Profile Gabriel Wahyu Titiyoga

Gabriel Wahyu Titiyoga

Gabriel Wahyu Titiyoga joined Tempo in 2007 and completed his masters at the Ural Federal University in 2013.

In 2014 he received the Environment and Forestry Ministry’s Journalism Award.

The IISIP graduate participated in the Moscow Young Leaders' Forum 2015 and the DAAD Germany: Sea and Ocean Press Tour Program 2017.

  • Dead End in Myanmar
    Asean & Beyond

    Dead End in Myanmar

    ASEAN is progressing slowly in its handling of the crisis in Myanmar. The military junta refuses to meet envoy from the organization.

  • Hospitals in Disarray

    Hospitals in Disarray

    Several hospitals in the Gaza, including one owned by Indonesia, have been badly damaged by Israeli air raids. Two senior doctors died.


  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi: We Had  to Work in Silence
    Asean & Beyond

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi: We Had to Work in Silence

    ASEAN leaders finally came to a number of consensus, such as finding a peaceful solution through dialogue and sending a special envoy to Myanmar. Further steps are still needed. Tempo interviewed Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno marsudi.

  • Reaching Consensus over Dinner
    Asean & Beyond

    Reaching Consensus over Dinner

    The consensus reached by ASEAN leaders was prepared by foreign ministers. The discussion on the cessation of violence in Myanmar was rather difficult.

  • Airstrikes after the Jakarta Summit
    Asean & Beyond

    Airstrikes after the Jakarta Summit

    The Myanmar military unleashed a wave of airstrikes after ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting was held. The junta will only take ASEAN’s suggestions into consideration.

  • Hand-in-hand Seeking Public Support
    Special Report

    Hand-in-hand Seeking Public Support

    Women activists widen their network and rally support to ratify the Sexual Violence  Eradication Bill. A number of women ulema made a breakthrough by organizing the first Indonesian Ulema Women’s Congress in 2017 to support the elimination of sexual violence, promotion of gender equality, and prevention of child marriage. Intensifying its online campaign, the women activists seek support from influential mass organizations, some of whom are still at odds with the activists.

  • A Second Wave after Celebrations
    Asean & Beyond

    A Second Wave after Celebrations

    The Covid-19 pandemic in India is getting worse. Lax health protocols skyrockets infection rates. Health facilities are overwhelmed.

  • Flames of Racism in Atlanta

    Flames of Racism in Atlanta

    Six women of Asian descent were among the victims of mass shootings in Atlanta. Racism is on the rise in the United States as attacks on Asians are escalating.

  • The AstraZeneca Controversy
    Cover Story

    The AstraZeneca Controversy

    The AstraZeneca vaccine came under the spotlight after several European countries postponed its use. In Indonesia, the vaccine’s halal status has become something of a controversy.

  • Rebellion Through Diplomacy
    Asean & Beyond

    Rebellion Through Diplomacy

    As countries impose sanctions on military officials involved in the coup in Myanmar, ASEAN remains divided in condemnation. Indonesia has a key role to play.

  • Clamor in a Yangon Corner
    Asean & Beyond

    Clamor in a Yangon Corner

    The Myanmar military once again took over power via a military coup. The public fight back with a deafening cacophony in a show of defiance.

  • After the Shot
    Cover Story

    After the Shot

    Over 35 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered to people in 49 countries. Health problems and a number of deaths among vaccine recipients have become great concerns.

  • Suu Kyi’s Tainted Victory
    Asean & Beyond

    Suu Kyi’s Tainted Victory

    The National League for Democracy Party, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, wins another landsilde in Myanmar’s general elections. Meanwhile activists for democracy were being detained and people were denied the right to vote in Rakhine.

  • America’s Turning Point

    America’s Turning Point

    Joe Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election. The country will need time to recover its reputation in Asia.

  • Shaken by freedom of expression

    Shaken by freedom of expression

    France was shocked by attacks against a school teacher and a church, prompted by caricature of Prophet Muhammad in Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine.

  • The Forest Belonging to Injros Women

    The Forest Belonging to Injros Women

    The mangrove forest where residents of Enggros village obtain food is a precious location reserved exclusively for women. Construction activities of the rowing venue for next year’s National Games in Papua are considered as contributing environmental damage around the forest area.

  • A victor from Nganjuk

    A victor from Nganjuk

    Parti Liyani, an Indonesian migrant worker, was cleared of theft charges after a four-year battle. As a result, Singapore’s legal system is being scrutinized.

  • When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    Development and construction at Youtefa Bay, including the Youtefa Bridge and the rowing venue for the 2021 National Sports Week, are considered to have a serious impact on the ecosystem of the waters in that region. Waste disposal and mangrove deforestation are on the rise.

  • Papuan Bay’s at Risk

    Papuan Bay’s at Risk

    Dozens of structures, shops, and illegal stalls are mushrooming on the shores of Youtefa Bay in Jayapura, Papua, which is a protected forest zone. Mangrove forests are cut, land is filled and zoned. A number of Papuan officials are allegedly the owners of structures on the Holtekamp Beach area. The rowing venue construction project for the National Sports Week (PON), to be held next year, is believed to not have a permit. The environmental damage is increasingly threatening the sustainability of the waters and mangrove forests’ ecosystem, and the lives of the community on the shores of Youtefa Bay. This report is written in cooperation of Tempo magazine, Tempo Institute, and

  • The National Team’s Win is My Responsibility

    The National Team’s Win is My Responsibility

    General Chairman the Indonesian Soccer Association Mochamad Iriawan

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