• Mismanagement of Coal

    Mismanagement of Coal

    The shortage of coal for domestic power plants is the result of poor management from PLN and the government. An export ban will not solve the problem.

  • Two Actors behind the Crisis
    Cover Story

    Two Actors behind the Crisis

    Coal businesses are suffering from the export ban caused by a supply crisis at power plants. But state electricity company PLN is also at the root of the problem.

  • An Unhappy New Year for Coal Businesses
    Cover Story

    An Unhappy New Year for Coal Businesses

    The government is imposing a coal export ban due to a supply crisis at several state-owned and private power plants. The business chain is in disarray.

  • Costly Show of Force on Coal Policy
    Market Pulse

    Costly Show of Force on Coal Policy

    The government bans coal export for the whole month of January after coal miners fail to fulfill their DMO to supply coal for PLN. This show of force is clearly not the right way to solve the coal crisis.

  • Inconsistent Regulations on Renewable Energy

    Inconsistent Regulations on Renewable Energy

    The government delays the implementation of the rooftop solar power regulation. There is inconsistency in the environmentally friendly energy policy.

  • Solar Market Growth

    Solar Market Growth

    The rooftop solar power business continues to bloom. Fossil-fueled power producers are keen to join the bandwagon.

  • Rooftop Solar Uncertainties

    Rooftop Solar Uncertainties

    The rooftop solar power generator (PLTS) industry’s development becomes uncertain. The new regulations wither before they took effect.

  •  Electricity-Generating Roofs
    Science & Technology

    Electricity-Generating Roofs

    Through solar panel installation, the roofs of GBK and the Jakarta International Stadium could generate energy from the sun. The current implementation reduces the electricity bill by 5.5 percent.

  • Geothermal Project Rejections

    Geothermal Project Rejections

    The customary community of Wae Seno at West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, rejects a geothermal project. Their living space would be sacrificed for the project.

  • The Minister’s Odin Project

    The Minister’s Odin Project

    Plans to acquire a German electric car company are believed to have been the reason behind the reshuffle of the board of directors of Mind Id. There are many problematic characters behind this risky project.

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