Renewable Energy

  • Business in Crisis

    Business in Crisis

    In the effort to mitigate the climate crisis by 2030, Indonesia needs Rp3,779 trillion to reduce its carbon emission. It opens business opportunities.

  • Inconsistent Regulations on Renewable Energy

    Inconsistent Regulations on Renewable Energy

    The government delays the implementation of the rooftop solar power regulation. There is inconsistency in the environmentally friendly energy policy.

  • Solar Market Growth

    Solar Market Growth

    The rooftop solar power business continues to bloom. Fossil-fueled power producers are keen to join the bandwagon.

  • Sharing the Burden

    Sharing the Burden

    The development of new and renewable energy in Indonesia is not yet optimal. The parliament need to pass the new and renewable energy law.

  • Refraining from Euphoria

    Refraining from Euphoria

    Indonesian government pledges to encourage new and renewable energy development at the COP26. In the eyes of entrepreneurs, there are numerous problems.

  • The Pursuit of Green Funds

    The Pursuit of Green Funds

    PLN is pursuing funding for the green energy transition in order to meet the 2060 carbon neutral target. Aside from large funds, there are other potential problems.

  • Carbon Trading False Promises

    Carbon Trading False Promises

    Indonesia is preparing a carbon trading scheme to fulfill the promise of decreasing carbon emissions. Is it a false solution to mitigate climate change?

  • Most Hated and More Expensive Culprit
    Market Pulse

    Most Hated and More Expensive Culprit

    World leaders started the Conference of Climate Change in Glasgow this Sunday in the middle of rising energy prices. A test of decarbonization commitment.


  • PLN’s Problems in the Pandemic

    PLN’s Problems in the Pandemic

    PLN is trying everything to stay out of the financial crisis. It is caught between ambitious government projects, electricity purchase arrangements, and the impact of the pandemic. This report on the dilemma of the electricity and coal businesses was done with the support of the Judith Neilson Institute.

  • The New Geothermal Initiative

    The New Geothermal Initiative

    The government is planning an initial public offering of Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE). This is an effort to bring about better corporate governance of the energy business.

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