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  • Demmeni, Kartini and Colonialism

    Demmeni, Kartini and Colonialism

    Erasmus Huis Jakarta is exhibiting photos by Jean Demmeni, whose works on the Dutch Indies are popular in Holland.

  • A Sea Park for Sunfish

    A Sea Park for Sunfish

    Nusa Penida is under consideration to become a marine national park. It is rich in coral reefs and rare fish.

  • A Day in the Life of a Laborer

    A Day in the Life of a Laborer

    IN commemorating Labor Day, we present a profile of a woman worker, one of thousands employed in labor-intensive clothing and shoe factories. The Indonesian workforce is closing in on 100 million, and is expected to increase by 13.8 million annually. Women laborers comprise about 40 percent of the national workforce. Unemployment is a serious social issue and the planned growth level of 6 percent is not high enough to absorb all the new people entering the labor force. Rokhati’s lot may seem hard, but the alternative is more grim.

  • Ocean of Cak

    Ocean of Cak

    The colossal Kecak dance in Tanah Lot Tabanan, Bali. It tells the ancient acts of Rama, Sinta and Hanoman against Kumbakarna and Rahwana.

  • Crisis Films

    Crisis Films

    The first Asian film festival with crisis as its theme features the works of a new generation of filmmakers.

  • When Sita Questions Desires

    When Sita Questions Desires

    Garin Nugrohos unfinished work causes a public stir.

  • Promotion, then Vacation
  • Indonesia in the Veranda of Cannes

    Indonesia in the Veranda of Cannes

    Two films, Serambi and Berbagi Suami, were screened at the Cannes Festival, marking increasing interest in Indonesia.

  • Irina, Nastya, Annya

    Irina, Nastya, Annya

    A photo exhibition to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy was held at the Antara Gallery, Jakarta.

  • The Mystical Enchantment of Tatung

    The Mystical Enchantment of Tatung

    Hundreds of tatung enlivened the Chinese New Years celebration at Singkawang.

  • Ancient Messages

    Ancient Messages

    The ancient drawings in East Kalimantans Marang mountains seem to have been moved to Jakarta. A photo exhibition seeks to convey messages from the past.

  • Australia Backs Out

    Australia Backs Out

    On the eve of the 7th JiFFest, the festival director was notified by the Australian embassy that the A$18,000 from the Australian governments Australia-Indonesia Institute was being withdrawn.

  • The Struggling One Hundred Days

    The Struggling One Hundred Days

    Pictures of Aceh and the surrounding 100 days after the tsunami depict the province's struggle.

  • I am close to the gay community
  • Running with Joni

    Running with Joni

    Joni had to go through many hurdles as he ran carrying a roll of film. This is Joko Anwars debut as he appears with a group of top actors.

  • Stealing Australia
  • Not Through Whites’ Eyes

    Not Through Whites’ Eyes

    The Indonesia-Australia Short Film Week presented six works by the Aboriginal community—a visual record of Aborigines' problems seen through their own eyes.

  • A Spot on Merapi Slope
  • A Premature Launch
  • A Tale of Two Cities

    A Tale of Two Cities

    A joint photography exhibition of Oscar Motulloh and Zhuang Jin features their personal impressions of each other's capital city.

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