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Edition 03 December 2019

  • No Sanction for Army Doctor
    Cover Story

    No Sanction for Army Doctor

    President Joko Widodo appointed Terawan Agus Putranto as health minister although a decision was once made to suspend his medical license as an ethical sanction. Terawan is believed to have violated a number of points in the Indonesian Medical Code of Ethics in connection with the practice of intra-arterial heparin flushing, known as ‘brain wash’. A team formed by the health ministry recommended for the practice to be put to an end. But the ‘brain wash’ procedure has continued until today. Terawan’s ethical sanctions, such as the suspensions of his Indonesian Doctors Association membership and medical license, were never implemented. Tempo and Tirto.id collaborated to study irregularities in Terawan’s method and dissertation.

  • Human Trials Missing
    Cover Story

    Human Trials Missing

    Terawan Agus Putranto’s dissertation is suspected to contain numerous irregularities, including manipulated references. There is belief that his method does not meet the clinical criteria for stroke treatment.

  • An Early Wither
    Cover Story

    An Early Wither

    Terawan Agus Putranto’s ‘brain wash’ method is not always successful. There is the placebo effect to consider.

  • Profiting from Word-of-Mouth
    Cover Story

    Profiting from Word-of-Mouth

    The ‘brain wash’ therapy developed by Terawan attracts foreign patients. The procedure makes up RSPAD’s largest income.

  • Appointment Instead of Sanctioning
  • Criticism against 11 Ministers’ Rule

    Criticism against 11 Ministers’ Rule

    THE government issued a joint decree by 11 ministers on addressing the issue of radicalism among state civil apparatus (ASN).

  • If it’s not safe, I would have been sued already

    If it’s not safe, I would have been sued already

    Terawan Agus Putranto, Health Minister:

  • Broken Wings

    Broken Wings

    Sriwijaya Air’s service becomes increasingly limited as it withdraws from partnership with Garuda Group. Various efforts to save its operations are being explored together with foreign airlines.

  • State’s Petrochemical Refinery

    State’s Petrochemical Refinery

    Pertamina has officially taken control of Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama’s parent company. The cabinet was swift in carrying out the President’s orders.

  • TPPI’s Integration Mission

    TPPI’s Integration Mission

    Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama’s (TPPI) aromatic refinery in Tuban, East Java, will be resuscitated. Pertamina plans to rebuild it into an integrated petrochemicals factory after controlling the majority shares of TPPI’s parent company Tuban Petrochemical Industries (TPI).

  • Law


    There Was No Discussion on the Meikarta Permit Bribe

    Supriyadi, Legal Counsel to Former Lippo Cikarang CEO Bartholomeus Toto


  • Law

    Licensing Bribe’s Trail

    Licensing Bribe’s Trail

    The KPK detained former Lippo Cikarang CEO, Bartholomeus Toto, who is suspected to be the man behind the bribery in the Meikarta project. It is suspected a higher Lippo Group official is involved in the case.

  • Literature

    An Honor for an Old Javanese Literature Expert

    An Honor for an Old Javanese Literature Expert

    The National Library and the Archipelagic Manuscripts Society invited Stuart Owen Robson to Malang. He and Peter Josephus Zoetmulder compiled the monumental work of the Old Javanese to English dictionary.

  • Outreach

    Building Human Rights Friendly Regions

    Building Human Rights Friendly Regions

    A number of regional administrations are striving hard to make human rights the basis of their policies. They shared the ups and downs of their experiences at the 2019 Human Rights Festival, November 19-21.

  • Obituari

    Ciputra’s Love Affair with the Arts

    Ciputra’s love affair with the fine arts was undying. He was a master in creating beautiful housing estates.



    Stick Figure

    A YOUNG visitor admiring an installation art made from bamboo sticks and used items at the Kenali Sejarah Raihlah Mimpimu (Kejar) campaign in Terowongan Kendal, Jakarta, Sunday, November 24. The Kejar campaign exhibits works made by Nus Salomo and disabled children and children with cancer to commemorate National Health Day and Heroes’ Day. ANTARA/Hafidz Mubarak A


  • The Labuan Bajo Authority Board Controversy

    The Labuan Bajo Authority Board Controversy

    THE presence of the Tourism Authority Board of Labuan Bajo Flores (BOP-LBF) within the framework of accelerating tourism development in the region has triggered controversy.

  • Psst...are you a radical?

    Psst...are you a radical?

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • A Ministerial Therapy

    A Ministerial Therapy

    Despite being just appointed minister of health, Lieut. Gen. (ret) Dr. dr. Terawan Agus Putranto should not be let off the hook from being sanctioned for violation of ethics, as ordained by the Indonesian Honorary Board for Medical Ethics. The professional opinion of medical experts should not be shunted aside using power tactics.

  • Avoiding Hypocrisy

    Avoiding Hypocrisy

    The government issued a joint decision letter to anticipate radicalism among civil servants. Possibility of a backfire is rampant.

  • Who Gave the Order

    Who Gave the Order

    The KPK should investigate those who gave orders for the bribe to be paid to a number of Bekasi Regency officials. A permit system without corruption is needed.

  • Shaking up the Petrochemicals

    Shaking up the Petrochemicals

    Pertamina finally took over ownership of Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indotama. The corruption by the previous owner is a debt that must be repaid.

  • Sidelines

    No one asks why Malin Kundang went home.

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