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Edition 31 March 2020

Cover Story

  • Mining Scandal of Trade Minister

    Mining Scandal of Trade Minister

    Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto has been reported to the police for alleged fraud and embezzlement. The property businessman once partnered with current Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung on the mining and transport of Aneka Tambang’s nickel ore in 2001-2014. The case has exposed an alleged markup of the project’s value with a fantastical profit of up to Rp2.9 trillion. Furthermore, the mining project leaves massive environmental destruction in Tanjung Buli, North Maluku, in its trail.

  • The Half-Billion Dispute

    The Half-Billion Dispute

    AFTER three months frequenting the National Police Criminal Investigation Division (Bareskrim), Husdi Herman finally received the long-awaited—but not exactly hoped for—notification. On Thursday, March 19, the police issued a warrant for terminating the investigation into the suspected fraud filed against Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto.

  • No Grouper at Tanjung Buli

    No Grouper at Tanjung Buli

    The sea, soil and air of Tanjung Buli have deteriorated after nickel mining began in the area. Fishers have lost their livelihood.

  • I Was Only an Investor

    I Was Only an Investor

    Agus Suparmanto through his attorney, Petrus Bala Pattyona:

  • Direct Appointment Due To Business Considerations
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