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Devy Ernis

Devy Ernis is the magazine’s editorial staff and leader behind the women's special edition entitled ‘Eureka! Women inventors’ that won the 2019 Presidents Cup.

Ernis is a member writer of the 2020 Adinegoro Journalistic Award feature "Hanya Api Semata Api." Ernis graduated from Padjadjaran University and joined Tempo in April 2014. 

  • Protection for Domestic Workers

    Protection for Domestic Workers

    Two factions in the House of Representatives refuse to deliberate the Domestic Workers Protection Bill. It is viewed as increasing the burden of the employers.

  • In-laws Lobbying for TNI Commander

    In-laws Lobbying for TNI Commander

    Two military chiefs of staff are maneuvering in their quest to succeed Air Chief Marshall Hadi Tjahjanto. Andika Perkasa’s prospect is affected by his age of retirement, only a year away. Yudo Margono is hampered by the tragedy of Nanggala-402.

  • Turmoil at Krishna’s Shrine

    Turmoil at Krishna’s Shrine

    Hare Krishna’s followers in Bali suffer from intimidation, which was supported by Governor I Wayan Koster.

  • Stuck in Authority Formation

    Stuck in Authority Formation

    Discussion on the Personal Data Protection bill is slow. The Indonesian government insists that the supervision is under the Ministry of Communication.

  • Striking a Chord with a Distant Cousin

    Striking a Chord with a Distant Cousin

    An organization supporting Puan Maharani is growing in the provinces. There is support from the family of Taufiq Kiemas.

  • Terrorist Branded from Merdeka Barat

    Terrorist Branded from Merdeka Barat

    The plan to name armed groups in Papua as terrorist organizations is spurred with the death of the Papua State Intelligence Agency Chief. The government is taking steps to prevent Papuan independence.

  • Lobbying the Champions
    Special Report

    Lobbying the Champions

    Supporters of Sexual Violence Eradication Bill are tirelessly lobbying political party leaders and parliament members. They mapped the legislators who could help accelerate the deliberation and passing of the bill into law. The activists switched their approach from hard-line to political lobbies. The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is still standing in their way.


  • Rocking Muhaimin’s Boat

    Rocking Muhaimin’s Boat

    Some National Awakening Party (PKB) officials, who are removed before their terms ended, are closing ranks against Muhaimin Iskandar.

  • Party Politicians in the Villages Ministry
    Cover Story

    Party Politicians in the Villages Ministry

    Problems abound for village assistants. These problems are in part due to structural changes at the villages ministry.

  • On Different Wavelengths

    On Different Wavelengths

    Some supporters of the Sexual Violence Eradication Bill are lobbying those who are against it in the House of Representatives. They have to face up to religious norms.

  • Brother Boy’s Party Moves for 2024

    Brother Boy’s Party Moves for 2024

    Political party leaders are beginning to maneuver for the upcoming presidential election. Some are eyeing for candidates outside of the party.


  • MUI Edict an Obstacle
    Cover Story

    MUI Edict an Obstacle

    The government’s efforts to persuade the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to release a halal (permissible by Islamic law) fatwa (edict) for the AstraZeneca vaccine have been unsuccessful. Amid lobbying, MUI officials asked to be made commissioners at state-owned enterprises. The government then enlisted religious organizations in the regions so that a halal edict can be issued for the vaccine. With the vaccine’s expiration date approaching, the government is currently mapping regions more amenable to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

  • Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Discrimination against non-muslim students occurred for years in Padang. Padang City government refused to revise the problematic regulation.

  • Vaccine Opportunists
    Cover Story

    Vaccine Opportunists

    Non-health care professionals—including desk workers, socialites, bureaucrats, government officials, and family members of regional heads—were vaccinated in the first-stage vaccination program. Messy data is believed to be one of the causes of leaks in the vaccination program.

  • A Blemish on the Green Campus
    Cover Story

    A Blemish on the Green Campus

    After he was proven to have committed self-plagiarism, Muryanto Amin’s career still sailed smoothly until he became rector of the North Sumatra University. His article, published in a journal lacking in credibility, was used to obtain a professorship. Palace officials are said to have intervened.

  • The Efficacy Roller Coaster
    Cover Story

    The Efficacy Roller Coaster

    The temporary results of the Sinovac vaccine’s clinical trials only contain data from 33 percent of participants. There is concern over transparency.


  • Qur’an Study minus the Green Star
    Cover Story

    Qur’an Study minus the Green Star

    Islam Defenders Front’s activities continue, but without its attributes. The police asked FPI leaders in the regions to accept the government’s decision.

  • Holiday Testing Blues

    Holiday Testing Blues

    Minister Luhut Pandjaitan is encouraging the use of antigen tests, which is seen as being more affordable and faster compared to the PCR tests. The antigen tests price is much higher than the base cost of the test kits.

  • Papuan Shepherds’  Moral Appeals

    Papuan Shepherds’ Moral Appeals

    Priests in Papua called for the retreat of soldiers and police. They criticize their bishops’ attitude.

  • One-Day Rice
    Cover Story

    One-Day Rice

    AFTER one day, the rice Rina cooked had gone bad. The resident of Duren Sawit in East Jakarta was surprised by the quality of rice she obtained in the social aid package distributed by the social affairs ministry.

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