profits In just Three Months
    Cover Story

    Making Profits In just Three Months

    Garuda Indonesia is believed to be inappropriately recording its revenue. Two commissioners refused to sign the state-owned airline’s financial report. Their objection letters have sparked a debate.

  • Pressure from Passengers

    Pressure from Passengers

    The government has lowered the ceiling for air ticket prices. Air Asia is asked to balance out Garuda’s and Lion Air’s domination.

  • Taking Notes from North Lombok

    Taking Notes from North Lombok

    Regions are sprucing up; aiming to become halal tourism destinations that cater to travelers from Malaysia and Middle Eastern nations.

  • Pawning Through Phone

    Pawning Through Phone

    State-owned pawnshop Pegadaian wants to ride the wave of financial technology disruption by collaborating with existing services.

  • Old Owners’ Odd Shares

    Old Owners’ Odd Shares

    An old shares dispute at BFI Finance resurfaced. An Italian financing company has to delay its investments, suspecting that the Ongko family still meddles with the affair.

  • Old Business, New Targets

    Old Business, New Targets

    The Bakrie Group now engages in the electric bus industry, eyeing mass transportation projects.

  • The Compelling KPK Letter

    The Compelling KPK Letter

    Energy and Natural Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan revoked Tanito Harum’s mining license after the Corruption Eradication Commission got involved and found some irregularities.

  • An Alternative for Parliament

    An Alternative for Parliament

    Rusdi Kirana withdrew himself as a candidate for Supreme Audit Board member after questions about his status. Many who failed to get into parliament are signing up for the vacancy.

  • Fighting for the Workers’ Insurance Premiums

    Fighting for the Workers’ Insurance Premiums

    The transfer of insurance and pension program from Taspen and Asabri to the BPJS Ketenagakerjaan remains in limbo. The KPK had to intervene.

  • Tempe Boss from Down under

    Tempe Boss from Down under

    BUSINESS people’s success stories have often started with unexpected occurrences. One of them is Erla Tiara, 43, a tempe (soybean cake) businesswoman in the state of Western Australia of Jakarta origin.

  • The Coveted SOEs Minister’s Seat
    Cover Story

    The Coveted SOEs Minister’s Seat

    The race for the post of SOEs minister is heating. The post requires someone who has the President’s trust.

  • The Social Security Pandora Box

    The Social Security Pandora Box

    The anti-graft commission recommends that social security for non-permanent employees should still be managed by the Workers Social Security Agency. The push and pull is now entering a new chapter.

  • Hot Ball in the Finance Commission

    Hot Ball in the Finance Commission

    Twenty eight candidates did not make it pass the first round. DPR leaders call for a re-selection.

  • The Perils of Deferred Maintenance
    Cover Story

    The Perils of Deferred Maintenance

    Power plant maintenance was postponed due to elections. Maintenance budget was cut.

  • Waste in Containers

    Waste in Containers

    Recycling businesses using imported plastic are threatened with closure as their raw material is held up. The majority of recycled products are aimed for the export market.

  • Speculators’ Chances in The Land of Hope

    Speculators’ Chances in The Land of Hope

    Land hunters flock to Kalimantan despite not knowing the exact coordinates for the new capital city. The area is surrounded by concessions of industrial forests and mines.

  • On soeS’s Chopping Board

    On soeS’s Chopping Board

    Suprajarto’s shift from BRI CEO to BTN’s sparked controversy after he refused his appointment. This opens up competition among state-owned banks.

  • Miners’ Winding Road

    Miners’ Winding Road

    The acceleration of nickel export ban is met with strong rejection. Miners complain to parliament and the State Intelligence Agency.

  • Senayan’s Seat in Pejompongan

    Senayan’s Seat in Pejompongan

    Political parties’ members dominate BPK’s new members. A number of parties reshuffled their members in the Financial Commission to pave ways for their candidates.

  • Farewell Pepsi

    Farewell Pepsi

    Indofood will no longer produces and markets Pepsi in Indonesia, but the beverage industry is optimistic that Pepsi will soon return.

  • Three’s Company and Cars of the Future

    Three’s Company and Cars of the Future

    After completing Vale’s divestment, Inalum joins hand with Pertamina to venture into the car battery industry, collaborating with Toyota Indonesia.

  • From Swiss to Taiwan

    From Swiss to Taiwan

    Global suppliers of electric car batteries start flocking in. Eco-friendly vehicle charging stations are expected to pop-up in Indonesia.

  • Troubles in Jababeka

    Troubles in Jababeka

    Jababeka’s management feud has gone on to the courts. Among irregularities are mutual fund investments that allegedly violated regulations.

  • Medan Merdeka’s Dual Agenda
    Cover Story

    Medan Merdeka’s Dual Agenda

    Erick Thohir removed all echelon I officials in the SOEs ministry. The ministry’s organizational structure is streamlined to create a bureaucracy with a so-called corporate feel. But the restructuring was also triggered by another mission that was kept secret from the public for a while, namely the mission to eliminate positions trading at state-owned companies. The palace has known about this suspicion for some time.

  • Revision Complications

    Revision Complications

    Discussion on the revision to Coal and Mineral Mining Law is back on track. It still contains a planned elimination of a provision regulating coal mining company work area reduction.

  • Erick’s Power Plans
    Cover Story

    Erick’s Power Plans

    Erick Thohir’s planned restructuring of state electricity company PLN has been relatively drama-free. The minister also plans to transform the SOE’s business model, which he believes is too focused on power plant projects. Private power producers launch old complaints.

  • high Price for State Electricity

    high Price for State Electricity

    The energy ministry seeks ways to increase portion of renewable energy electricity mix by changing the purchase price. Businesses love it, but not PLN.

  • Why Fewer International Tourists?

    Why Fewer International Tourists?

    Indonesia failed toreach its target for international tourist arrivals. Expensive domestic flights contributed to this.

  • Clawing Over Crustacean Cash

    Clawing Over Crustacean Cash

    Minister Edhy Prabowo plans to change regulations on lobster passed during the time of his predecessor, Susi Pudjiastuti. Some business owners are lobbying him.

  • Asabri’s Hollow Investments

    Asabri’s Hollow Investments

    Asabri’s investment management is believed to be problematic. These issues have already been detected for a while, involving the same actors as those in the Jiwasraya case.

  • Broadcasters Awaiting Migration

    Broadcasters Awaiting Migration

    Discussion over revision of the broadcast law is restarted from the beginning. The old scheme of migrating television from analog to digital is still hanging in the balance.

  • Tardy Import Permit

    Tardy Import Permit

    Industrial and consumer sugar prices soared following scarce supply. The cause is believed to be delays in import permits from the trade ministry.

  • Another Insurance Scandal

    Another Insurance Scandal

    After Jiwasraya and Asabri, it is now Taspen’s turn to fall under scrutiny for its investments management. A subsidiary once had troubles with bad bonds transaction.

  • Double trouble

    Double trouble

    The formulation of a regulation that will legitimate the hand-over of pension insurance management to BP Jamsostek is stuck at the administrative and bureaucratic reform ministry. The debate heats up at the Constitutional Court’s hearing.

  • Palapa Ring’s broken Promises

    Palapa Ring’s broken Promises

    The promise of fast and cheap Internet access in outer regions through the Palapa Ring has yet to materialize. The stumbling block is connecting the Internet to the optic fibre cable network.

  • Bakrie Under the Loop, Auditors Split

    Bakrie Under the Loop, Auditors Split

    The BPK discovered suspicious investments from Asuransi Jiwasraya in shares of the Bakrie Group. However, this may not be included in the conclusion of the investigation.

  • A Soft Yet Lethal Blow

    A Soft Yet Lethal Blow

    Economists calculated that the corona pandemic will culminate in a global economic crisis. The government and the central bank are preparing rescue strategies.

  • Piles of Waste Problems

    Piles of Waste Problems

    The KPK recommended that the government revise its waste power generating projects. They are considered as merely profiting investors and burdening the state budget.

  • Budgeting in the Time of Coronavirus
    Cover Story

    Budgeting in the Time of Coronavirus

    The discussion on the provision plan to bring in Covid-19 rapid test kit protracted. Many distributors offer various imported brands.

  • Home-Shopping and Employees Put on Leave
    Cover Story

    Home-Shopping and Employees Put on Leave

    Numerous modern retail workers have been laid off. Department stores are hit worst.

  • Short-cutting Budgeting Procedures

    Short-cutting Budgeting Procedures

    The act of using presidential regulations to make drastic changes to the state budget is seen as a violation to the constitution.

  • Lots of Oil, No Tanks

    Lots of Oil, No Tanks

    In order to take advantage of sagging prices, Pertamina plans to buy oil in bulk. The problem is where to store it.

  • Poor Aid Database and distribution
    Cover Story

    Poor Aid Database and distribution

    The central and regional governments have begun distributing social aid for those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. But the disordered database of recipients has resulted in improper aid distribution. Losses may be suffered by the state.

  • debt restructuring

    debt restructuring

    Private and state-owned companies are in a race to restructure their debts due to the waning economy. The government anticipates limited liquidity in financial institutions.

  • The Digital Sector’s Triumph
    Cover Story

    The Digital Sector’s Triumph

    The digital approach is believed to be the key to doing business in the ‘new normal’ era. The banking sector may be most prepared.

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