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Dody Hidayat manages multiple sections in Majalah Tempo: science and technology, environment, digital, and religion.

He joined Tempo in 2001 and helped compose the ‘science and technology encyclopedia’ and the ‘popular knowledge encyclopedia.’

  • Vaccines are Made Using Trypsin and Gelatin
    Cover Story

    Vaccines are Made Using Trypsin and Gelatin

    Trypsin is not a content of vaccine, but a substance used as a catalyst to help vaccine production. After being cleansed, what remains is antigen.

  • A Sophisticated Vaccine for Infection
    Science & Technology

    A Sophisticated Vaccine for Infection

    Based on dendritic cells, the Nusantara vaccine is deemed too sophisticated for use against the Covid-19 virus. In its country of origin, the dendritic cell-based vaccine is used for personalized cancer treatment.

  • Waste Management Problem Solver

    Waste Management Problem Solver

    The waste processing system of gather-transport-dump at the final disposal site must be replaced with processing at its source. Waste management can be a driving force for economic growth.

  • Surabaya's Waste Reduction Strategy

    Surabaya's Waste Reduction Strategy

    The government of the City of Surabaya excels in waste management by involving the residents. The key is in budget allocation and a supportive bureaucratic structure.  

  • Local Batteries Waiting for Investors
    Science & Technology

    Local Batteries Waiting for Investors

    Researchers from the Sebelas Maret University in Surakarta and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences created a lithium battery for electric vehicles. They are hoping to partner with domestic investors.

  • From Protected Forest to Farmland

    From Protected Forest to Farmland

    An environment and forestry minister regulation is allowing the development of food estates on protected forests. Developing food estates in former peatland will threaten the ecosystem.

  • New Strain of Swine Flu
    Science & Technology

    New Strain of Swine Flu

    Discovery of a new strain of H1N1 swine flu in China rises concern that the 2009 pandemic could reemerge. The new virus may become very dangerous if it manages to transmit itself between humans and acquire highly pathogenic genes.

  • Two Roads to Corona Vaccine
    Science & Technology

    Two Roads to Corona Vaccine

    Indonesia is taking two ways to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Bio Farma and Kalbe Farma are collaborating with vaccine makers from China and South Korea. The Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology is leading an independent vaccine development.

  • Fictitious Orders For Activists
    Cover Story

    Fictitious Orders For Activists

    Perpetrators of cyberterrorism against activists are exploiting weaknesses in online motorcycle taxi apps. These apps failed to detect repeated fake orders.

  • indonesian CoronaVirus
    Science & Technology

    indonesian CoronaVirus

    Indonesia finished whole-genome sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus circulating in the country. Virus samples from Indonesian patients indicate they are part of the dominant group globally.

  • Gone with the Flood

    Gone with the Flood

    An ITB researcher estimates that more than 100 coastal regencies and municipalities could disappear under the sea flood. Climate Central predicts 23 million residents in coastal regions of Indonesia would be affected by tidal flood due to rising sea level by 2050.

  • For Bird in Cage Contests

    For Bird in Cage Contests

    The environment and forestry ministry took five species of birds difficult to find in nature off the protected list. More consideration was given to birdbreeders than LIPI’s recommendation.

  • Conflict Mediators of Place of Worship

    Conflict Mediators of Place of Worship

    Pramadina Religion and Democracy Studies Center recommends the Religious Harmony Forum to focus not on issuing recommendation for establishment of place of worship, but rather facilitating interfaith dialogues.

  • Slow Growing Green Open Space

    Slow Growing Green Open Space

    City administrations are having difficulties meeting the green open space requirement of 30 percent of overall city area. Jakarta sets an annual growth of 23 hectares of open space, far below the ideal amount of 650 hectares.

  • Keeping Watch Without an Old Friend
    Cover Story

    Keeping Watch Without an Old Friend

    WWF’s work to save the Javan rhinoceros since 1962 came to an end when the environment and forestry ministry terminated its partnership with the organization. Now WWF can no longer work at the national park.

  • The Fallout
    Cover Story

    The Fallout

    Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya ended her ministry’s partnership with WWF Indonesia, impacting conservation work in 30 areas. Besides an unclear reason behind the decision, conflict among environmental activists seem to color the termination.

  • Contaminated Eggs

    Contaminated Eggs

    A research found a concentration of dioxin in chicken eggs in Tropodo, East Java, which was 80 times above the healthy standard and the second highest recorded in Asia. More tests are needed to determine if the food chain has been contaminated.

  • The 12th Tarsier of Togean
    Science & Technology

    The 12th Tarsier of Togean

    It took more than a quarter century to ascertain that the tarsier found on the Togean islands is a completely new species. It was named Tarsius niemitzi in honor of ‘the father of tarsier biology’.

  • Detecting Fires with Hotspots
    Cover Story

    Detecting Fires with Hotspots

    The detection of forest fires still relies on satellite imagery of hotspots. Drones may help.

  • Re-Greening Former Gold Mine

    Re-Greening Former Gold Mine

    Several bamboo varieties are used to revive a plot of land in critical condition, formerly the site of illegal goldmining, in Dharmasraya, West Sumatra. Besides being good for re-greening, bamboo absorbs mercury.

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