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Devy Ernis is the magazine’s editorial staff and leader behind the women's special edition entitled ‘Eureka! Women inventors’ that won the 2019 Presidents Cup.

Ernis is a member writer of the 2020 Adinegoro Journalistic Award feature "Hanya Api Semata Api." Ernis graduated from Padjadjaran University and joined Tempo in April 2014. 

  • Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Forced Hijab in Minang Land

    Discrimination against non-muslim students occurred for years in Padang. Padang City government refused to revise the problematic regulation.

  • Vaccine Opportunists
    Cover Story

    Vaccine Opportunists

    Non-health care professionals—including desk workers, socialites, bureaucrats, government officials, and family members of regional heads—were vaccinated in the first-stage vaccination program. Messy data is believed to be one of the causes of leaks in the vaccination program.

  • A Blemish on the Green Campus
    Cover Story

    A Blemish on the Green Campus

    After he was proven to have committed self-plagiarism, Muryanto Amin’s career still sailed smoothly until he became rector of the North Sumatra University. His article, published in a journal lacking in credibility, was used to obtain a professorship. Palace officials are said to have intervened.

  • The Efficacy Roller Coaster
    Cover Story

    The Efficacy Roller Coaster

    The temporary results of the Sinovac vaccine’s clinical trials only contain data from 33 percent of participants. There is concern over transparency.


  • Qur’an Study minus the Green Star
    Cover Story

    Qur’an Study minus the Green Star

    Islam Defenders Front’s activities continue, but without its attributes. The police asked FPI leaders in the regions to accept the government’s decision.

  • Holiday Testing Blues

    Holiday Testing Blues

    Minister Luhut Pandjaitan is encouraging the use of antigen tests, which is seen as being more affordable and faster compared to the PCR tests. The antigen tests price is much higher than the base cost of the test kits.

  • Papuan Shepherds’  Moral Appeals

    Papuan Shepherds’ Moral Appeals

    Priests in Papua called for the retreat of soldiers and police. They criticize their bishops’ attitude.

  • One-Day Rice
    Cover Story

    One-Day Rice

    AFTER one day, the rice Rina cooked had gone bad. The resident of Duren Sawit in East Jakarta was surprised by the quality of rice she obtained in the social aid package distributed by the social affairs ministry.

  • Social Aid Bags at election campaigns
    Cover Story

    Social Aid Bags at election campaigns

    The social affairs ministry’s Covid-19 social aid was allegedly used to support regional head candidates during the elections. The PDI-P benefited the most.

  • The Megamendung Post’s Secret Code
    Cover Story

    The Megamendung Post’s Secret Code

    Muhammad Rizieq bin Hussein Shihab’s time at the Alam Agrokultural Islamic Boarding School in Megamendung, Puncak, Bogor Regency, West Java, has been leisurely.

  • Mama’s Letter for Her Champ

    Mama’s Letter for Her Champ

    A number of regional head candidates are taking advantage of their family ties in government. The Chasan family moved simultaneously in the Banten area.

  • A Slap in the Face in Papua

    A Slap in the Face in Papua

    Security forces thwarted a public hearing in Papua. Intelligence raised support to counterbalance the pro-independence groups.

  • A Reunion’s Complicated Consequences
    Cover Story

    A Reunion’s Complicated Consequences

    Following a large Islam Defenders Front event in Petamburan, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan was questioned by the police. The regional government’s stance prior to the event was indeed ambiguous.

  • Throwing the Net to Contest China

    Throwing the Net to Contest China

    The United States is avidly lobbying Indonesia regarding the South China Sea conflict. The issue was also discussed during Prabowo’s US visit.

  • getting Votes and Coronavirus

    getting Votes and Coronavirus

    Regional head candidates are holding various campaigns amid the pandemic, giving rise to new clusters of coronavirus infection.

  • Pejaten’s Gift for Trunojoyo
    Cover Story

    Pejaten’s Gift for Trunojoyo

    The State Intelligence Agency is supplying information to the police concerning actors behind the protests against the Job Creation Law. But youths are already mobilizing resistance on the streets.

  • Intelligence Attempts to Suppress Protests
    Cover Story

    Intelligence Attempts to Suppress Protests

    Omnibus law protest coordinators allegedly approached by the police and intelligence agency. The Palace joined the lobbying.

  • End of the Line for the Special Fund

    End of the Line for the Special Fund

    As the disbursement period for the special autonomy fund comes to an end in 2021, many demonstrations erupt in Papua. Several parties refuse an extension of the special autonomy fund and instead demand a referendum. To quell the ruckus, the home affairs ministry hastens deliberations on revision of the Special Autonomy Law.

  • Discord  in Kemayoran
    Cover Story

    Discord in Kemayoran

    The health ministry was poorly coordinating Covid-19 mitigation efforts. Minister Luhut’s takeover resulted in a new controversy.

  • Recovering in Silence

    Recovering in Silence

    A number of public officials are reluctant to announce testing positive for Covid-19. It is seen as endangering the safety of others.

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