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Devy Ernis

Devy Ernis is the magazine’s editorial staff and leader behind the women's special edition entitled ‘Eureka! Women inventors’ that won the 2019 Presidents Cup.

Ernis is a member writer of the 2020 Adinegoro Journalistic Award feature "Hanya Api Semata Api." Ernis graduated from Padjadjaran University and joined Tempo in April 2014. 

  • Recovering in Silence

    Recovering in Silence

    A number of public officials are reluctant to announce testing positive for Covid-19. It is seen as endangering the safety of others.

  • Project Awarded to Newcomer

    Project Awarded to Newcomer

    ON September 3, Johan Agung’s office could not be found along Jalan Sam Ratulangi V, Oesapa Barat administrative village, in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Locals Tempo met did not know the whereabouts of the company that won a project at the Kupang Health Polytechnic run by the health ministry.

  • THE Lobby for Zero Competition

    THE Lobby for Zero Competition

    In the upcoming regional elections later this year, many areas may only have single candidates. It is an exploration for the 2024 general election.

  • Longing for the Classroom

    Longing for the Classroom

    Education stopped in some regions. Teachers are having difficulty visiting the homes of students.

  • Passing the Hot Potato

    Passing the Hot Potato

    The DPR further delayed deliberations on the Sexual Violence Eradication Bill. There is concern this will threaten the fate of women and victims of sexual violence.

  • Blind Groping In Face of Corona

    Blind Groping In Face of Corona

    Data fumbling has been occurring since the coronavirus pandemic started in Indonesia in March. The Covid-19 task force began its work in total blindness for lack of data. Tracing people who had been in contact with positive patients met with obstruction. Lately it has been revealed, the Covid-19 death toll is far higher compared to official data announced by the government spokesperson.

  • Intelligence’s Flying Horse

    Intelligence’s Flying Horse

    The intelligence agency has numerous sophisticated surveillance tools at their disposal, including one made by an Israeli company. There is concern that these tools may be misused.

  • Reopening at Abah ’s Behest

    Reopening at Abah ’s Behest

    Plans to reopen schools and pesantren garnered criticism. Accuracy of zoning databases is shrouded in doubt.

  • 20 Seconds to Save a Life

    20 Seconds to Save a Life

    Some groups are raising public awareness on the coronavirus using simple methods. They are filling a vacuum not yet occupied by the government.

  • The Biozek Controversy

    The Biozek Controversy

    The Biozek rapid test kit, which is imported by Kimia Farma from the Netherlands, seems to be questionable. An investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) in collaboration with Tempo reveals that Biozek test kits are, in fact, manufactured in China. A number of studies also point to Biozek’s low accuracy. Sold at hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah per unit, Biozek has spread to various places in the country, including the State Palace.

  • Pre-employment Card Under Fire

    Pre-employment Card Under Fire

    The Pre-employment Card Program’s implementation has been far from smooth. Transactions for training come to over Rp120 billion.

  • The Activists Roundup

    The Activists Roundup

    Police arrested and intimidated some activists. Many things do not add up.

  • Blood Test for Dialysis Patients

    Blood Test for Dialysis Patients

    Hospitals are treating some non-Covid-19 patients differently. Patients have been asked to pay for medical personnel’s protective gear.

  • Contingencies for City Closures

    Contingencies for City Closures

    Some regions are ready to face quarantines due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The central government does not want to implement a total quarantine.

  • Lacks of Coordination From Jakarta

    Lacks of Coordination From Jakarta

    The central and regional governments are coordinating poorly in their effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Regional governments are protesting.

  • Corona’s Economic Impacts

    Corona’s Economic Impacts

    Local industries are buckling under because of the spread of Covid-19. Employees are told to stay home.

  • Flood Mitigation Failure

    Flood Mitigation Failure

    Jakarta’s flood mitigation budget has seen increasing cuts in the past three years. Governor Anies Baswedan’s flood defense plans have not made progress.

  • Ahok’s PDI-P Membership

    Ahok’s PDI-P Membership

    With his prison sentence behind him, Ahok is now expanding his business and again embarking into politics. He decided to join the PDI-P following Megawati’s frequent visits while he was in prison. His relationship with the PSI is deteriorating. The former Jakarta governor was once courted by Prabowo’s camp.

  • Submerged Terrace and Wet Hair

    Submerged Terrace and Wet Hair

    Social media wars ensued between supporters and opposers of Anies Baswedan. Many negative reports on the Jakarta flood mitigation.

  • Flooding in the New Year

    Flooding in the New Year

    Extreme rainfall and stalled flood control projects led to flooding in Jakarta and vicinities. This was exacerbated by the lack of government preparedness to deal with the disaster, despite having been warned by the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG).

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