Profile Hussein Abri Dongoran

Hussein Abri Dongoran

Hussein Abri Dongoran covers political and security issues for Tempo since 2014 when he first joined.

The Pasundan University graduate's most familiar news pieces are his in-depth Majalah Tempo report on Iraq and Syrian ISIS refugee camps in 2019. 

  • The Fugitive’s Tracks in Palm Oil Plantation

    The Fugitive’s Tracks in Palm Oil Plantation

    Joko Tjandra went through a long and winding road to return to Jakarta from Kuala Lumpur. He had help from a fugitive wanted by the Corruption Eradication Commission.

  • Safer in the Virus’ Home Turf

    Safer in the Virus’ Home Turf

    A total 59 countries closed their doors to Indonesian citizens. The government is doing hectic lobbying in the interests of business.

  • The Palace’s Social Media Troops

    The Palace’s Social Media Troops

    The Palace appears to be mobilizing influencers and ‘buzzers’—this era’s social media propagandists—to further its agendas. They actively posted during the KPK Law revision and more recently about a potential cabinet reshuffle. They may have received payment for their work on social media.

  • The Pandemic’s Lost Generation

    The Pandemic’s Lost Generation

    There are problems with distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic. It is believed that student dropouts and early marriage are increasing.

  • The ‘Chairman’s’ Gift

    The ‘Chairman’s’ Gift

    Erick Thohir appoints political party members as commissioners. The appointments are considered to be imbalanced.

  • Police’s Odd Requests

    Police’s Odd Requests

    The police rejected reports of hacking and cyberterrorism from Lampung University activists. Other cases of terrorism are at a standstill.

  • An Ideological Battle

    An Ideological Battle

    The PDI-P lobbied hard to get the Pancasila Ideology Guidelines Bill passed. The DPR changed direction after the public reject it.

  • One Foot in the Coalition

    One Foot in the Coalition

    The government coalition suffers from a fracture. Decisions are influenced by interests having to do with the 2024 election.

  • Leaving the Barracks to Fight Terrorism

    Leaving the Barracks to Fight Terrorism

    The military is lobbying for support of a draft of a presidential regulation on military involvement in overcoming terrorism. Some circles are opposed this idea, seeing it as overstepping the military’s authority. The government is evaluating the draft.

  • Shielded Gaze upon Teachers

    Shielded Gaze upon Teachers

    Schools will reopened under a mixed learning system. There are fears of new clusters of Covid-19 outbreaks.

  • Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers

    Rooms for Front-Line Medical Workers

    The eviction of some health workers has led some boarding house owners to offer them rooms free of charge. Medical personnel are helping one another.

  • Profiting in the Midst of Panic

    Profiting in the Midst of Panic

    Rapid testing services are mushrooming. The result of minimal health monitoring by the government.

  • Money At Your Doorstep

    Money At Your Doorstep

    Aid has not been properly distributed in various regions. Well-to-do people also received it.

  • Drug  Scarcity

    Drug Scarcity

    Controversy surrounding the procurement of drugs emerged after the health ministry made changes to the tender system. Drugs that are key to saving lives, such as HIV antiretrovirals, have become scarce in several regions. The change in the tender mechanism has delayed the procurement of essential drugs.

  • Omnibus Law, in Corona Flavor

    Omnibus Law, in Corona Flavor

    The omnibus bill on job creation will be discussed in the Legislation Body. It could share the same fate as in the revision to the KPK Law.

  • Multiple-Use Protective Gear

    Multiple-Use Protective Gear

    The government is purchasing protective gear at a high price. Materials for protective gear are obtained through diplomacy.

  • Greeting from Behind the Hazmat

    Greeting from Behind the Hazmat

    The athlete dormitory in Kemayoran is converted into a hospital to treat Covid-19 patients. There have been reports of below-par service, but management claims they are improving.

  • Different Port, Different Procedure

    Different Port, Different Procedure

    The government looks into medical histories at border crossings. Thermal scanners are no longer effective.

  • Fatal Flood

    Fatal Flood

    Jakarta’s flood problem is growing. Areas that were never flooded in the past are now deluged, including the Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital.

  • Kalla’s Network in the Monas Race

    Kalla’s Network in the Monas Race

    Preparations for the Formula E race at the National Monument triggered a polemic. The State Palace initially forbade holding the event at this location but later gave its approval. Those close to Jusuf Kalla are involved.

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