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  • The Staging of the Baddie and the Goodie

    The Staging of the Baddie and the Goodie

    The government will rescue Jiwasraya with insertion of state capital. Other plans are in the books to bridge the limited funds.

  • Part Tax Haven
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    Part Tax Haven

    Revisions to tax laws were inserted during the Job Creation Bill’s deliberation process. It provides many tax leniencies.

  • Revisiting an Old Plan
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    Revisiting an Old Plan

    Telkom’s old plan to purchase Gojek shares is close to reality. After past failure, the trillions-of-rupiah corporate action will be performed through Telkomsel. But uncertainty regarding the fate of the investment looms.

  • Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    The government seeks to turn old assets into money. But the fate of premium assets, such as Hotel Sultan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and Plaza Semanggi, remains a mystery.

  • Importers’ Sweet Promises

    Importers’ Sweet Promises

    Thousands of tons of farmers’ sugarcane are piling up in factories owned by the state. They are chasing after importer’s promise.

  • Two Drafts, One Head

    Two Drafts, One Head

    Parliament is coming out with plan to discuss revising law on the Bank Indonesia, which many fear will erode the central bank’s independence. It seems to be heavily favoring the government.

  • State Courier Business

    State Courier Business

    A state-owned enterprise in the transportation sector is trying its luck in the courier business, taking advantage of its idle fleet.

  • Additional Quota for Japfa

    Additional Quota for Japfa

    As the price of chicken falls at the poultry farm level, the agriculture ministry approved a proposal from Japfa to increase the import quota for breeding stock. Their lobby began with the minister’s son.

  • Recycled Food Estate Project
    Cover Story

    Recycled Food Estate Project

    President Joko Widodo is planning to build an integrated food center in an area formerly the location of the one-million-hectare rice project in Central Kalimantan. The atmosphere is growing tense both within and outside the government

  • Huge Discounts, Going Rural

    Huge Discounts, Going Rural

    PLN’s electricity sales nosedived due to the pandemic. It is now intensifying discounts and expanding its markets.

  • Stuck Between Four Giants’ Loans

    Stuck Between Four Giants’ Loans

    The OJK urges Mayapada to increase capital or reshuffle its controlling shareholders. There are suspicions that this was the impact of an alleged violation of prioritizing jumbo loans for owner’s colleagues.

  • I Guard This Bank With My Life

    I Guard This Bank With My Life

    Bank Mayapada Internasional Chief Commissioner, Tahir

  • The Season for Larvae Hunters
    Cover Story

    The Season for Larvae Hunters

    The export wave for lobster larvae has begun. Some exporting companies are affiliated with political party officials and former smugglers.

  • Relying on the Stock Exchange

    Relying on the Stock Exchange

    The reorganization of Pertamina is being accompanied by a plan to make IPOs. There are other intentions at play aside from the transparency and accountability of state-owned companies.

  • Bosowa-Kalla’s Last chance
    Cover Story

    Bosowa-Kalla’s Last chance

    Bosowa Corporation is attempting to maintain control over Bank Bukopin, which is one step away from being handed over to Kookmin Bank. Due to Bank Bukopin’s worsening liquidity, it has become increasingly urgent to inject more capital into the bank. Bukopin’s chronic illness came to the surface due to loan issues with companies affiliated with the Kalla group and Bosowa.



    CEO of Indonesian Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency, Eddy Abdurrahman

  • From Companies for Corporations

    From Companies for Corporations

    The distribution of plantation funds for rejuvenating individually-owned oil palm trees has been chaotic. It pales in comparison to the amount of money given to the biodiesel program.

  • Cheap Loans for Survival

    Cheap Loans for Survival

    The governmentis providing bailout amounting to Rp19.65 trillion to SOEs impacted by Covid-19. Some are considered futile.

  • The Digital Sector’s Triumph
    Cover Story

    The Digital Sector’s Triumph

    The digital approach is believed to be the key to doing business in the ‘new normal’ era. The banking sector may be most prepared.

  • debt restructuring

    debt restructuring

    Private and state-owned companies are in a race to restructure their debts due to the waning economy. The government anticipates limited liquidity in financial institutions.

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