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Goenawan Mohamad

  • Year Zero
    Bisnis Sepekan

    Year Zero

    Goenawan Mohamad

  • Reality
    Bisnis Sepekan


    “God tirelessly plays dice under laws which he has himself prescribed.”

  • Turkey
    Bisnis Sepekan



  • Black
    Bisnis Sepekan


    Goenawan Mohamad

  • Independence
    Bisnis Sepekan


    WHEN Chairil Anwar wrote

  • August 6
    Bisnis Sepekan

    August 6

    AUGUST 6, 1945.

  • Sacrifice
    Bisnis Sepekan


    THERE is a story—fictional of course—from a kingdom in the Dakkhana hills of south western India in the first century CE, about Subhrata.

  • A poem for Sapardi Djoko Damono
    Bisnis Sepekan

    A poem for Sapardi Djoko Damono

    It’s the weekend And we’ve had enough of death

  • America, America
    Bisnis Sepekan

    America, America

    WHAT kind of America is it over there in the west, sprawled between paranoia and optimism, between entropy and fantasy, with Donald Trump antagonizing all and sundry, and the cry ‘Let’s make America great again’ sounding like an old cracked record?

  • Crusoe
    Bisnis Sepekan


    WHO among us still reads Robinson Crusoe? Hopefully no one.

  • July 5
    Bisnis Sepekan

    July 5

    THE past is like a Rorschach test: indistinct ink spots on pale paper which we interpret as we wish. These interpretations are used to make assumptions about our psychology.

  • Einstein, God…
    Bisnis Sepekan

    Einstein, God…

    Galileo analyzed God’s creation using mathematics. Einstein observed it with wonder.

  • Strange Fruit
    Bisnis Sepekan

    Strange Fruit

    Blood on the leaves And blood at the root Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees —Strange Fruit, sung by Billie Holiday, 1939

  • The Decameron
    Bisnis Sepekan

    The Decameron

    Death changed in Florence in the 14th century. Plague plundered the famous Italian city like a foreign army wreaking wrath.

  • Bureaucracy
    Bisnis Sepekan


    “Official secrets are as shy as young girls.”—Kafka, in his novel The Castle

  • Isolation
    Bisnis Sepekan


    Life consists of various kinds of solitude. Every one of us sometimes has (or would like to have, or on the contrary is afraid of having) isolation.

  • Sure
    Bisnis Sepekan


    FOR centuries, pestilence has meant uncertainty. Today too.

    Bisnis Sepekan


    A French philosopher, aged 60, travelled 2,100 kilometers by horse-driven carriage to meet an empress in Russia.

  • Kartono  (1939-2020)
    Bisnis Sepekan

    Kartono (1939-2020)

    One and a half hours before my brother breathed his last, I visited him in the Intensive Care Unit where he had been treated for a few days.

  • Close to the Pure
    Bisnis Sepekan

    Close to the Pure

    We quickly became close.

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