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  • Two-headed Dragon

    Two-headed Dragon

    The energy and mineral resources cluster within the omnibus law is regarded as a way to extend the old, problematic mineral and coal mining law. The royalty exemption clause for coal companies becomes a new controversy.

  • Killed by the Omnibus law

    Killed by the Omnibus law

    The Job Creation Law cancels the formation of a special state company for executing upstream oil and gas business activities. It has to wait for the revision of the Oil and Gas Law.

  • New Rush for Gold

    New Rush for Gold

    The spike in international gold prices prompts mining corporates to expand businesses. Companies are aggressively exploring for new reserves.

  • Bad Investments
    Cover Story

    Bad Investments

    Telkom continues to invest to expand its digital business and telecommunication niche. Not all of the company’s investments yielded positive results.

  • Governors’ Virtual Marketplace

    Governors’ Virtual Marketplace

    A number of regional heads are using their personal social media accounts to promote local small and medium businesses.

  • Bitter Competition of Sugar Business

    Bitter Competition of Sugar Business

    A number of state sugar factories in East Java ended their milling season early. They became the first victims of the increasing fierce competition for sugar cane supplies.

  • A Middle Way for Green Energy

    A Middle Way for Green Energy

    A new price regulation for electricity from new and renewable energy sources will be issued coming soon. Full of incentives to pursue the 2025 target.

  • Questions for the 2021 Draft Budget

    Questions for the 2021 Draft Budget

    The government projected a reversal in economic conditions, from the current negative state to a rise of between 4.5 to 5 percent in 2021. Formidable challenges will be faced in recovering public consumption, investment, and realizing state expenditure.

  • End of Journey for Kurik’s Corn
    Cover Story

    End of Journey for Kurik’s Corn

    Investors are leaving the Merauke Food Estate. Only Medco is left.

  • Empty Coffers, Delayed Promises

    Empty Coffers, Delayed Promises

    The cash flow of state electricity company PLN worsened. It has been hit by subdued sales, high purchase prices, additional debts, and sluggish compensation.

  • Will Shell Leave Masela?

    Will Shell Leave Masela?

    Shell plans to let go of its stake in the Masela Block giant liquid natural gas project, likely because of the project’s change of scheme and the latest economic predictions.

  • This is the Weakness of Old Contracts

    This is the Weakness of Old Contracts

    SKK Migas Chairman Dwi Soetjipto

  • Troubles at Rokan

    Troubles at Rokan

    One year before Rokan Block’s management is transferred from Chevron to Pertamina, problems remain unsolved. Numerous schemes are prepared to prevent further production declines.

  • Jiwasraya’s Bad connection

    Jiwasraya’s Bad connection

    Ties between players in a suspected corruption case at Jiwasraya are becoming clearer. The involvement of investment managers led investigators to the Financial Services Authority and the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

  • New Face for an Old Plan

    New Face for an Old Plan

    State-owned enterprises ministry reorganized the business structure of Pertamina. It was designed long in advance, after noticing the excessive bureaucracy was slowing the company down.

  • Not Ready for Risk-Taking
    Cover Story

    Not Ready for Risk-Taking

    The government will soon determine participating banks for channeling funds to support banking liquidity. But the plan may be an ineffective and ineffecient way to restore the economy.

  • Draining Coffers for Biodiesel

    Draining Coffers for Biodiesel

    The government decided to inject some Rp2.78 trillion to support the Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency in the swelling B30 program. It is seen as only benefiting oil palm oil giants that produce biodiesel.

  • Sharing the Burden

    Sharing the Burden

    The Finance Ministry and Bank Indonesia are formulating further agreements to finance the economic recovery. The budget is suffering under massive pressure.

  • The Digital Lure at Shopping Centers
    Cover Story

    The Digital Lure at Shopping Centers

    Several shopping centers are ready to operate in the so-called ‘new normal’ era. Some retailers switched to online platforms, while others are preparing digital strategies.

  • Law Destroyed  in the House

    Law Destroyed in the House

    Ratification of the revised Mineral and Coal Mining Law draws criticism, with many accusing it of only benefitting mining corporations. A leaked letter from the Energy Commission points out that the deliberations should not continue.

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