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Linda Trianita

Linda Trianita reports on corruption and criminal issues and currently oversees Tempo’s legal desk as an editor.

The Brawijaya University graduate joined Tempo in 2013 and is involved in multiple international programs such Tempo institute’s Investigation with Tempo (IBT) and the Free Press Unlimited report on the use of palm plantation lands by multinational corporations.

Linda also participated in the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum 2018 in Norway.

  • Two Men in the 10 Million Dollar Proposal

    Two Men in the 10 Million Dollar Proposal

    A plan to set Joko Tjandra free allegedly involved former Supreme Court chief, Hatta Ali. A pardon option was considered.

  • The Red and Green Tracks
    Catatan Pinggir

    The Red and Green Tracks

    The East Java Attorney General’s Office is investigating suspected wrongdoing in the importation of 69 containers of textiles through Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya. The names of two members of the House of Representatives have come up amid the preliminary investigation.

  • Maneuvering at Tower 106

    Maneuvering at Tower 106

    Prosecutor Pinangki Sirna Malasari actively met with Joko Tjandra in Malaysia. There are reports that the attorney general was aware of the meetings.

  • Lobbying in the Balkan Skies
    Catatan Pinggir

    Lobbying in the Balkan Skies

    The suspected swindler of BNI Bank’s Rp1.2 trillion, who has been on the run for the past 17 years, was arrested by Serbian police as she had been put on red notice. Her lawyer tried to bribe Serb officials for up to €500,000.

  • Travel Permit from the police HQ
    Catatan Pinggir

    Travel Permit from the police HQ

    Interpol Indonesia provided red carpet treatment for Joko Soegiarto Tjandra allowing him to leave and enter Indonesia at will. Chief of the Police Criminal Unit is investigating alleged bribery of police officers involved in the case.

  • The one who got away

    The one who got away

    Fugitive in the Bank Bali debt case, Joko Soegiarto Tjandra, evaded immigration records when he entered and left Indonesia. The Attorney General’s Office and National Police blame each other. The Interpol National Central Bureau may have been behind the red notice’s revocation.

  • Business deal gone wrong
    Catatan Pinggir

    Business deal gone wrong

    Entrepreneur Maya Miranda Ambarsari was reported to the police for allegedly mistreating her business partner. The police never solved the case.

  • Privilege for Jokowi’s Legacy
    Catatan Pinggir

    Privilege for Jokowi’s Legacy

    The 2020 planned opening of the Indonesian International Islamic University is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ever since construction started last year, the Rp3.9 billion project has not yet been finished.

  • 20 Years of Evil
    Catatan Pinggir

    20 Years of Evil

    For 20 years, the altar boys of St. Herkulanus Parish in Depok were sexually abused. There have been efforts to cover up the crime.

  • Rotten Business Dealings
    Catatan Pinggir

    Rotten Business Dealings

    Police are investigating suspected corruption involving the sale of imported beef by Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia. A high-ranking intelligence official lobbied on behalf of a business owner in this scandal.

  • Troublesome Quarter
    Catatan Pinggir

    Troublesome Quarter

    KPK’s Supervisory Council is evaluating the performance of Commissioner General Firli Bahuri and his colleagues. Most of the problems are in the enforcement division.

  • The Foul Smell of Imported Waste
    Catatan Pinggir

    The Foul Smell of Imported Waste

    Customs directorate-general uncovered a scandal over the import of plastic scrap containing hazardous and toxic waste exceeding the limit. Of the dozen importers, only one has been prosecuted. There are suspicions of lobbying to a number of House of Representatives members.

  • 100 Days of lackluster
    Catatan Pinggir

    100 Days of lackluster

    Case investigation by the KPK declines under the chair of Firli Bahuri. Sting operations cannot be conducted because of convoluted red tape to obtain permits.

  • The Chairman Comes of Age
    Catatan Pinggir

    The Chairman Comes of Age

    Set to retire in early April, Supreme Court Chairman Hatta Ali has not yet ordered the formation of a committee to select his successor. He was caught on camera visiting a hotel project in West Nusa Tenggara.

  • The Harun Mystery

    The Harun Mystery

    KPK leadership appears to be keeping Harun Masiku’s whereabouts secret, stating that he was overseas prior to the series of arrest operations. Tempo’s investigation found that Harun was in the capital city during KPK sting operations. While investigating the bribery case implicating KPU member, Wahyu Setiawan, KPK’s investigation team has been met with great challenges without the full support of the agency’s leadership.

  • Under Tirtayasa’s Protection

    Under Tirtayasa’s Protection

    The KPK failed to arrest PDI-P Secretary-General Hasto Kristiyanto in a graft case involving KPU commissioner, Wahyu Setiawan. Investigators were instead apprehended by a group of police officers at the Police Staff College. Leaders of the anti-graft agency are ignoring evidence of Hasto’s involvement.

  • From Eagle Eyes to Kelapa Dua

    From Eagle Eyes to Kelapa Dua

    AT the closing of 2019, the Jakarta Police Deparment apprehended two suspected perpetrators of the acid attack on Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator, Novel Baswedan.

  • One In-Law, Three Cases
    Catatan Pinggir

    One In-Law, Three Cases

    The Corruption Eradication Commission has named former Supreme Court secretary Nurhadi Abdurachman a suspect in three cases. His in-law is suspected of being involved.

  • Leisurely Weekends for KPK Staff

    Leisurely Weekends for KPK Staff

    KPK’s performance has weakened since its law revision came into effect on October 17, with no sting operations performed in the past two months. Furthermore, wiretapping—the ultimate weapon for catching corrupt government officials—has not been performed at full capacity. A number of cases are predicted to go unresolved under the new leadership. The KPK is no longer a feared institution.

  • Flying with Harley
    Catatan Pinggir

    Flying with Harley

    Garuda Indonesia CEO I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra is suspected of smuggling a Harley-Davidson motorcycle using the airline’s latest aircraft. There was a plot to shut the case down.

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