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Aisha Shaidra

Aisha Shaidra joined Tempo in 2013 and writes lifestyle stories and public figure profiles for Koran Tempo and

The Padjadjaran University Indonesian literature graduate now covers business and economic issues for Majalah Tempo.  

  • Long Legal Battle Ahead

    Long Legal Battle Ahead

    Four defendants in the Jiwasraya corruption case have been given life sentences. Retrieving back the loss, however, remains a big question mark.

  • State Projects Budget Drama

    State Projects Budget Drama

    The government is scaling up the role of SOEs and public service agencies under the finance ministry. A strategy to brace against Covid-19 pandemic threats against numerous development plans.

  • Vulnerable to Money Laundering
    Cover Story

    Vulnerable to Money Laundering

    Leaked US FinCEN reports expose hundreds of suspicious activities performed through several major Indonesian banks. This demonstrates that banks are at a high risk of serving as platforms for cross-border money laundering.

  • Confidence in the Second Phase

    Confidence in the Second Phase

    The OJK is preparing the 2020-2024 Sustainable Finance Roadmap. It is claimed to give answers to criticisms towards the previous road map, which had been accused of being unable to put the brakes on funding towards environmentally-polluting companies.

  • New Ambitions for Dieng-Patuha

    New Ambitions for Dieng-Patuha

    Geo Dipa is getting ready to continue developing power plants in Dieng and Patuha, after more than two decades of stagnation due to disputes and lack of funding.

  • Opportunities for Digital Deliveries

    Opportunities for Digital Deliveries

    The Covid-19 pandemic expedited the growth of logistic service businesses, demanding a digital transformation for providing this service.

  • An Epidemic of Virtual Events

    An Epidemic of Virtual Events

    Virtual event-organizer service providers begin to appear. Its potential niche market grows during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • A New Business Plan for SOEs
    Cover Story

    A New Business Plan for SOEs

    The SOEs ministry will continue to scale back the number of state-owned companies. Many of them have been running inefficiently.

  • The Curious Case of  Lobster Exports
    Cover Story

    The Curious Case of Lobster Exports

    One month after the lobster larva export was reopened, exporters have begun delivering packages to Vietnam. Various issues were brought to light.

  • Bukopin’s Predicament
    Cover Story

    Bukopin’s Predicament

    Bukopin’s liquidity shortage accompanies the commotion around the plan to inject the bank with more capital. The financial system’s stability may be under threat.

  • A New saving for Workers

    A New saving for Workers

    A people’s housing savings program is ready to launch in the midst of rejections by industrialists. There are concerns regarding authorization to invest the funds.

  • New Protocols for Tourism
    Cover Story

    New Protocols for Tourism

    From preparing health protocols to formulating new business models, the hotel and transportation sectors are arming themselves for the ‘new normal era’. If no new Covid-19 cases emerge, Bali’s tourism will be ready to reopen.

  • Two Disappearing Acts

    Two Disappearing Acts

    The newest regulation regarding sustainable oil palm plantation certification draws a barrage of criticism. Two added considerations—human rights and traceability of raw materials—are deleted.

  • Aid Problems in the Villages
    Cover Story

    Aid Problems in the Villages

    The process of collecting data and distributing village funds direct cash aid has been a disordered one. Mishaps can potentially trigger conflict.

  • Loose Timber Regulation

    Loose Timber Regulation

    The trade minister issued a new regulation on forestry industrial products export. Some fear that the absence of requirements showing timber validity will increase illegal logging.

  • Shelter Before the Storm

    Shelter Before the Storm

    Banks are preparing protocol to deal with the crisis that comes with the Covid-19 pandemic. Potentially non-performing loans further induces the flagging business sectors.

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