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Edition 07 May 2018

  • Drastic Measures

    Drastic Measures

    The police have yet to investigate a certain businessman's trillions of rupiah in suspicious transactions. Customs reform is at stake.

  • Playing with Fire

    Playing with Fire

    The police violated the constitution when they detained a journalist and intimidated farmers protesting against an oil palm company in South Kalimantan.

  • Dangerous Game

    Dangerous Game

    Politics tarnished Jakarta's Car Free Day two weeks ago. Using the masses are a setback to democracy.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Reasonable Doubt

    Without proper clarification, the leaked conversation between State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Rini Soemarno and state electricity company PLN CEO Sofyan Basir would only create suspicious rumors.

  • Port Tycoon's Fishy Transactions

    Port Tycoon's Fishy Transactions

    An export-import businessman allegedly distributed Rp1.5 trillion to state officials. Customs officers and members of the police are involved.

  • Interview


    Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Chair of Gerindra Party's 2019 Presidential Campaign Team: Prabowo No Longer Has Any Ambition

    SANDIAGA Salahuddin Uno accepted a new duty last February: becoming Chair of the Gerindra Party 2019 Presidential Election Campaign Team. Sandiaga, 48, was personally appointed by Prabowo Subianto, the party's general chair.


  • National

    Foreign Workers Under Scrutiny

    The Ombudsman and the government insist their respective data on illegal foreign workers is accurate. Foreign workers are suspected of exploiting Indonesia's mild visitor visa requirements.

  • Economy

    Freeport's Tailing Mess

    Minister Siti Nurbaya's decision to annul Freeport's waste management shook the divestment process. Things were ironed out only after a meeting of four ministers.

  • Arts

    Hints of Goenawan in Hanafi's Work, and Vice Versa

    Goenawan Mohamad Hints of Goenawan in Hanafi's Work, and Vice Versa

    Two sensibilities seem to have merged in a unique alliance: Hanafi's abstract art and Goenawan Mohamad's biomorphism.

  • Outreach

    Backyard Organic Farming

    Maya Stolastika and Herwita Rosalina are training young communities to take up organic farming. They also invite young farmers to work together.


  • Enlisting the Police in Pulau Laut

    Enlisting the Police in Pulau Laut

    A company owned by Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad, known as Haji Isam, reported locals and a journalist to the police. The police are accused of taking sides.

  • Rizieq Investigation Put To an End

    Rizieq Investigation Put To an End

    THE West Java Police has issued a letter terminating its investigation into Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab's alleged defamation of the national ideology Pancasila and against Indonesia's first President Sukarno.

  • Making Farming Cool For Young Farmers

    Making Farming Cool For Young Farmers

    As an agrarian country, Indonesia is faced with a rather ironic predicament: more and more people have shied away from agriculture, mainly because of the stigma that farmers are a poverty-ridden segment.

  • Reason


    Is it true that the mind is better than might? Javanese sayings often say so: akal' is better than 'okol', reason is better than brute force.

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