Profile Hussein Abri Dongoran

Hussein Abri Dongoran

  • A ‘Song’ Shakes Golkar

    A ‘Song’ Shakes Golkar

    Eni Saragih has bluntly stated that high-ranking Golkar Party officials were involved in the Riau-1 Steam Power Plant bribery case. Party General Chairman Airlangga Hartarto has become caught up in the scandal.

  • Support  for the Incumbent

    Support for the Incumbent

    Regional government heads are lining up to support the Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin presidential bid. They are seeking promises of larger budgets and there are rumors of them being pressured by legal cases.

  • A Stuttering Emergency Response

    A Stuttering Emergency Response

    Disaster relief efforts are facing numerous problems in Central Sulawesi, from poor inter-agency coordination to looting. The regional government is only able to carry out sporadic efforts.

  • A Kiai for Everyone
    Cover Story

    A Kiai for Everyone

    A team is given the task to polish Ma’ruf Amin, so that he would be acceptable for millennials and non-Muslims.

  • Verdict after Legian

    Verdict after Legian

    The Supreme Court grants Oesman Sapta Odang’s judicial review on the General Elections Commission’s regulation.

  • Out of Gas and Stalling
    Cover Story

    Out of Gas and Stalling

    Sumatra’s survey results for Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin have not significantly improved. The pair may direct their attention to Java.

  • This Is A Slaughter

    This Is A Slaughter

    INDONESIAN soldiers not only secure the region, but also took part in building the Trans Papua roads.

  • Less Than Desirable Effect
    Cover Story

    Less Than Desirable Effect

    Four months into his vice-presidential candidacy, some consider Ma’ruf Amin as contributing little to Joko Widodo’s popularity.

  • Staying Stagnant

    Staying Stagnant

    NUMEROUS surveys have shown that the electability of candidates Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno have remained stagnant.

  • In Hot Water

    In Hot Water

    The winner of the drinking water project at the Public Works and Housing Ministry was set prior to the tender.

  • The Soccer Underworld
    Cover Story

    The Soccer Underworld

    Indonesian soccer has long been marred by match fixing. Overseas brokers are involved.

  • Pre-Congress Heat
    Cover Story

    Pre-Congress Heat

    Edy Rahmayadi’s leadership is being criticized by PSSI provincial branches. His leadership will be questioned during the annual congress.

  • A Fixed League
    Cover Story

    A Fixed League

    The topic of soccer mafia again falls under the spotlight after Lasmi Indaryani, manager of the League 3 team Persibara Banjarnegara, openly said she deposited hundreds of millions of rupiah to an individual who promised that her club would be promoted to League 2.

  • The Forgotten Novel
    Cover Story

    The Forgotten Novel

    NOVEL Baswedan was one of the topics discussed by President Joko Widodo in a meeting with leaders of his supporting parties at the Seribu Rasa Restaurant in Menteng, Jakarta, last Tuesday night.

  • The Question That was Never Asked
    Cover Story

    The Question That was Never Asked

    PRABOWO Subianto invited Sudirman Said to his parents’ home in Jalan Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, last Tuesday, to discuss the May 1998 incident and the kidnapping of activists prior to the Reformasi.

  • Flight Discounts For Voters
    Cover Story

    Flight Discounts For Voters

    Jokowi and Prabowo’s camps are pursuing all avenues to prevent their supporters from abstaining. Their methods seem to fail among human rights activists.

  • History Proves...
    Cover Story

    History Proves...

    The two presidential-vice-presidential candidate pairs are giving serious attention to a potentially growing group of people planning to abstain from voting.

  • Music Is A Matter of Feelings

    Music Is A Matter of Feelings

    Having the potential to restrict creativity, the bill on music has been rejected by musicians. It copies the law on films.

  • Using Bobby to Reach Millennials

    Using Bobby to Reach Millennials

    The presidential candidates are trying to get closer to young voters, who make up more than 40 percent of Indonesia’s total potential ballot goers. They tweak their appearances, and even their achievements, in order to do this.

  • The Political Compass of Generation Y

    The Political Compass of Generation Y

    Millennials tend to be apathetic towards politics. They prefer to choose a candidate instead of a party.

  • Arsons in Central Java

    Arsons in Central Java

    It is suspected that repeated instances of vehicular arson in Central Java are part of an organized effort being carried out by trained people. Governor Ganjar Pranowo suggested that it is connected with the upcoming presidential election.

  • The Bully Pulpit

    The Bully Pulpit

    Supporters of the Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin presidential campaign are going from mosque to mosque to neutralize religious sermons with political content. The police are aiding the effort.

  • A “212” Pre-Dawn Movement

    A “212” Pre-Dawn Movement

    A group opposing Joko Widodo is mobilizing a congregational dawn prayer on Election Day. It is supposed to benefit the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno presidential bid.

  • In the Name of the Brother and Harley-Davidson

    In the Name of the Brother and Harley-Davidson

    Non-active South Lampung Regent Zainudin Hasan’s court hearing reveals irregularities in a forestry leasing permit issued by Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan in 2011. Zainudin is suspected of forging a permit from a coal mining company. Businessman Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad, also known as Haji Isam, is also named in the prosecution document.

  • The President of South Jakarta
    Cover Story

    The President of South Jakarta

    Prabowo Subianto insists he triumphed in the presidential race. The two-time presidential hopeful plans to rally the people in his support, in a non-violent display of “people power.”

  • A Kertanegara People’s Movement

    A Kertanegara People’s Movement

    The Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno camp is insistent that they have won the presidential election. They are trying to mobilize large numbers of people and are working on forming a special committee in the parliament.

  • The Cost of Politics

    The Cost of Politics

    Competing against fellow party members and other political parties, some legislative candidates have spent billions of rupiah during their campaign runs. However, large spending does not guarantee an election victory.

  • Schism in the Judicial Commission

    Schism in the Judicial Commission

    Leadership in the Judicial Commission has split in the past three years. There was an anonymous letter highlighted on a number of commissioners.

  • Misery in a Foreign Land
    Cover Story

    Misery in a Foreign Land

    The lives of hundreds of former ISIS supporters from Indonesia hang in uncertainty in Syria. Kurdish authorities are willing to return refugees as long as the Indonesian government makes an official request. Tempo investigated those locked up in prisons and those living in refugee camps.

  • Goats and Syrian Djinns
    Cover Story

    Goats and Syrian Djinns

    Indonesians occupied the lowest caste in ISIS territories. Women whose husbands died were turned into suicide bombers.

  • Ruins of the Caliphate Capital
    Cover Story

    Ruins of the Caliphate Capital

    Areas previously controlled by ISIS are in ruins. A few remaining combatants attack occasionally.

  • Beef Floss in Evacuation Tents
    Cover Story

    Beef Floss in Evacuation Tents

    Mustaga Bali looked quite stocky in his camouflage outfit. He is six feet tall and has a receding hairline.

  • We are Ready to Return Indonesian ISIS Supporters
    Cover Story

    We are Ready to Return Indonesian ISIS Supporters

    chief of NES Foreign Relations, Abdulkarim Omar

  • Intelligence Chief and “212” Reconciliation
    Cover Story

    Intelligence Chief and “212” Reconciliation

    Joko Widodo has assigned several people to invite Prabowo Subianto to join his administration. The Gerindra general chairman softened his stance and is now negotiating cabinet seats and parliament leadership.

  • Red Carpet for the Adversary
    Cover Story

    Red Carpet for the Adversary

    Negotiation between Jokowi’s camp and Prabowo’s is coming to a close. Ministerial seats and ambassadorships have been discussed in meetings. Jokowi and Prabowo had planned to meet in Bangkok.

  • A Deadly Night in Petamburan
    Cover Story

    A Deadly Night in Petamburan

    FROM predawn until daytime on May 22, the Petamburan area in West Jakarta looked like a battlefield.

  • The Questionable Eavesdropping Bill

    The Questionable Eavesdropping Bill

    The DPR aims to speed the deliberation of the bill on wiretapping. It has the potential to weaken the anti-corruption commission KPK.

  • Potential Split in the Coalition
    Cover Story

    Potential Split in the Coalition

    Parties in Jokowi’s supporting coalition are competing for ministerial seats. Names have already been submitted to the President.

  • Quantity Does Not Equal Quality
    Cover Story

    Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

    Jokowi-Ma’ruf’s supporting parties are refusing to welcome Gerindra into the coalition. They worry that the addition would mean fewer available seats in the cabinet and MPR leadership.

  • The Boxer and the Martial Artist

    The Boxer and the Martial Artist

    The Golkar Party is heating up as their national congress draws near. Two candidates vying to become the party’s next general chairman, Airlangga Hartarto and Bambang Soesatyo, are both claiming to have the support of regional party officials.

  • The Coalition’s Game of Musical Chairs

    The Coalition’s Game of Musical Chairs

    The PDI-P supports any party wishing to take up leadership of the MPR, as long as they agree with passing a Constitutional amendment.

  • New and Defunct Ministries in Jokowi’s Cabinet
    Cover Story

    New and Defunct Ministries in Jokowi’s Cabinet

    President Joko Widodo will be restructuring the cabinet in his second term in office. Some ministries will be merged, others are disbanded while new ones are formed. A young person will be appointed as minister of digital economy.

  • A Final Push to Leave a Legacy

    A Final Push to Leave a Legacy

    Despite still contains some controversial articles, deliberations on the Criminal Code Bill are continuing at rapid pace. If passed, it could eliminate some unique features of the Corruption Law.

  • A Coalition to Weaken the Commission

    A Coalition to Weaken the Commission

    The government and the DPR moved quickly to revise the KPK Law. President Jokowi is said he has approved it for a long time.

  • The Corruption Prevention Commission

    The Corruption Prevention Commission

    The Law on the Corruption Eradication Commission has given the anti-graft agency a new face. Its board of commissioners is seemingly placed under a newly-created board of supervisors selected by the president.

  • The Student Factor
    Cover Story

    The Student Factor

    The palace gathered a number of public figures to help temper the student movement triggered by the Corruption Eradication Commission law revision and the plan to legislate problematic bills. President Jokowi is considering issuing a government regulation in lieu of law, but the plan is met with resistance from pro-government parties.

  • A Law Graduate and Knife Collector
    Cover Story

    A Law Graduate and Knife Collector

    Wiranto’s attacker was apparently exposed to ISIS ideology for over a decade. He knows his way around the computer and had planned to go to Syria.

  • An SOES Compromise

    An SOES Compromise

    Before he was appointed SOEs minister, Erick Thohir was mentioned as a candidate for defense minister. The PDI-P gave some input.

  • NU’s  Woes
    Cover Story

    NU’s Woes

    Relationship between the Palace and the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) is suffering due to the lack of the latter’s representatives in the Indonesia Progress cabinet. NU rejects the belief that ministers from the National Awakening Party sufficiently represent the organization. The vice-presidency is said to equal five ministerial seats.

  • Fast-Tracking the Formula E Budget
    Cover Story

    Fast-Tracking the Formula E Budget

    DINO Patti Djalal immediately contacted Jakarta Governor Anies Rasyid Baswedan as soon as he learned that Formula E was looking for a host for the electric car race in June. The former foreign affairs deputy minister recommended Anies to propose Jakarta as a host city. “This is a car race of the future as (the cars) use electric power,” said Dino when Tempo contacted him on Friday, November 8.

  • Voting Grants
    Cover Story

    Voting Grants

    Grants from the Jakarta administration to mass organizations continued to burgeon. Anies Baswedan’s supporters allegedly received special treatment.

  • Odd Early-Stage Allocations
    Cover Story

    Odd Early-Stage Allocations

    The 2020 Jakarta draft budget priorities and ceiling (KUA-PPAS)—the early stage in the capital city’s budget plan—is full of irregularities. Suspicious budget allocation items are dispersed throughout spending components for consulting services, procurement, and assistance funds. Text: Hussein Abri Dongoran, Gangsar Parikesit Sources: 2016-2019 Jakarta budget, 2020 RKUA-PPAS as processed by the PSI

  • Profiting from Word-of-Mouth
    Cover Story

    Profiting from Word-of-Mouth

    The ‘brain wash’ therapy developed by Terawan attracts foreign patients. The procedure makes up RSPAD’s largest income.

  • A Parting of the Ways

    A Parting of the Ways

    Squabbling has disrupted several National Mandate Party meetings held before the upcoming election for a new party general chair. A falling out between Zulkifli Hasan and Amien Rais is increasingly evident. No longer supporting Zulkifli for party general chair, Amien is helping raise support for his favorite candidate.

  • Dispute in Natuna

    Dispute in Natuna

    The government has not spoken in unison regarding the maneuver of Chinese ships in the North Natuna Sea. It is a repeated old problem.

  • The Lukewarm Hunt for Harun
    Cover Story

    The Lukewarm Hunt for Harun

    Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) leaders are only half-heartedly pursuing the alleged bribery of General Elections Commission (KPU) member, Wahyu Setiawan, who was apprehended on January 8.

  • Rise & Fall of the Oldest Network

    Rise & Fall of the Oldest Network

    The oldest television station in the country, TVRI hit its prime during Suharto’s New Order period.

  • Turbulence Over Lost Funds

    Turbulence Over Lost Funds

    The Presidential Palace is deterring the DPR from using its right of inquiry in the Jiwasraya case. PDI-P is launching hard lobbying to prevent the formation of a special committee.

  • Infected at Bukit Merah

    Infected at Bukit Merah

    An Indonesian worker has become the 21st victim of the coronavirus in Singapore. Indonesian workers are currently bearing the brunt of stigmatization because of the case.

  • Rejected


    The government will not repatriate Indonesians who had joint ISIS in Syria, regardless of their citizenship status.

  • Kalla’s Network in the Monas Race
    Cover Story

    Kalla’s Network in the Monas Race

    Preparations for the Formula E race at the National Monument triggered a polemic. The State Palace initially forbade holding the event at this location but later gave its approval. Those close to Jusuf Kalla are involved.

  • Fatal Flood
    Cover Story

    Fatal Flood

    Jakarta’s flood problem is growing. Areas that were never flooded in the past are now deluged, including the Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital.

  • Different Port, Different Procedure
    Cover Story

    Different Port, Different Procedure

    The government looks into medical histories at border crossings. Thermal scanners are no longer effective.

  • Greeting from Behind the Hazmat

    Greeting from Behind the Hazmat

    The athlete dormitory in Kemayoran is converted into a hospital to treat Covid-19 patients. There have been reports of below-par service, but management claims they are improving.

  • Multiple-Use Protective Gear
    Cover Story

    Multiple-Use Protective Gear

    The government is purchasing protective gear at a high price. Materials for protective gear are obtained through diplomacy.

  • Omnibus Law, in Corona Flavor

    Omnibus Law, in Corona Flavor

    The omnibus bill on job creation will be discussed in the Legislation Body. It could share the same fate as in the revision to the KPK Law.

  • Drug  Scarcity
    Cover Story

    Drug Scarcity

    Controversy surrounding the procurement of drugs emerged after the health ministry made changes to the tender system. Drugs that are key to saving lives, such as HIV antiretrovirals, have become scarce in several regions. The change in the tender mechanism has delayed the procurement of essential drugs.

  • Money At Your Doorstep
    Cover Story

    Money At Your Doorstep

    Aid has not been properly distributed in various regions. Well-to-do people also received it.

  • Profiting in the Midst of Panic
    Cover Story

    Profiting in the Midst of Panic

    Rapid testing services are mushrooming. The result of minimal health monitoring by the government.

  • Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers
    Cover Story

    Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers

    The eviction of some health workers has led some boarding house owners to offer them rooms free of charge. Medical personnel are helping one another.

  • Shielded Gaze upon Teachers
    Cover Story

    Shielded Gaze upon Teachers

    Schools will reopened under a mixed learning system. There are fears of new clusters of Covid-19 outbreaks.

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