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A Life of Firsts

On a hot day in 1941, after a long journey by ship from the United States to Surabaya, and continuing by rail to Jakarta, Herawati stepped off the train at…


Roads to Reconciliation

The massacre of close to half a million people, which began after a failed coup attempt led to the killing of Army generals on September 30, 1965, is the darkest…

Making Peace on the Island of the Gods

People of Banjar Masean at Jembrana, Bali, exhumed a mass grave containing victims of the 1965 tragedy. It was their way of reconciling with the past.


Making Smart Cards Work

The Shame of the Novanto Scandal

The DPR ethics committee has cleared the name of Setya Novanto over the 'Papa Wants Shares' scandal. It was a strange decision.


When Tumenggung Tripped

The Attorney-General's Office has indicted former Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency chief Syafruddin Tumenggung for corruption. The case was held up in its pretrial hearing and by political maneuvering.


Historic Dutch-Indonesian Collection Seeks New Home

Some 12,000 objects of shared colonial heritage from the Dutch Museum Nusantara seek a new destination after Jakarta halted repatriation efforts to Indonesia.

Kurusetra Without the Tingle of Tragedy

The three-hour Mahabharata play felt flat, with too many messages for the audience.


A UN Warning that Deserves Attention'

KPK looking into Maxpower bribery allegations

Maxpower Indonesia commissioner has acknowledged a bribery allegation.


Hands at City Hall

Despite his unclear status in the jakarta administration, Sunny Tanuwidjaja allegedly brokered communications between Aguan, Mohamad Sanusi and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

Sunny Tanuwidjaja: I told Aguan, I'll Fix Things with the Governor