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Gabriel Wahyu Titiyoga

Gabriel Wahyu Titiyoga joined Tempo in 2007 and completed his masters at the Ural Federal University in 2013.

In 2014 he received the Environment and Forestry Ministry’s Journalism Award.

The IISIP graduate participated in the Moscow Young Leaders' Forum 2015 and the DAAD Germany: Sea and Ocean Press Tour Program 2017.

  • The Forest Belonging to Injros Women

    The Forest Belonging to Injros Women

    The mangrove forest where residents of Enggros village obtain food is a precious location reserved exclusively for women. Construction activities of the rowing venue for next year’s National Games in Papua are considered as contributing environmental damage around the forest area.

  • A victor from Nganjuk

    A victor from Nganjuk

    Parti Liyani, an Indonesian migrant worker, was cleared of theft charges after a four-year battle. As a result, Singapore’s legal system is being scrutinized.

  • When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    When Fish Disappear from Youtefa Bay

    Development and construction at Youtefa Bay, including the Youtefa Bridge and the rowing venue for the 2021 National Sports Week, are considered to have a serious impact on the ecosystem of the waters in that region. Waste disposal and mangrove deforestation are on the rise.

  • Papuan Bay’s at Risk

    Papuan Bay’s at Risk

    Dozens of structures, shops, and illegal stalls are mushrooming on the shores of Youtefa Bay in Jayapura, Papua, which is a protected forest zone. Mangrove forests are cut, land is filled and zoned. A number of Papuan officials are allegedly the owners of structures on the Holtekamp Beach area. The rowing venue construction project for the National Sports Week (PON), to be held next year, is believed to not have a permit. The environmental damage is increasingly threatening the sustainability of the waters and mangrove forests’ ecosystem, and the lives of the community on the shores of Youtefa Bay. This report is written in cooperation of Tempo magazine, Tempo Institute, and

  • The National Team’s Win is My Responsibility

    The National Team’s Win is My Responsibility

    General Chairman the Indonesian Soccer Association Mochamad Iriawan

  • Young Garuda Drama

    Young Garuda Drama

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, coach Shin Tae-yong continues to train and supervise players in their preparation for the U-20 World Cup. Shin is asked to immediately return to fulfill his contract of handling three national teams.

  • Breakups Between PSSI Elites

    Breakups Between PSSI Elites

    After being suspended due to to Covid-19, preparation for resuming soccer competition is being shadowed by breakup between the Chairman of Indonesian Soccer Association and his deputy. The national’s team preparation to compete in the U-20 World Cup next year is also affected.

  • From Barbies to Chess Pieces

    From Barbies to Chess Pieces

    Medina Warda Aulia spends more time in online chess trainings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Medina, who is Indonesia’s youngest Woman Grandmaster, has been playing chess since she was nine years old.

  • Exercising During the Pandemic
    Cover Story

    Exercising During the Pandemic

    Restriction of activities in public places due to the Covid-19 pandemic has not prevented fitness enthusiasts from training. Fitness centers that were shut down during the pandemic are ready to operate.

  • Holding Breaths for Ventilators
    Cover Story

    Holding Breaths for Ventilators

    Hospitals assigned to take in Covid-19 patients are lacking ventilators. Engineers from universities to automotive companies are racing with time to make ventilators in anticipation of a surge in coronavirus cases.

  • Racing Against the Pandemic
    Cover Story

    Racing Against the Pandemic

    President Joko Widodo ordered mass rapid testing to track the spreading of Covid-19. But a previous testing method is still needed to more accurately detect the virus.

  • The Global Epidemic
    Cover Story

    The Global Epidemic

    In just two months, more than 100 nations have been hit with the coronavirus. Governments’ transparency and immediate response can help people avoid the viral outbreak crisis.

  • The Carbon Center’s Staggered Walk

    The Carbon Center’s Staggered Walk

    Fire raged across part of the ecosystem restoration area of Katingan Mentaya Project in Central Kalimantan. This world’s largest in the carbon trading program has been surrounded by oil palm plantations. The absence of the government regulation worsens the condition. Tempo collaborates with a Dutch investigative media organisation Investico and Narasi to make this report.

  • Data to Track Illegal Fishers

    Data to Track Illegal Fishers

    Analysis of navigation system data by the Global Fishing Watch helped capture an illegal fishing vessel long wanted by the Interpol. Data sharing strengthens the effort to eradicate illegal fishing activities.

  • Summoning the Rain to Fight Fire
    Cover Story

    Summoning the Rain to Fight Fire

    Both land clearing by burning and the dryness caused by a prolonged drought, are triggering wildfire that has proven difficult to quell. Artificial rain is a way to placate the haze and fire.

  • A New Path for the Famous
    Cover Story

    A New Path for the Famous

    Some celebrities are truly embracing their Muslim faith. Although a few have completely left the entertainment industry, more than a handful instead gained fame with their new “pious” look. Social media platforms add fuel to the phenomenon.

  • Professional Gaming Fame and Fortune

    Professional Gaming Fame and Fortune

    Once considered an unproductive activity, playing video games has become a way to gain fame and fortune.

  • An American Football Star from Papua

    An American Football Star from Papua

    A Papuan student has become one of the best American football players in the D Class in the US. Sekton Wandikbo only needed 16 months to be an acclaimed athlete.

  • Layered Tsunami Detection System
    Cover Story

    Layered Tsunami Detection System

    Layered Tsunami Detection System

  • Tracing the Tsunami’s Source
    Cover Story

    Tracing the Tsunami’s Source

    The collapse of Anak Krakatau’s southwestern slope is believed to be the trigger of the tsunami that ravaged the coasts of Banten and Lampung.

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