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Penyair, esais, pelukis. Catatan Pinggir telah terhimpun dalam 14 jilid. Buku terbarunya, antara lain, Albert Camus: Tubuh dan Sejarah, Eco dan Iman, Estetika Hitam, Dari Sinai sampai Alghazali.


Sidelines: Salman Rushdie
The Past
The Shadow


In the The Drama of Sambo, it turns out that one important element in democracy (often forgotten) can actually be upheld: the armed forces, which are given the right to monopoly of violence, bow before those who hold authority without arms.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 9 January 2023

25 December

December 25

Birth is the beginning as yet untouched by history. When it symbolizes the arrival of a teaching, then that teaching can be assumed to be still ‘innocent’—as yet untested by interpretation, conflict, denial and violence.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 2 January 2023

The Keeper

The Keeper

Soccer is the globalization of capital and internationalization of teamwork. Boundaries of nation, citizenship and religion are no longer relevant. Money is the reformer that increasingly often shifts previously revered values. 

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 26 December 2022

The Criminal Code


Among political 'analysts', the word “branding” often has negative connotations. The extravagant G20 meeting held in Bali has been mocked as nothing more than ‘branding’, President Jokowi style.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 12 December 2022



They are the ‘petite bourgeoisie’. Leftists mock them as fence-sitters. Rightists of feudal persuasion look down on them. In the Javanese poem the Wulangreh, cherished by aristocrats, they are described as having ‘merchant temperaments’.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 5 December 2022



People say that in the past, powerful nations—as the holders of hegemony—were able to keep international interaction orderly. But these days, powerful nations cannot always regulate the behavior of weak nations.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 21 November 2022


My Language

On October 28, 1928, a group of young men daringly chose ‘bahasa Indonesia’—the new name that transgressed boundaries of ‘bahasa Melayu’—as the unifying language. At that moment, they showed the power of hybridity.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 31 October 2022



Democracy happens because the ignored and belittled rise up to affirm themselves. When Don Quixote was published in 1605, democracy did not exist in daily life. But Cervantes introduced his times to Sancho Panza, an illiterate farm laborer who wanted something impossible: to become governor.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 24 October 2022



In the story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu from ancient Iraq, that is more ancient than the holy texts, it is woman—her body and soul—who is the savior. But in several Abrahamic religions, women do not have an equal ‘space’ with men.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 17 October 2022



La Vita è Bella cannot help but inspire. Maybe because we are living at the end of the 20th century with a number of questions that haunt us both before and after we enter the cinema: in a world with millions of Giosuès, is it true that life, also beauty and cruelty, are in the end a matter of how they are interpreted for us?

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 10 October 2022



Power never exists in perfect form. It is rather the sign of something lacking, but it is effective because it produces main actors who can differ from one another, yet be of one desire: to overcome that sense of lack.

Sidelines Edisi : Monday, 3 October 2022


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