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  • I Was Dragged In, But I Do Not Withdraw
    Cover Story

    I Was Dragged In, But I Do Not Withdraw

    Arifin Wiguna, the President Commisioner of Dini Nusa Kusuma explains some difficulties his company experienced in their effort to finance a satelite project for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. But he is confident that the fund will come very soon.

  • A Message from General Scotch
    Cover Story

    A Message from General Scotch

    The satellite project to fill the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot came to a standstill. Signs of problems in the tender three years ago emerged amid the absence of potential investors. 

  • Chevron's Successor

    Chevron's Successor

    Negotiations between Chevron and Italy’s Eni in the Indonesia Deepwater Development project is scheduled to finish in the first quarter of 2021. Even if the transition is done according to plan, first production targets are expected to be late.

  • The Mystery of SJ-182 Flight

    The Mystery of SJ-182 Flight

    The aviation authorities discussed a number of factors related to the crash of Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ-182. The pilot was profiled and new information about suspected damage to the plane was examined

  • The Nickel King Ambition

    The Nickel King Ambition

    The government is making plenty of efforts to attract investment in battery manufacturing, chasing the ambition to become a major player in the global electric car industry. State-owned energy companies are consolidated to serve as partner of global investors with interests in Indonesia’s nickel reserves.

  • Playing Against the World

    Playing Against the World

    The ongoing pandemic is a blessing in disguise for subscription-based video platforms. Local service providers are going after niche market to compete and survive amid the dominance of global players.

  • Tobacco’s Winding Road Map

    Tobacco’s Winding Road Map

    The battle between health advocates and tobacco supporters is intensifying as the deadline for setting excise duties is approaching. Tobacco products’ industrial road map is still stuck at the ministerial level. The ministry of national development planning went ahead with conducting studies.

  • Cheap Gas,  Heavy Cost

    Cheap Gas, Heavy Cost

    The government is preparing a cooperation scheme with private companies to finance the gas pipeline project in replace of LPG. PGN and other business entities are innovating commercially.

  • Big money to Spend

    Big money to Spend

    The government aims to accelerate the downstream process of coal products through development schemes. High costs and market uncertainties prompt entrepreneurs to prepare proposals for utilization patterns.

  • Japanese Port Project in West Java

    Japanese Port Project in West Java

    The consortium under Chairul Tanjung is one step away from being the operator of the Patimban Port. Pelindo II’s ambitions were crashed long before the bidding began.

  • Trails of Corruption in Asabri
    Cover Story

    Trails of Corruption in Asabri

    Finance and Development Supervisory Agency’s audit exposes the actors behind Asabri’s investment fund corruption. IT implicates Prominent figures.

  • State Money, Private Management

    State Money, Private Management

    The establishment of the Indonesia Investment Authority is just a matter of waiting for government regulations. It is the key product of the omnibus law, expected to be a vehicle for foreign investors to put in money in the country.

  • The Staging of the Baddie and the Goodie

    The Staging of the Baddie and the Goodie

    The government will rescue Jiwasraya with insertion of state capital. Other plans are in the books to bridge the limited funds.

  • Part Tax Haven
    Cover Story

    Part Tax Haven

    Revisions to tax laws were inserted during the Job Creation Bill’s deliberation process. It provides many tax leniencies.

  • Revisiting an Old Plan
    Cover Story

    Revisiting an Old Plan

    Telkom’s old plan to purchase Gojek shares is close to reality. After past failure, the trillions-of-rupiah corporate action will be performed through Telkomsel. But uncertainty regarding the fate of the investment looms.

  • Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    Of Catfish Pond and Old Agreements

    The government seeks to turn old assets into money. But the fate of premium assets, such as Hotel Sultan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and Plaza Semanggi, remains a mystery.

  • Importers’ Sweet Promises

    Importers’ Sweet Promises

    Thousands of tons of farmers’ sugarcane are piling up in factories owned by the state. They are chasing after importer’s promise.

  • Two Drafts, One Head

    Two Drafts, One Head

    Parliament is coming out with plan to discuss revising law on the Bank Indonesia, which many fear will erode the central bank’s independence. It seems to be heavily favoring the government.

  • State Courier Business

    State Courier Business

    A state-owned enterprise in the transportation sector is trying its luck in the courier business, taking advantage of its idle fleet.

  • Additional Quota for Japfa

    Additional Quota for Japfa

    As the price of chicken falls at the poultry farm level, the agriculture ministry approved a proposal from Japfa to increase the import quota for breeding stock. Their lobby began with the minister’s son.

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