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Edition 09 July 2018

Science Technology

  • Life As a Martian in the Utah Desert

    Life As a Martian in the Utah Desert

    An Indonesian citizen participated in a simulation of life on the Red Planet, held in a desert in Utah, United States. The simulation is meant to assess Mars’ feasibility for permanent habitation.

  • Illustrations In Diversity

    Illustrations In Diversity

    Indonesia’s biological diversity is not yet well documented in botanical illustrations. There are only a handful of botanical illustrators in the country.

  • Fire at the Jakarta Maritime Museum

    Fire at the Jakarta Maritime Museum

    Dozens of invaluable items at the Jakarta Maritime Museum were destroyed in a fire. The building is no longer in appropriate condition for a maritime museum.

  • An Old Dream Comes True

    An Old Dream Comes True

    Indonesia will have its first sophisticated micro satellite under a cooperative scheme between the National Aeronautics and Space Institute and Chiba University, Japan. The satellite will be the worlds lightest.

  • Learning About Indonesias Fault Lines

    Learning About Indonesias Fault Lines

    A massive earthquake shook Pidie Jaya, Pidie, and Bireun in Aceh province. The fault line from where the quake emerged has not been studied in detail. Neither have hundreds of other faults below Aceh.

  • Reviving Tugu's Portuguese Heritage

    Reviving Tugu's Portuguese Heritage

    Iste korsang yo kere intra
    Buska filu yo kere kaja

    Gatu Matu, Keroncong Tugu Cafrinho

    OVER 200 spectators gave a thundering applause in the yard of the Bank Indonesia Museum in the Old Town zone of West Jakarta when the Tugu Cafrinho keroncong group finished the opening song Gatu Matu at the end of July. That afternoon, love songs in the Tugu creole language were presented with violin and cello, macina (four-stringed guitar), jiteira (six-stringed guitar), prounga (smaller six-stringed guitar) and contrabass accompaniment. The lyrics were indeed unfamiliar but the audience seemed to enjoy the show.

    The Tugu creole, the language used in the lyrics, is in fact no longer spoken at Tugu Village, or Kampung Tugu, North Jakarta. The blend of Portuguese and Malay is more frequently used in the keroncong (Indonesian genre inspired by Portuguese songs) songs that can still be found in Jakarta's Old Town. The keroncong verses, for instance, have many similar sounds that are shared by Portuguese and Tugu creole. The difference lies in the writing of letters, such as 'o' and 'c', which in creole are written as 'u' and 'k'. The word gato (cat), for example, in Tugu creole becomes gatu, or, corto (face) becomes korto.

  • Traces of Hobbits

    Traces of Hobbits

    Researchers have unearthed teeth smaller than those of the Homo erectus in Java and the Homo floresiensis found in Flores. The connection between the two is still a mystery.

  • A Majapahit Discovery in Sidoarjo

    A Majapahit Discovery in Sidoarjo

    Edi Tri Haryantoro fixed his gaze at a brick-walled ditch at a depth of three meters from the ground surface. Knee-deep water filled the ditch. "This is undoubtedly an ancient irrigation system," the senior archeologist from Mojokerto's cultural preservation center told Tempo on the spot at Urangagung village in Sidoarjo, East Java, late last November.

    The structure walled off by red bricks in the middle of a paddy field was discovered on October 29, 2015. Sugiantono, a local farmer, found the structure while digging a well to water his mung bean plants. When he was digging at a depth of one meter, his hoe hit a mass of red bricks that were much bigger than regular bricks.

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