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  • Killer Rash
    Cover Story

    Killer Rash

    The government cannot fulfil its second phase target for immunisation against measles-rubella. The Indonesian Pediatricians Association has noted 699 cases of measles and rubella up to September this year. The Indonesian Ulama Council accused the Ministry of Health for being lax in requesting a change of their fatwa (edict) that declared vaccination was haram (illegal in Islam). Now preachers Abdul Somad and Mamah Dedeh have been roped in.

  • The Deadly M-R Duo
    Cover Story

    The Deadly M-R Duo

    The second-stage measles (M) and rubella (R) immunization in 28 provinces outside the island of Java fell short of its goal. As of last Tuesday morning, only 49.07 percent of 32 million children had been vaccinated. According to the Presidential Staff Office, this shortfall may cause Indonesia to find itself in a measles emergency. Even with an immunization rate of 75 percent, there have been 142,000 cases of infection resulting in 1,945 fatalities.

  • Votes at the Feet of housewives
    Cover Story

    Votes at the Feet of housewives

    Sandiaga Uno believes that groups of housewives will determine the outcome of the presidential election. He is targeting 130 million votes.

  • Hooking Those in Charge

    Hooking Those in Charge

    Deputy DPR Speaker Taufik Kurniawan is suspected of receiving money from Special Allocation Funds of the Kebumen regency

  • Three Budget Brokers

    Three Budget Brokers

    Taking advantage of inside information from the ministry of finance.

  • Sharp Right Turn Before the End
    Cover Story

    Sharp Right Turn Before the End

    Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno’s supporting coalition seems to have fractured. Legislative election takes priority seat.

  • Chief of Staff’s Fast Track

    Chief of Staff’s Fast Track

    As the youngest candidate, Andika Perkasa was appointed to lead the Army.

  • Finger Pointing After Disaster 

    Finger Pointing After Disaster 

    The government has no tsunami early detection tools in the waters around the Anak Krakatau volcano. A major gap in disaster warning systems. 

  • Anak Krakatau Disaster

    Anak Krakatau Disaster

    THE COASTLINE of Banten and Lampung were hit by a tsunami sparked by a landslide from Mount Anak Krakatau’s crater on Saturday evening two weeks ago.

  • Mysterious Sacks Of ID Cards

    Mysterious Sacks Of ID Cards

    The Ministry of Home Affairs has discovered some discrepancies regarding a sack of electronic ID cards found in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

  • The Twelfth Player Beyond the Stadium
    Cover Story

    The Twelfth Player Beyond the Stadium

    Several members of the Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) are implicated in a match-fixing scandal. They are suspected of influencing clubs and fixing referees, not only in Leagues 2 and 3, but also in League 1.

  • The Prambanan Project from Mega Kuningan
    Cover Story

    The Prambanan Project from Mega Kuningan

    Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno did not ask a question prepared during rehearsal for the 2019 presidential election’s first debate. The pair was advised by Yudhoyono.

  • An Ulama of Both Worlds
    Cover Story

    An Ulama of Both Worlds

    Jokowi and Prabowo embrace religious figures to win Muslim voters. Supporters of the 212 movement are divided.

  • Yellow Light From The Abstaining Group
    Cover Story

    Yellow Light From The Abstaining Group

    A group of people will not be exercising their right to vote in the 2019 general elections. There has been a rising trend of active abstention throughout the campaign period, causing both candidate pairs to be on the alert. The abstaining group expresses disappointment in candidates and campaigning methods that they feel are lacking in quality.

  • Youths in Today’s Elections

    Youths in Today’s Elections

    Both presidential candidate camps are pounding the pavement to attract millennial voters—85 million in total—who many believe will largely determine the results of the 2019 general elections.

  • From Trawl to Ancestral Land
    Cover Story

    From Trawl to Ancestral Land

    Jokowi and Prabowo’s teams pushed on in opponent’s bases in Central Java engaging in tit-for-tat moves.

  • Java Battlegrounds
    Cover Story

    Java Battlegrounds

    Two months ahead of the D-day, as both presidential campaign teams are focusing all their campaign resources on Java, Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin and Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno’s political safaris continue to center around the country’s most populated island.

  • Sambhar’s Digital Footprints

    Sambhar’s Digital Footprints

    Feeling he was being sought after raising the issue of suspected police non-neutrality in the 2019 General Election, the holder of the @opposite6890 social media account is in hiding abroad. We attempted to recreate the analytical search that account did on the Sambhar application.

  • One Boat, Two Politicians
    Cover Story

    One Boat, Two Politicians

    Lukman Hakim Saifuddin became minister when Muhammad Romahurmuziy was obstructed by Joko Widodo’s ban on double appointments. He is believed to have almost been ousted from the cabinet because of the 212 rally.

  • Red and Green Tie the knot
    Cover Story

    Red and Green Tie the knot

    Jokowi and Ma’ruf saw victory by a landslide in Central and East Java. This victory shows a unison between nationalists and the NU faithful.

  • Finding Fault for Erroneous Counts

    Finding Fault for Erroneous Counts

    The camps of both presidential candidates are accusing each other of foul play in the elections. No evidence has yet emerged whether the shenanigans were deliberate, systematic and widespread.

  • Post-Idul Fitri Reshuffle
    Cover Story

    Post-Idul Fitri Reshuffle

    The State Palace seems to signal a cabinet reshuffle. It is a warning to current cabinet members who are embroiled in cases with the KPK.

  • Crucial Moments
    Cover Story

    Crucial Moments

    The government detected a potential threat from a “trained” group on the day the elections’ official results are to be announced. The threat is believed to be more dangerous than the known incitements to sedition. There is rumor that the government is preparing snipers for the announcement day

  • Harleys Smuggled Over the Border

    Harleys Smuggled Over the Border

    Customs has exposed the smuggling of tens of Harley-Davidson motorcycles over the Indonesia-Timor Leste border. Investigators have only charged a truck driver. This reporting was done through cooperation between Tempo, the Tempo Institute, and Free Press Unlimited.

  • A Tennis Bag and the May 22 Plot
    Cover Story

    A Tennis Bag and the May 22 Plot

    Members of the military and a retired general are believed to have been involved in delivering weapons and ammunition for the May 22 “protest.” With the intention of producing martyrs, a certain group prepared weapons and snipers. The commander of the Army’s Special Forces made an announcement in response to the riots.

  • An Old Rifle and Its Targets
    Cover Story

    An Old Rifle and Its Targets

    The police have named Kivlan Zen and several other people suspects in the planned assassination of four officials in the Jokowi administration. The appointed assassin’s testimony to us, as follows.

  • Tough Life in the Caliphate
    Cover Story

    Tough Life in the Caliphate

    Deportees from Syria and Iraq are rebuilding their lives. Joining ISIS was apparently a big mistake.

  • The Lanky Man with a Glock 42
    Cover Story

    The Lanky Man with a Glock 42

    The police claim to have the description of the May 21-22 killer. There is not yet evidence that victims were rioters.

  • Testimony From The Sixth Floor
    Cover Story

    Testimony From The Sixth Floor

    The man assaulted in Kampung Bali was not Andri Bibir as claimed by the police. Someone close to the victim has spoken.

  • A Blacksmith Resurfaces

    A Blacksmith Resurfaces

    A fugitive since 2003, Para Wijayanto, who is believed to be a leader of the Jamaah Islamiyah, is arrested. There is not yet any evidence that he is going to commit any acts of terror.

  • An Engineer from Kalijati

    An Engineer from Kalijati

    Para Wijayanto evaded the police for 16 years. During that time he managed to get a comfortable job.

  • Case Suspension After Lobbying

    Case Suspension After Lobbying

    IT has been more than one and a half months since Lieus Sungkharisma’s release.

  • A likely Complicated Alliance
    Cover Story

    A likely Complicated Alliance

    Surya Paloh convened leaders of the ruling coalition to reject Gerindra’s inclusion. After reports of a fractured relationship with Surya, Megawati extends a warm hand to Prabowo Subianto. This could upset the cabinet lineup and the appointment of the MPR leadership.

  • Seeking Post-Election Palace Support

    Seeking Post-Election Palace Support

    As candidates for Golkar Party general chairman, Bambang Soesatyo and Airlangga Hartarto met with President Joko Widodo. They asked for support.

  • Three Birds of a Feather Riding the Shoulders of the Mighty Bull

    Three Birds of a Feather Riding the Shoulders of the Mighty Bull

    PDI-P’s Fifth Congress in Bali reconfirmed Megawati Sukarnoputri as general chairperson. It quelled the rumor of competition among her two children.

  • Regional Ripples

    Regional Ripples

    Some regional PDI-P officials were sacked before the party’s congress in Bali. Some party members are protesting.

  • Flamed by the Racism

    Flamed by the Racism

    Rioting erupted in several towns in Papua. It was triggered by racial slurs against Papuan students in Malang and Surabaya.

  • Difficult Early Months
    Cover Story

    Difficult Early Months

    New ministries were overwhelmed as they sought to tackle key programs in the cabinet’s early period. Administrative affairs were particularly time consuming.

  • The ‘Bright’ Signal and Preliminary Masses
    Cover Story

    The ‘Bright’ Signal and Preliminary Masses

    Riots swept over cities in Papua because of racial incidents in Malang and Surabaya. Restricting Internet access has not been able to thwart calls to protest. Benny Wenda tells his story from Oxford, England.

  • Exposing Petral Scandal

    Exposing Petral Scandal

    The Corruption Eradication Commission named former Petral boss Bambang Irianto a suspect in a bribery case involving the procurement of crude oil. It is just the beginning.

  • The Search for an Oasis Amid Smog
    Cover Story

    The Search for an Oasis Amid Smog

    Thousands living in the haze of forest fires are suffering from chronic respiratory tract infection. Infants and children are the most vulnerable.

  • Alternatives for the President
    Cover Story

    Alternatives for the President

    After meeting with several public figures and former leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission, President Joko Widodo warmed to the idea of issuing a government regulation in lieu of the KPK law. Pro-government parties reject the plan, cautioning that Jokowi’s coming term in office may not run smoothly.

  • Pondering Over Constitutional Amendments

    Pondering Over Constitutional Amendments

    The proposed amendment to the constitution is not only about the state’s direction. Parties and senators have another agenda.

  • The Endeavors of Ma’ruf’s Children
    Cover Story

    The Endeavors of Ma’ruf’s Children

    Ma’ruf Amin’s children entered politics after their father was elected vice president. Some have been approached by businessmen wanting to gain access to Ma’ruf.

  • Radicalism Among Civil Servants
    Cover Story

    Radicalism Among Civil Servants

    IN the past two months, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has had to deal with two cases involving civil servants believed to have been exposed to religious radicalism.

  • Confession of A Facebook User

    Confession of A Facebook User

    The man who stabbed former Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto planned his action only the day before. Below is the confession of the attacker, Syahrial Alamsyah alias Abu Rara, to Tempo.

  • One System, Different Results
    Cover Story

    One System, Different Results

    Anies Baswedan sees Jakarta’s e-budgeting system as flawed. The DPRD launched a battle against former governor Basuki over the system.

  • A Blast After the Morning Call

    A Blast After the Morning Call

    The suicide bomber of Medan’s police headquarters slipped through the grounds undetected. He is believed to have been radicalized by his wife.

  • Tweaking the Election System

    Tweaking the Election System

    The home affairs ministry will start applying e-voting and e-recaps systems in a number of regions in 2024.

  • No Sanction for Army Doctor
    Cover Story

    No Sanction for Army Doctor

    President Joko Widodo appointed Terawan Agus Putranto as health minister although a decision was once made to suspend his medical license as an ethical sanction. Terawan is believed to have violated a number of points in the Indonesian Medical Code of Ethics in connection with the practice of intra-arterial heparin flushing, known as ‘brain wash’. A team formed by the health ministry recommended for the practice to be put to an end. But the ‘brain wash’ procedure has continued until today. Terawan’s ethical sanctions, such as the suspensions of his Indonesian Doctors Association membership and medical license, were never implemented. Tempo and collaborated to study irregularities in Terawan’s method and dissertation.

  • Appointment Instead of Sanctioning
  • Weeding Out Radicals

    Weeding Out Radicals

    The idea of a regulation to deter radicalism among state civil apparatus was brought up during the presidential election campaign. It was fast-tracked after wives of several high-ranking military officers made cynical comment about Wiranto’s stabbing.

  • A Cold Applause for New KPK Leader
    Cover Story

    A Cold Applause for New KPK Leader

    Tensions are brewing among police and non-police KPK employees. Some have chosen to leave.

  • Conflict at the Sea

    Conflict at the Sea

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo has repeatedly visited the North Natuna Sea, but it did not stop the breach of Indonesia’s sovereignity there.

  • Five Diplomats in the Coronavirus Area

    Five Diplomats in the Coronavirus Area

    The plan to evacuate Indonesians out of Wuhan and vicinity happened uncertain. The government lobbied the Chinese authority for permission to enter.

  • Gifts for the Terrorist Block
    Cover Story

    Gifts for the Terrorist Block

    Ahok experienced all kinds of pressure during his time at the Brimob HQ. But money poured in from book sales.

  • Stepping on the Gas at Monas
    Cover Story

    Stepping on the Gas at Monas

    After weighing several locations for the race circuit, Formula E organizers selected the National Monument grounds, considering it Jakarta’s main icon. Governor Anies claims he had reported the plan to President Jokowi.

  • Coronavirus Lobby in Geneva
    Cover Story

    Coronavirus Lobby in Geneva

    The world and the Indonesian public are questioning the government’s transparency in detecting and mitigating the spread of coronavirus in the country. Indonesian foreign affairs minister lobbied the World Health Organization. Appointing a spokesman for coronavirus-related affairs, the Palace reportedly has grown irked by the health minister.

  • Art Center Renaissance
    Art & Culture

    Art Center Renaissance

    The revitalization project of the Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Center is suffering political pressure from the DPRD and DPR. The PDI-P is the most vehement against the project.

  • Spreading Far from Bogor

    Spreading Far from Bogor

    A number of events attended by hundreds of people from several cities became coronavirus breeding grounds. Some are predicted to still remain untraced.

  • Quarantine Dilemma
    Cover Story

    Quarantine Dilemma

    Taking into account the risk of mass panic and high costs of quarantines, the government opts to implement social-restrictions on a large scale. Not all of Jokowi’s ministers agreed.

  • Struggles Over the Restriction Measures

    Struggles Over the Restriction Measures

    There were some contentions over authorizing the Jakarta government to put social movement restrictions in place. The measure ran into some administrative issues.

  • Drug-Sharing To Save Lives
    Cover Story

    Drug-Sharing To Save Lives

    The supply of HIV/AIDS antiretrovirals has continued to dwindle since the beginning of the year. Those with HIV/AIDS are vulnerable to other diseases as they have been forced to take substitute drugs.

  • Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Resignations Amid Potential Conflict

    Some special staff members of President Joko Widodo drew attention over possible conflict of interests in some government projects.

  • Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    Easing Restriction Before Recovery

    The government prepares a scenario to ease off large-scale social restrictions, claiming that coronavirus transmission trend is flattening. Meanwhile, the number of tests is still not ideal.

  • The Sewing Crew
    Cover Story

    The Sewing Crew

    Several groups take the initiative to fashion protective gear for health workers. Their products are being distributed for free to hundreds of medical facilities.

  • Duel at Tower Seven

    Duel at Tower Seven

    After over 50 days operating as an emergency hospital for Covid-19 patients, the Athlete’s Dormitory have treated nearly 2,000 people. Some lied to the doctors.

  • Playing With Fire for Some Normalcy
    Cover Story

    Playing With Fire for Some Normalcy

    Businesses are lobbying to push the government to put the so-called ‘new normal’ into effect amid the coronavirus pandemic. Unarmed with clear indicators, the government has instructed dozens of regions, some of which are still in the red zone, to return to quasi-normalcy. With still very few specimens tested, various experts are predicting a second-wave outbreak.

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