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Aisha Shaidra

Aisha Shaidra joined Tempo in 2013 and writes lifestyle stories and public figure profiles for Koran Tempo and

The Padjadjaran University Indonesian literature graduate now covers business and economic issues for Majalah Tempo.  

  • I’m Certain I Have the Majority Vote
    Cover Story

    I’m Certain I Have the Majority Vote

    Arsjad Rasjid emerged only recently as a candidate for Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman. The Indika Energy CEO admits to have met with cabinet members and political party officials to ask for their blessing.

  • I Still Believe in a Happy Ending
    Cover Story

    I Still Believe in a Happy Ending

    Some of Anindya Bakrie’s supporters in the Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce National Conference were reportedly visited by the National Intelligence Agency. There is also information that a Palace representative summoned Anindya and asked him to withdraw from the race.

  • Garuda’s Bitter Pill

    Garuda’s Bitter Pill

    A massive financial crisis is forcing Garuda to downsize its workforce. Many expenses can be reduced.

  • Two Sides of the Planned Revision

    Two Sides of the Planned Revision

    Revision to the General Provision of Taxation Procedures Law will change a number of tariff and tax collection schemes. It presents a dilemma between the need for state income and potential adverse impact on the economy.

  • Another Budi in Budiman’s Project
    Cover Story

    Another Budi in Budiman’s Project

    Budi Handoko was behind the development of the Cikidang Plantation Resort area, Algorithm Hill’s potential project location. His track record in East Kalimantan is not unblemished.

  • Back to Live

    Back to Live

    The government and event organizers are preparing to bring back live music performances in times of a pandemic. It has been a long and winding road towards the revival of tourism.

  • Harvest Season Blues
    Cover Story

    Harvest Season Blues

    Farmers in many regions are facing gloomy prospects for the first harvest of the year 2021.  They are crushed between the plunging prices of unhusked rice and the low absorption by the State Logistics Agency (Bulog).

  • The Mysterious Letters

    The Mysterious Letters

    The letter of exemption from the trade ministry, owned by a number of steel importers, raised suspicions. Looking into several old government projects, the letter is suspected to have been used as cover-up allowing dozens of containers of steel to be imported without verification.

  • Independent Auditor Investigates Findings at Askrindo

    Independent Auditor Investigates Findings at Askrindo

    Investigation by an audit committee formed by Askrindo's board of commissioners of the company’s finance in 2019 found indications that the commission paid to Askrindo Mitra Utama (AMU), a subsidiary which is also an insurance sales agent, was a cover for bribes to the company board of directors. Robertus Bilitea, Chief Executive Officer of Indonesia Financial Group (IFG), a state-owned insurance holding company, answered Tempo’s questions regarding the alleged corruption within one of IFG’s subsidiaries.

  • The Names Behind DNK
    Cover Story

    The Names Behind DNK

    A number of businesspeople are believed to have supported Dini Nusa Kusuma. With the deadline approaching, the satellite project’s financing is still unclear.

  • Stimulus Modest Welcoming

    Stimulus Modest Welcoming

    Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority relax the provisions for motor vehicle ownership loans. Players in the financial industry are not bold as to boast their performance will immediately spur.

  • Anticipating Sugar Regulations

    Anticipating Sugar Regulations

    Regulation guaranteeing the availability of basic material for the sugar industry has yet to be issued. Plans to limit importers remain a big question mark.

  • The New Energy Map Riddles

    The New Energy Map Riddles

    The National Energy Council plans to revise the National Energy General Plan. Relevant parties are hoping the amendment would not change the new and renewable energy development targets.

  • A Roundabout Route to the Market

    A Roundabout Route to the Market

    Amidst the digital banking trend, the strategy of state financial services companies expand the conventional way. Their goal is the same: efficiency, and bolstering the reach of their services.

  • Between Hopes and Problems

    Between Hopes and Problems

    Investment in electric vehicle is spreading to mining business. Industry players are waiting for a policy to uphold the principles of fairness and sustainability.

  • A Lifeboat for Local Filmmakers

    A Lifeboat for Local Filmmakers

    The business of video-on-demand service provider is becoming a new opportunity for the local production houses to create different contents.

  • Legal Exit

    Legal Exit

    A number of policyholders rejected the restructuring scheme offered by Jiwasraya. A wave of lawsuits may lead to banks that distributed the problematic insurance plans.

  • Half Hearted Induction Stoves

    Half Hearted Induction Stoves

    The government and PLN are promoting the use of electric stoves to reduce LPG consumption. Initial procurement cost proves to be a barrier for consumers.

  • Tanoto’s Factories Under the spotlight

    Tanoto’s Factories Under the spotlight

    Indonesia’s tax and customs team is following up reports on alleged profit shifting of a pulp company affiliated to tycoon Sukanto Tanoto. There are opportunities to re-check tax amnesty documents.

  • Food and Beverage Industry’s Worries

    Food and Beverage Industry’s Worries

    The food and beverage industry is pushing the government to issue import permits on refined sugar due to uncertain supplies for early 2021.

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