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Edition 29 January 2019

  • From Prison to Prison
    Cover Story

    From Prison to Prison

    Under the spotlight, the government withdraws its intention to release Abu Bakar Ba’asyir. The plan to release the terrorism convict is believed could hurt Jokowi’s electability. The planned release was Yusril Ihza Mahendra’s maneuver.

  • An Ulama of Both Worlds
    Cover Story

    An Ulama of Both Worlds

    Jokowi and Prabowo embrace religious figures to win Muslim voters. Supporters of the 212 movement are divided.

  • Politicians, Ulemas, Voters
    Cover Story

    Politicians, Ulemas, Voters

    RELIGIOUS leaders are given crucial roles in the 2019 presidential election.

  • The President Can Be Contested and Lose
    Cover Story

    The President Can Be Contested and Lose

    Adviser to the Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin Campaign Team, Yusril Ihza Mahendra:

  • Freeport’s Waste Disaster

    Freeport’s Waste Disaster

    FREEPORT-McMoRan is no longer the majority shareholder of Freeport Indonesia. Since December 2018. the Indonesian government has control over 51.2 percent of the company’s shares. Freeport-McMoran got Rp55.8 trillion for the divestment and left behind a pile of wastes that injures the Papua sea, rivers, and sago fields. The damage is estimated at Rp185 trillion. The remaining gold processing tailing had destroyed locals’ livelihood—isolating four districts. This report is based on a a five-month investigation by Tempo and Tabloid Jubi Papua.

  • Subsisting on Fouled Fish

    Subsisting on Fouled Fish

    Four districts in Mimika, Papua, become isolated as a result of the Ajkwa River being polluted with waste from Freeport. They can no longer plant their fields.

  • The High Cost of Waste

    The High Cost of Waste

    THE Rp55.8 trillion price tag for 51.2 percent of Freeport Indonesia stock purchased by the Indonesian government is nothing compared to the environmental damage which has resulted from gold mining tailings which have polluted rivers, damaged sago fi elds, and isolated the local Papuans.

  • We Predicted  the Tailings Impact

    We Predicted the Tailings Impact

    Riza Pratama. Freeport Indonesia Spokesman:

  • Divestment Does Not Erase Environment Issues

    Divestment Does Not Erase Environment Issues

    Ilyas Asaad. Inspector-General of the Environment and Forestry Ministry:

  • Rotation at the Police Headquarters

    Rotation at the Police Headquarters

    Dissonance seems to haunt the process around the officers’ rotation at the National Police Headquarters. The Presidential Palace rejected Idham Azis’ candidacy as the National Police’s deputy chief before he finally received his third star.

  • Economy


    Charged by China’s Batteries

    Global players are flocking to Indonesia for nickel and cobalt. Aneka Tambang’s chance to form a joint-venture in nickel downstream returns. Opportunity knocks for Indonesia to join the global market for electric car batteries.


  • Economy

    Waiting for Incentives

    Waiting for Incentives

    The government is planning incentives to allow electric vehicles to be available to Indonesians at affordable prices. Electric car production is targeted to reach 400,000 units in 2025.

  • Market Pulse

    A Lifeline Near  the Deadline

    A Lifeline Near the Deadline

    There is an aura of anxiety surrounding the global financial market.

  • Law

    The Thick Book of Meikarta

    The Thick Book of Meikarta

    Bribe money for Meikarta project was allegedly distributed to provincial legislators and officials through numerous intermediaries and code words.

  • Photo

    Picture Window

    Plastic Plague

    Plastic wastes inhibit fisherman boats in Padang Beach, West Sumatra, Tuesday, January 22. Data from the Indonesian Plastic Industry Association (INAPLAS) and Central Statistics Agency (BPS) stated that there are 64 million tons of plastic waste in Indonesia every year, which 3.2 tons of them are discarded in the sea. ANTARA/Iggoy El Fitra


  • Empowered Domestic Workers

    Empowered Domestic Workers

    Lita Anggraini and her colleagues mobilized thousands of domestic workers to unionize. They also allowed domestic worker issues to be recognized as a national issue.

  • Word Watch Wanted

    Word Watch Wanted

    For many years my friends and I have enjoyed reading Jennifer Lindsay’s Word Watch column in Tempo magazine.

  • *Fff...freee


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Unnecessary Blunder

    Unnecessary Blunder

    President Joko Widodo staked his own reputation with the planned release of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir.

  • A Tale of Losses and Waste

    A Tale of Losses and Waste

    Losses to the environment from the Freeport waste amounts to Rp185 trillion. The government must not wash its hands off the problem.

  • The X-Factor

    The X-Factor

    Promotion and mutation system of the national police force is mostly fraught with favoritism. It needs a total overhaul.

  • Cleaning up Meikarta

    Cleaning up Meikarta

    The company’s involvement in the Meikarta project must be exposed. All sources of illicit income for public officials and politicians must be severed.

  • Sidelines

    What is the commotion in politics, deafening us and stimulating us, making us believe and disbelieve? Words.

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