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  • Checkpoint Charlie in Jayawijaya

    Checkpoint Charlie in Jayawijaya

    Triggered by an accusation of racism, a rally in Wamena, Papua, ended up in a melee killing scores of people. Some picketers were out-of-towners.

  • The Information Vendor’s Faint Trails

    The Information Vendor’s Faint Trails

    Facebook removed dozens of accounts suspected of spreading false information about Papua. Those behind them are attempting to erase their digital traces.

  • Taking the Snake into the Grass

    Taking the Snake into the Grass

    Ahead of the presidential inauguration, there was still no certainty on whether Gerindra would be joining the government. Probowo Subianto is allegedly eyeing the defense minister position.

  • preacher from the Military Academy
    Cover Story

    preacher from the Military Academy

    President Joko Widodo is making the fight against radicalism one of his administration’s priorities. Taking a page from the New Order, he appointed a religious affairs minister with a military background. Nahdlatul Ulama rejects the decision.

  • waiting in the wings
    Cover Story

    waiting in the wings

    President Joko Widodo did not include three of his supporting parties in the cabinet. There is a possibility they will be accommodated through state-owned enterprises.

  • E-Budgeting Blues
    Cover Story

    E-Budgeting Blues

    Jakarta’s draft budget contains numerous irregularities. Tempo’s investigation shows that the regional government’s monitoring has been weak in various stages of the budgeting process. Governor Anies Baswedan blames the system he inherited from Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

  • The Drama of ‘Abang’ and the ‘Mbak Cantik’

    The Drama of ‘Abang’ and the ‘Mbak Cantik’

    The relationship between Surya Paloh and Megawati had heated up, lasting until after the presidential election. Some of PDI-P cadres moved to NasDem Party.

  • One Voice in Control of an Entire Region

    One Voice in Control of an Entire Region

    The home affairs ministry evaluates the direct elections for regional head. There are fears this would lead to the end of president’s direct election.

  • Human Trials Missing
    Cover Story

    Human Trials Missing

    Terawan Agus Putranto’s dissertation is suspected to contain numerous irregularities, including manipulated references. There is belief that his method does not meet the clinical criteria for stroke treatment.

  • Delegations Before the Succession

    Delegations Before the Succession

    The Presidential Palace is being accused of intervening in the selection of the Golkar Party’s General Chairman. A former adjutant to President Jokowi was present during negotiations between the two competing camps.

  • Clandestine Tactics of the Former Adjutant

    Clandestine Tactics of the Former Adjutant

    The appointment of Insp. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo as Chief of the Police Criminal Investigation Division is said to be the direct result of his closeness with President Joko Widodo. He has often been Jokowi’s envoy to tamp down various conflicts. He was once refused by the community to head a region because he was a Catholic, Sigit instead is very adept in embracing the ulama (cleric).

  • New Council  for the KPK
    Cover Story

    New Council for the KPK

    Members of the KPK supervisory council, who are selected by the state secretary, were only confirmed last minute. The council’s establishment is being criticized as it is seen as an extension of the President’s authority.

  • The Second Generation of Ad-Dakhil

    The Second Generation of Ad-Dakhil

    The late Abdurrahman Wahid, or Gus Dur as he is affectionately known, was respected for eliminating various forms of discrimination and intolerance. Walking in his footsteps, Gus Dur’s four daughters are active in various movements advocating tolerance and promoting pluralism.

  • Hasto’s Whereabouts and the diarrhea Powder
    Cover Story

    Hasto’s Whereabouts and the diarrhea Powder

    The alleged bribery of a KPU member implicates a number of PDI-P cadres. Megawati Soekarnoputri asks party members not to pursue personal interests.

  • A Judge’s Son at the Secretary-General’s Office
    Cover Story

    A Judge’s Son at the Secretary-General’s Office

    Harun Masiku was not only active in politics but also in the field of law.

  • The Raging Bull
    Cover Story

    The Raging Bull

    The PDI-P launches a counterattack after KPK sting operations. The party questions the legitimacy of the anti-corruption agency’s operation.

  • Biking toward Ghost Town

    Biking toward Ghost Town

    Indonesians in China are taking every possible way to return to mother land. It is a journey of endless airport checks.

  • Fracture Post-Reclamation
    Cover Story

    Fracture Post-Reclamation

    Sunny Tanuwidjaja became Basuki Tjahaja Purnama’s right-hand man when the latter was Jakarta’s deputy governor. Their close relationship ended after the KPK exposed the bribery surrounding the Jakarta Bay reclamation project.

  • Grand Ambitions
    Cover Story

    Grand Ambitions

    Revitalization of the national monument area, which started just ahead of the Formula E race, was carried out without the central government’s approval.

  • A Mourning Village on a Rampage
    Cover Story

    A Mourning Village on a Rampage

    The development of malls and luxury residential complexes is being accused as the culprit behind Jakarta’s floods. Many developers are ignoring their obligation to build public and social facilities.

  • Education Minister’s Pace-Setting

    Education Minister’s Pace-Setting

    Nadiem Makarim had a plan to change the education system before he was appointed to the cabinet. He uses his experience at Gojek.

  • State of Emergency
    Cover Story

    State of Emergency

    The government’s stance in mitigating the coronavirus pandemic continues to invite criticism. Hospitals in the regions and research institutions are questioning the monopoly of health ministry in virus testing. There is also controversy surrounding the import of coronavirus testing equipment. To avoid public disorder, President Jokowi refuses to call the coronavirus outbreak a crisis.

  • Rush Lobbying for Detectors
    Cover Story

    Rush Lobbying for Detectors

    The government is working to bring in Covid-19 test kits from various countries. Some un-recommended kits are still being purchased.

  • Not Quite a Priority
    Cover Story

    Not Quite a Priority

    In the regions, the distribution of rapid test kits has not run smoothly. Testing has not always been performed according to procedure.

  • Strategies for Closing the Capital

    Strategies for Closing the Capital

    Anies Baswedan frequently communicated with business owners and academicians to prepare for setting limitations on movement in the Capital. There is a lobbying effort to relax regulations set by the minister of health.

  • Differing Data from Jakarta

    Differing Data from Jakarta

    Data on Covid-19 continues to be erratic. Central government has no synchronicity.

  • Chasing Numbers

    Chasing Numbers

    Groups of people seek to map out the actual data of Covid-19 cases. They doubt numbers presented by the government.

  • Stumbling in the Halls of Power

    Stumbling in the Halls of Power

    The appointment of millennials as special staff members is being labeled a political image building strategy.

  • Crying Over a False Result
    Cover Story

    Crying Over a False Result

    Rapid testing in various regions has yielded inaccurate results. Psychosomatic symptoms may occur after a false positive.

  • The Helping Hands
    Cover Story

    The Helping Hands

    Amid the deadly pandemic, several individuals and communities are refusing to sit still and wait for the government to take action. Using simple ideas, they lend a helping hand to those affected by the pandemic. These people are gathering resources and working hard in order to move swiftly and accurately to fight the pandemic, whose end is not yet in sight. Acts of solidarity, such as the ones performed by these members of the Indonesian public, will persist even amid the worst of disasters.

  • Keeping the Nation Alive
    Cover Story

    Keeping the Nation Alive

    Plummeting demand and restricted access to distribution amid the Covid-19 pandemic have caused foodstuff prices to drop. Solidarity movements have come to the aid of farmers in Indonesia’s rural areas.

  • Pursuing Normality before the Peak

    Pursuing Normality before the Peak

    The government plans to ease social restrictions. But some regional heads tightened their population movements instead.

  • Omnibus Bill’s fast track

    Omnibus Bill’s fast track

    Deliberations on the Omnibus Bill is continuing in the midst of a recess period and at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Golkar Party is giving its full support.

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