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Mustafa Silalahi

Since joining Tempo in 2005, Mustafa Silalahi reports on criminal, legal issues, and a number of investigative projects.

The North Sumatera University’s communication science graduate was honoured with a number of investigative awards such as the Adiwarta 2012, Adinegoro 2013, and the 2016-2017 anti-corruption journalistic award. 

  • The Eagle in Munich
    Cover Story

    The Eagle in Munich

    In 2019, oil palm tycoon Sukanto Tanto purchased the Ludwigstraβe 21 building in Munich, Germany, for Rp6 trillion. The purchase, which went unrecorded by the Financial Reports and Analysis Center, is believed to have been made through a shell corporation affiliated with Sukanto’s Royal Golden Eagle Group. This report is a collaborative effort by Tempo, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), and Süddeutsche Zeitung daily.

  • Eighteen Years of Waiting

    Eighteen Years of Waiting

    Hundreds of victims of terrorism have not yet received any compensation from the state. Requests can be submitted up to June of next year.

  • An Oceanside Racetrack

    An Oceanside Racetrack

    The government puts the Mandalika International Street Circuit into a national priority program. There are problems with buying the lands for the project.

  • Extracting Sweets from the Marapu

    Extracting Sweets from the Marapu

    The sugarcane plantation owned by Djarum and Wings Indonesia is being accused of damaging and shutting off access to a location where followers of the Marapu conduct rituals in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Despite repeated reminders from a number of institutions, the regional government and company were unmoved. Local residents accuse the company of misrepresenting a traditional offering of money as compensation for land use. This coverage was done through collaboration of Tempo and Tempo Institute.

  • Songbirds in Boxes

    Songbirds in Boxes

    It is estimated that about a million songbirds from Sumatra, including some protected species, have been smuggled off the island over the past year. The lucrative nature of this business threatens the populations of a number of bird species as well as the balance of the ecosystem. It is suspected that this smuggling involves authorities from a number of institutions. Tempo made this report in cooperation with Internews’ Earth Journalism Network.

  • I Pay officers

    I Pay officers

    Songbird Smuggler, Diah Bayu

  • A Bird Catcher’s Hard Life

    A Bird Catcher’s Hard Life

    Bird catchers are using rat glue and birdsong recording to get their prey. They often encounter dangerous animals during their hunt.

  • The False Note of an Old Classmate
    Cover Story

    The False Note of an Old Classmate

    Joko Soegiarto Tjandra’s bribery implicates two generals and a businessman close to National Police’s top brass. National Police Criminal Investigation Division Chief Comsr. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo’s name is also being mentioned. The case is heating up approaching the contest for National Police chief.

  • The Legacy of Nina’s Death

    The Legacy of Nina’s Death

    Animal Defenders Indonesia founder Doni Herdaru Tona is accused of mishandling animals in shelters and embezzling donation money. His case is pending at the police.

  • Family Feuds

    Family Feuds

    The conflict between John Kei and Nus Kei is allegedly about the security fee of a disputed land for a hospital in Ambon, Maluku. Guarding plots of land is still a favorite job for thugs from the eastern parts of Indonesia.

  • The Evil Man in  the Mustard Yellow Uniform

    The Evil Man in the Mustard Yellow Uniform

    A rape victim counselor is suspected of raping a 13-year-old girl over the past several months. The victim was also used as a bait for extortion.

  • Oil Palm Grabbing in Kobi Land

    Oil Palm Grabbing in Kobi Land

    Speculators overtook thousands of hectares of customary land in Central Maluku Regency for over a decade now. They are in the center of a conflict between customary tribes and oil palm entreprises.

  • The Unlucky 13th Hideout

    The Unlucky 13th Hideout

    Former Supreme Court secretary Nurhadi Abdurrachman, who had been a fugitive since last February, was finally tracked down through his wife. He moved around to 13 locations and is suspected of having been guarded by police personnel.

  • Hazmat Suits Coded As Baby Clothes

    Hazmat Suits Coded As Baby Clothes

    Hundreds of thousands of sets of PPE were successfully exported to Korea with falsified codes. The matter was resolved unofficially by three institutions.

  • Nuclear Detectors at the Palace

    Nuclear Detectors at the Palace

    Bapeten plans to purchase nuclear radiation detecting devices to be used by officials and installed at BMKG stations. A similar procurement was once reported to the police.

  • Badminton Courtside Radioactivity

    Badminton Courtside Radioactivity

    The Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency discovered some radioactive cesium-137 at the Batan Indah Housing Complex in Serpong, South Tangerang. It is suspected of originating from leftover industrial equipment.

  • Babe’s Designer Watches

    Babe’s Designer Watches

    Former secretary of the Supreme Court, Nurhadi Abdurrachman, tried to transfer ownership of his assets after he was targeted by the KPK. He has assets in the form of an oil palm plantation, a tissue paper factory, to various luxury watches.

  • Jacobson’s Fateful Snapshots

    Jacobson’s Fateful Snapshots

    Palangka Raya’s immigration office detained Philip Myrer Jacobson, a US journalist from the online environmental publication Mongabay, for three days, accusing him of abusing his visa.

  • Knock-off Ballpoints from Yiwu

    Knock-off Ballpoints from Yiwu

    The Customs and Excise Directorate General confiscated a container containing counterfeit pens from China at the Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya. The gang of counterfeiters also sells other imitations such as razor blades and liquid glue.

  • Mystery Surrounding the Two Brigadiers
    Cover Story

    Mystery Surrounding the Two Brigadiers

    Two members of the Police Mobile Brigade Gegana Squad were named suspects in the acid attack on Corruption Eradication Commission investigator, Novel Baswedan. Despite the still obscure facts surrounding the discovery, the police are certain they have caught the people responsible.

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