• After Odin Comes Gesits

    After Odin Comes Gesits

    Gesits electric vehicle is targeted as a new prospective partner for Indonesia Battery Corporation. How is the plan to speed up the development of the national electric vehicles project?

  • A Strange Acquisition

    A Strange Acquisition

    The Indonesia Battery Corporation is to acquire a German electric vehicle company. This has the potential to result in losses.

  • The Pioneering Project from Germany

    The Pioneering Project from Germany

    After almost a decade of operation, StreetScooter is still relying on sales to its parent company for income. The future of its business is uncertain.

  • The Minister’s Odin Project

    The Minister’s Odin Project

    Plans to acquire a German electric car company are believed to have been the reason behind the reshuffle of the board of directors of Mind Id. There are many problematic characters behind this risky project.

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