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Edition 09 December 2019

  • Hope amid  the Drought
    Cover Story

    Hope amid the Drought

    No economist can precisely predict the economic cycle, but armed with data, awareness of trends and geopolitics, it is at least possible to estimate how the global economy will fare. Unfortunately, predictions for 2020 seem bleak. The threat of recession causes worldwide suspense. A slow economy will hit all countries hard, including Indonesia. But during these difficult times, seven sectors provide hope for the country’s economy.

  • The Specter of Recession
    Cover Story

    The Specter of Recession

    The Specter of Recession

  • Domestic Furniture Showing its Goods
    Cover Story

    Domestic Furniture Showing its Goods

    The domestic furniture industry is growing, both domestically and in exports. The gaps in the domestic market is an opportunity for local players. Design innovation and environmental standards need to be tightened in order to improve competitiveness.

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    Big garment and textile players are raking in big profits from exports. Mid-sized enterprises, meanwhile, are still sticking to their old equipment.

  • The Shoemaker’s Dream
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    The Shoemaker’s Dream

    The footwear industry is one of Indonesia’s mainstays in the global trade. Indonesia has an opportunity to increase exports to the United States due to its trade war with China. But Vietnam is still ahead as it expands to the European Union market.

  • The Revival
    Cover Story

    The Revival

    Intervention from the government and central bank has revived the property industry. The rise of this sector is expected to encourage other businesses to support economic growth in 2020.

  • Competing for  High-Speed Profit
    Cover Story

    Competing for High-Speed Profit

    The lucrative Internet data business is causing telecommunication companies to compete to provide fast connection.

  • High Hopes for Nickel
    Cover Story

    High Hopes for Nickel

    A deficit in world nickel suppy has become an opportunity for the industry processing that mining product to grow in the coming period. Its potential has risen with the surge of batteries for electric vehicles.

  • Ten Balis for Tourism
    Cover Story

    Ten Balis for Tourism

    The government aims to boost development in the tourism sector. But domestic flight prices and the US-China trade war pose challenges.

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  • National


    Delegations Before the Succession

    The Presidential Palace is being accused of intervening in the selection of the Golkar Party’s General Chairman. A former adjutant to President Jokowi was present during negotiations between the two competing camps.


  • National

    A Reconciliation Was Done at the National Congress

    A Reconciliation Was Done at the National Congress

    Golkar Party General Chairman, Airlangga Hartarto:

  • News Capsule

    Lagging Indonesian Education

    Lagging Indonesian Education

    The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), based in Paris, has published survey results on the competencies of Indonesian schoolkids in science, reading and mathematics. Indonesia’s score is 396 for competence in science, 371 for reading, and 379 for mathematics.

  • Economy

    Revision Complications

    Revision Complications

    Discussion on the revision to Coal and Mineral Mining Law is back on track. It still contains a planned elimination of a provision regulating coal mining company work area reduction.

  • Market Pulse

    Anticipating the Debt Bubble Burst

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)



    Picture Window

    Solid Gold

    Indonesian weightlifting athlete Windy Cantika Aisah in action in the women’s 49 kilogram category at the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, in RSMC Ninoy Aquino Stadium , Manila, the Philippines, Monday, December 2. Windy won the gold medal with a total lift of 190 kilograms. ANTARA/Nyoman Budhiana


  • Flying with Harley

    Flying with Harley

    Garuda Indonesia CEO I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra is suspected of smuggling a Harley-Davidson motorcycle using the airline’s latest aircraft. There was a plot to shut the case down.

  • This is Smuggling

    This is Smuggling

    Finari Manan, chief of Customs at Soekarno-Hatta Airport:

  • Indonesia Does Not Have A Tourism Masterplan Yet

    Indonesia Does Not Have A Tourism Masterplan Yet

    Wishnutama Kusubandio, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy:

  • Regional Taxes and Levies

    Regional Taxes and Levies

    LAW No. 28/2009 article 45 paragraph 2 has multiple interpretations and is discriminatory.

  • Congratulations


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Jokowi’s Outdated Recipe

    Jokowi’s Outdated Recipe

    The economic political strategy of President Joko Widodo is now truly being tested.

  • Old Habits Die Hard

    Old Habits Die Hard

    Lobbying by Golkar Party’s elite resulted in intervention by those in power. Their opportunistic habits from the past have preserved an oligarchy and political cartels.

  • Flying High with Harley

    Flying High with Harley

    The CEO of Garuda Indonesia has been sacked for smuggling in a Harley-Davidson. The crime needs to dealt with thoroughly.

  • Failing Teachers in Our Schools

    Failing Teachers in Our Schools

    For almost two decades, Indonesian students have been ranked low in the international index of student ability. The government needs to focus on improving the quality of teachers.

  • Sidelines

    Identity: a fiction. A fiction shaped from without. People increasingly forget this.

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