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Mahardika Satria Hadi

Mahardika has reported for Tempo since 2010 and covered the battle between the Philippines army and ISIS militants in Marawi, Mindanao.

The Gadjah Mada University graduate is now the editor for Majalah Tempo's interview section. 

  • We Almost Stumbled

    We Almost Stumbled

    Muhammad Lutfi immediately stepped on the gas right after he was sworn in as trade minister on December 23, 2020. The former envoy to the United States must focus on three main duties mandated to him by President Joko Widodo: to maintain price stability; to help MSMEs penetrate the export market; and, to expand the export market to non-traditional territories by making use of the international economic cooperation agreements Indonesia has signed. According to him, China and the United States are extremely important to Indonesia.


  • Al-Sisi’s Holy Friday
    Asean & Beyond

    Al-Sisi’s Holy Friday

    Abdul Fattah al-Sisi came to power after a coupe that toppled President Muhammad Mursi, riding on the waves of anti-Islamic sentiments.

  • Confined by the Cellphone
    Asean & Beyond

    Confined by the Cellphone

    Thai government tightens cellphone ownership for citizens of southern territories, a discriminatory policy towards the muslim population in the conflict area.

  • Fish Waste Polluting Lake Toba

    Fish Waste Polluting Lake Toba

    Lake Toba is being polluted by organic pollutants mixed with feed pellets used in floating fish net cages. A large company which has been operating for two decades is being implicated.

  • Facebook Posting Backlash
    Asean & Beyond

    Facebook Posting Backlash

    Activist Jolovan Wham is clashing again with Singaporean law enforcers. He has been an avid defender of migrant workers’ rights.

  • A Breivik-Inspired Terrorist Attack

    A Breivik-Inspired Terrorist Attack

    An Australian man shot and killed worshippers at two mosques in the town of Christchurch in New Zealand. One Indonesian is among the dead victims.

  • We Will Again Be  A Tiger
    Asean & Beyond

    We Will Again Be A Tiger

    THE visit of Malaysian Defense Minister Mohamad Sabu to Jakarta two weeks ago made a difference.

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