Profile Hussein Abri Dongoran

Hussein Abri Dongoran

Hussein Abri Dongoran covers political and security issues for Tempo since 2014 when he first joined.

The Pasundan University graduate's most familiar news pieces are his in-depth Majalah Tempo report on Iraq and Syrian ISIS refugee camps in 2019. 

  • A Former Activist’s Defense
    Cover Story

    A Former Activist’s Defense

    Saldi Isra’s position to reject a formal review of the KPK Law draws criticism. There is suspicion that Constitutional Court’s rejection was transactional.


  • Silence in the Sea
    Cover Story

    Silence in the Sea

    Nanggala was the most involved in the Navy’s submarine operations. The submarine spent months at sea.

  • The Nanggala Tragedy
    Cover Story

    The Nanggala Tragedy

    There are reports that Nanggala-402 was not prepared for combat training. The 40-year-old submarine was riddled with problems before it sank. The Navy claims Nanggala was in solid condition and underwent routine maintenance.

  • Vaccine Disapproval Repercussions
    Cover Story

    Vaccine Disapproval Repercussions

    Support for the Drug and Food Monitoring Agency came from many parties. Others want to reduce the agency’s authority.

  • A Blessing from Ciganjur

    A Blessing from Ciganjur

    Pressure to hold an extraordinary congress is mounting among cadres of the National Awakening Party (PKB). There are indications that Yenny Wahid and Yaqut Cholil Qoumas are gathering support to take over the position of general chair. Muhaimin Iskandar is maneuvering, asking for the support of the Presidential Palace and grooming his older brother to lead the party.

  • Fees for Positions in Kalibata
    Cover Story

    Fees for Positions in Kalibata

    Expert staff member, Ahmad Iman Syukri, is suspected of trading echelon I and II positions at the villages, disadvantaged regions and transmigration ministry. As someone placed at the ministry “on behalf” of PKB General Chairperson Muhaimin Iskandar, Ahmad is also suspected of collecting project fees, which has negatively impacted the ministry’s budget absorption and programs.

  • Air Gun Girl
    Cover Story

    Air Gun Girl

    Zakiah Aini’s attack fits the ISIS doctrine. She uploaded a photo of the ISIS flag on her Instagram account.

  • Back to Zero for Terawan
    Cover Story

    Back to Zero for Terawan

    The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency discovered various irregularities in Nusantara vaccine’s research. Clinical trials would have to start over.

  • The Fast Lane for Terawan’s Vaccine

    The Fast Lane for Terawan’s Vaccine

    Terawan Agus Putranto is promoting the Nusantara vaccine to a number of officials. The National Institute of Health Research and Development does not fully supported research plans for this dendritic-cell vaccine. Terawan is also attaching researchers’ names without their consent.

  • The Price of an Honorary Degree
    Cover Story

    The Price of an Honorary Degree

    Universities are making it easy for politicians and businessmen to receive honorary degrees. Speeches are prepared with university assistance.

  • News of a Coup at Gunung Gede

    News of a Coup at Gunung Gede

    It is said that Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko intended to take over leadership of the Democrat Party. He is suspected of involving Muhammad Nazaruddin, a former corruption case convict, to lobby regional party officials. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is monitoring the counter-offensive measures against Moeldoko.

  • Problematic Articles by Professors Come to Under 1 Percent
    Cover Story

    Problematic Articles by Professors Come to Under 1 Percent

    Ministry of Education and Culture’s explanation on alleged plagiarism by university rectors and professors.

  • Racing to Get Into Predator Journals
    Cover Story

    Racing to Get Into Predator Journals

    Using journals indexed by Scopus increases Indonesian scientific publication at the international level. Yet some of the journals are not credible. Tempo and The Conversation Indonesia did some investigation.

  • PDI-P's Tsunami
    Cover Story

    PDI-P's Tsunami

    Several members of the House of Representatives' Social Commission are worried that they will be dragged into the social assistance bribery case. Business people lobbied to participate in the distribution of the aid.

  • The Vaccine Race
    Cover Story

    The Vaccine Race

    The government went to several countries in search of a Covid-19 vaccine. Vaccine procurement was held back by former Health Minister Agus Putranto’s decision.

  • New MUI Leaders

    New MUI Leaders

    The new Indonesian Ulemas Council management does not include outspoken figures. Nahdlatul Ulama formed small teams to support Miftachul Akhyar’s candidacy.

  • Jokowi’s New Ministers

    Jokowi’s New Ministers

    Some new cabinet ministers were selected in line with the wishes of President Joko Widodo. Candidates for the cabinet reshuffle suggested by political parties were pushed aside.

  • Palace Envoys at the Elections Arena

    Palace Envoys at the Elections Arena

    Security apparatus and government bureacrats are indicated to providing assistance for President Joko Widodo’s family members in the regional head elections. The win of the President’s son is practically inevitable.

  • Heated Resistance Volume Two

    Heated Resistance Volume Two

    The Papuan People’s Assembly formed a small team in order to organize public hearings. A number of organizations and militia ceaselessly call for a referendum.

  • Next in Line for Police Chief
    Cover Story

    Next in Line for Police Chief

    Nana Sudjana’s removal adds tension to the competition for National Police chief. Jokowi’s former aide is the only candidate left in the Solo Gang.

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