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Edition 06 July 2020

  • The Season for Larvae Hunters
    Cover Story

    The Season for Larvae Hunters

    The export wave for lobster larvae has begun. Some exporting companies are affiliated with political party officials and former smugglers.

  • The Curious Case of  Lobster Exports
    Cover Story

    The Curious Case of Lobster Exports

    One month after the lobster larva export was reopened, exporters have begun delivering packages to Vietnam. Various issues were brought to light.

  • Keeping Track is Better Than Smuggling
    Cover Story

    Keeping Track is Better Than Smuggling

    Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo

  • Blind Groping In Face of Corona

    Blind Groping In Face of Corona

    Data fumbling has been occurring since the coronavirus pandemic started in Indonesia in March. The Covid-19 task force began its work in total blindness for lack of data. Tracing people who had been in contact with positive patients met with obstruction. Lately it has been revealed, the Covid-19 death toll is far higher compared to official data announced by the government spokesperson.

  • Cabinet Reshuffle Threats

    Cabinet Reshuffle Threats

    The president is unhappy with the performance of his ministers and banking institutions. There are plans to disband the Financial Services Authority and reshuffle the cabinet.

  • Death from the Market

    Death from the Market

    Positive Corona cases continue to be high in 16 provinces. Market places are among the disease centers.

  • Jiwasraya’s Bad connection

    Jiwasraya’s Bad connection

    Ties between players in a suspected corruption case at Jiwasraya are becoming clearer. The involvement of investment managers led investigators to the Financial Services Authority and the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

  • A Bigger and Deeper Looming Problem
  • Business deal gone wrong

    Business deal gone wrong

    Entrepreneur Maya Miranda Ambarsari was reported to the police for allegedly mistreating her business partner. The police never solved the case.

  • One Brand for Two

    One Brand for Two

    The intellectual property directorate-general issued trademark certificates to two disputing parties. They claimed it as compromise to resolve the problem.

  • Law


    the Cost of Patent Certificates

    Employees of the intellectual property directorate-general are suspected of manipulating the outcome of cases. The director-general knows his subordinates take money from applicants.


  • Interview

    Agus Suparmanto, Trade Minister:  I Need to Create a Friendly Business Climate

    Agus Suparmanto, Trade Minister:  I Need to Create a Friendly Business Climate

    SINCE the ‘new normal’ protocol was put into effect, Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto must keep up with the prescribed routine of using hand sanitizers, wearing masks and keeping physical distance every time he goes out. “If you hold hands (with a woman), you could be asked to prove that you are married. So, I told my wife, ‘dear, don’t be too close, or they will ask us to show our marriage certificate,’ (chuckles)...” Agus quipped during the special interview with Tempo last Wednesday, June 24. Agus, 54, said the government’s new set of regulations was aimed at expediting the control of the coronavirus outbreak in all sectors, from social, health to trade. “So that our lives can return to normal gradually,” he said adding that although the economy is starting to move again with the reopening of shopping centers and markets, the public safety will remain government’s priority and will be safeguarded through health protocols. Agus, accompanied by his lawyers Harris Sarana and Sehat Damanik, sat down with Tempo reporters Agung Sedayu, Mahardika Satria Hadi and Khairul Anam at his office for the interview. He explained various matters ranging from his strategy to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the trade sector, government’s decision to approve export of personal protective equipment to the need to impose import quotas for several commodities. In addition, he also clarified Tempo’s news report that linked him to the fiasco surrounding Aneka Tambang’s nickel mining project in North Maluku. In its March 31-April 6, 2020 issue, Tempo published an investigative article titled Mining Scandal of Trade Minister. The report highlighted Agus’ connection to a series of irregularities in a nickel ore project in Tanjung Buli in remote East Halmahera, North Maluku. Agus himself is an investor in Yudistira Bumi Bhakti which undertook the project during the period 2001-2014. Agus has raised objections to the report. He felt his name had been smeared. The press council which mediated the dispute had issued Assessment and Recommendation Letter No. 23/PPR-DP/V/2020 which, albeit calling the title inaccurate, stated that the entire coverage met the standard journalistic requirements. Tempo has already offered an apology to Agus Suparmanto for the title. This interview also partly serves as the right of reply.

  • Science & Technology

    Two Roads to Corona Vaccine

    Two Roads to Corona Vaccine

    Indonesia is taking two ways to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Bio Farma and Kalbe Farma are collaborating with vaccine makers from China and South Korea. The Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology is leading an independent vaccine development.

  • Letters

    The Land Transfer of RRI

    The Land Transfer of RRI

    The Tempo magazine wrote about the land transfer of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) to the religious affairs ministry in its June 30-July 6, 2020 edition in an article titled Up in the Air for RRI. I would like to comment on this report.

  • Cartoon


    *How can you enter state school, while you’re still little? **Yes, I’m little, but old, Bro... (Words on board: Announcement of New Student Selection Result)/Tempo/Yuyun Nurrahman



    Picture Window

    Corona Footprints

    A WOMAN wearing a protective face mask stands in an escalator with marks for social distancing during reopening at Pondok Indah Mall as the government eases restrictions amid the Covid-19 outbreak in Jakarta, June 15./REUTERS/Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana


  • Lobster Politics

    Lobster Politics

    THE decision by Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo opening the door to exports of lobster larvae is a grave error.

  • Pointless Anger

    Pointless Anger

    When complaining in front of his cabinet, the President simply showed his weak leadership. It is time to replace incompetent ministers.

  • Two-Faced Police

    Two-Faced Police

    Police personnel occupy many positions that are not relevant to law and order. The force has a reputation for violence.

  • Playing with Data

    Playing with Data

    The number of people who died of Covid-19 in Indonesia is almost five times higher than the official total announced by the government.

  • Sidelines

    Galileo analyzed God’s creation using mathematics. Einstein observed it with wonder.

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