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  • Dogfruit Warrior

    Dogfruit Warrior

    Uraso may be known as a jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum) or dogfruit producer, but it was Seliwati who stood behind him.

  • Jengkol Against OIl Palm

    Jengkol Against OIl Palm

    A large number of residents of Uraso in North Luwu earn their living from the hundreds of trees in their fields, from dogfruit to pepper. Dispute remains with PTPN XIV.

  • Millennials Take Care of Osing Tradition

    Millennials Take Care of Osing Tradition

    Osing youths are preserving the tradition of recitation of Lontar Yusup poetry. They are also involved in the documentation of old manuscripts in Banyuwangi.

  • Building Human Rights Friendly Regions

    Building Human Rights Friendly Regions

    A number of regional administrations are striving hard to make human rights the basis of their policies. They shared the ups and downs of their experiences at the 2019 Human Rights Festival, November 19-21.

  • The Price of Education

    The Price of Education

    Some grade and middle schoolchildren in Sungai Kura live in wooden huts in the vicinity of their school without any parents around. They refuse to bow down to obstacles in their quest to get an education.

  • Appeals for Peace from the Land of Mines

    Appeals for Peace from the Land of Mines

    The women of North and South Korea, also internationals, keep campaigning for peace in the Korean Peninsula. The demilitarized zone area have been their arenas.

  • Islam’s Footsteps in Al-Andalus
  • Fertilizer For Farmers

    Fertilizer For Farmers

    Fertilizer supply was once a frequent issue for farmers in Boru Kedang, East Flores. The village administration then made the Tana Bojang Village Enterprise a fertilizer supplier.

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