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Edition 28 January 2020

  • The Mysterious “Calamitous” Bill
    Cover Story

    The Mysterious “Calamitous” Bill

    The government is completing the final draft of its job creation bill, as part of the omnibus bill package. Amid criticism of the government’s non-transparent drafting process, several concepts still in the preliminary stages may experience overhauls, with the inclusion of business people in the deliberations.

  • A New Steering Wheel for Businesses
    Cover Story

    A New Steering Wheel for Businesses

    Industry captains are again proposing an old recommendation, to suppress wages and severance pay in the omnibus bill. There is worry the move will cause rising unemployment.

  • The One-Hundred-Day Target
    Cover Story

    The One-Hundred-Day Target

    The government is using various methods to curb rejection of the omnibus draft bill. Social media activists and labor organizations were approached.

  • If Leaked With no Understanding of the Context, There’d be an Uproar
    Cover Story

    If Leaked With no Understanding of the Context, There’d be an Uproar

    Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Secretary Susiwijono

  • Commotion at the Oldest Channel

    Commotion at the Oldest Channel

    A feud between the Board of Supervisors and Board of Directors at TVRI has culminated in the dismissal of Helmy Yahya. Even the Presidential Palace is getting involved to try and settle the matter.

  • Rise & Fall of the Oldest Network

    Rise & Fall of the Oldest Network

    The oldest television station in the country, TVRI hit its prime during Suharto’s New Order period.

  • Yasonna Laoly Reported to Corruption Body

    Yasonna Laoly Reported to Corruption Body

    ANTI corruption activists have reported Justice and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Hamonangan Laoly to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

  • The Bribe That Did Not Make It

    The Bribe That Did Not Make It

    The defendant in the bribery case related to a Muara Enim Public Works and People’s Housing Office project allegedly had put together a “get-to-know-you fund” totaling US$35,000 for Firli Bahuri. The court did not delve into the meeting between Muara Enim Regent (non-active) Ahmad Yani and Firli.

  • Jacobson’s Fateful Snapshots

    Jacobson’s Fateful Snapshots

    Palangka Raya’s immigration office detained Philip Myrer Jacobson, a US journalist from the online environmental publication Mongabay, for three days, accusing him of abusing his visa.

  • Maqdir Ismail, attorney to Muara Enim Regent, Ahmad Yani: The Key is Elfin

    Maqdir Ismail, attorney to Muara Enim Regent, Ahmad Yani: The Key is Elfin

    THE bribery case of Muara Enim Regent, Ahmad Yani, has dragged in the name of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chair, Firli Bahuri, who at the time was Regional Police Chief of South Sumatera.

  • Investigation


    In Between the Shark Fins

    DESPITE their endangered status, sharks listed in CITES Appendix II are still being hunted. Exporters look for ways to export their fins to overseas markets.


  • Outreach

    Water of Eternity in the Sacred Spring

    Water of Eternity in the Sacred Spring

    A sacred bathing site discovered in Jombang Regency, East Java, is believed to have been built during the reign of King Airlangga from Kahuripan Kingdom. Other artifacts predate the Majapahit era.

  • Letters

    Maladministration in Bukittinggi Government

    Maladministration in Bukittinggi Government

    I am assisting my family in Bukittinggi, whose access to their house is blocked by a two-storey building directly in front of the fence.

  • Cartoon

    One, Two, Three

    One, Two, Three

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Interview

    Fajar Merah, Musician: Human Rights Violators Are Cowards

    FAJAR Merah is back with story-telling at the Lokananta music studio in Solo, Central Java. But unlike in his previous album, he is no longer telling stories set to music from the poetry of his father, Wiji Thukul.



    Climbing Halfway to the Stars

    Two health workers from the Tegalmulyo Village Polyclinic used a “cable car” cage to expediate their services to the public residing on the slopes of Mount Merapi in Girpasang hamlet, Tegalmulyo village, Kemalang,Central Java, Friday, January 17,2020. The population of the hamlet number only 36 persons, and theirmeans of access are a dirt path which goes through canyons and cliffs. ANTARA FOTO/Aloysius Jarot Nugroho


  • Wrong Diagnosis for Omnibus Law

    Wrong Diagnosis for Omnibus Law

    The big gamble has finally begun.

  • No More Lies, Yasonna

    No More Lies, Yasonna

    After an investigative report by Tempo, Yasonna Laoly finally acknowledged that Harun Masiku had returned to Indonesia. An apparent conflict of interest.

  • Public Broadcaster’s Fiasco

    Public Broadcaster’s Fiasco

    Dualism of authority has triggered a protracted conflict at TVRI. The public broadcaster must be managed transparently.

  • Stop Arresting Foreign Journalist

    Stop Arresting Foreign Journalist

    The arrest of a foreign journalist has damaged Indonesia’s reputation. It is all under the guise of narrow nationalism.

  • Sidelines

    THE city is an experience that can make you half startled, half stunned.

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