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Edition 31 March 2020

  • Mining Scandal of Trade Minister
    Cover Story

    Mining Scandal of Trade Minister

    Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto has been reported to the police for alleged fraud and embezzlement. The property businessman once partnered with current Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung on the mining and transport of Aneka Tambang’s nickel ore in 2001-2014. The case has exposed an alleged markup of the project’s value with a fantastical profit of up to Rp2.9 trillion. Furthermore, the mining project leaves massive environmental destruction in Tanjung Buli, North Maluku, in its trail.

  • The Half-Billion Dispute
    Cover Story

    The Half-Billion Dispute

    AFTER three months frequenting the National Police Criminal Investigation Division (Bareskrim), Husdi Herman finally received the long-awaited—but not exactly hoped for—notification. On Thursday, March 19, the police issued a warrant for terminating the investigation into the suspected fraud filed against Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto.

  • No Grouper at Tanjung Buli
    Cover Story

    No Grouper at Tanjung Buli

    The sea, soil and air of Tanjung Buli have deteriorated after nickel mining began in the area. Fishers have lost their livelihood.

  • I Was Only an Investor
    Cover Story

    I Was Only an Investor

    Agus Suparmanto through his attorney, Petrus Bala Pattyona:

  • Direct Appointment Due To Business Considerations
  • Spreading Far from Bogor

    Spreading Far from Bogor

    A number of events attended by hundreds of people from several cities became coronavirus breeding grounds. Some are predicted to still remain untraced.

  • Contingencies for City Closures

    Contingencies for City Closures

    Some regions are ready to face quarantines due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The central government does not want to implement a total quarantine.

  • Greeting from Behind the Hazmat

    Greeting from Behind the Hazmat

    The athlete dormitory in Kemayoran is converted into a hospital to treat Covid-19 patients. There have been reports of below-par service, but management claims they are improving.

  • Confusing Stimulus amidst  Double Threats
    Market Pulse

    Confusing Stimulus amidst Double Threats

    INDONESIA'S economy is facing two serious threats from Covid-19.

  • Uneven Progress

    Uneven Progress

    Government’s program to expedite a number of waste-to-energy plant projects are not progressing at the same pace. Only projects in Surabaya are ready to operate.

  • Interview


    Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo, Chairman, Taskforce for Accelerated Covid-19 Pandemic Management: Don’t Entirely Depend on the Central governemnt

    A string of disasters that come one after another hardly gives Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo a breather.


  • Law

    100 Days of lackluster

    100 Days of lackluster

    Case investigation by the KPK declines under the chair of Firli Bahuri. Sting operations cannot be conducted because of convoluted red tape to obtain permits.

  • Letters

    Never Forget the Other Cases

    Never Forget the Other Cases

    The effort to stop Covid-19 transmission by social distancing is apparently not so effective yet due to the problem of discipline in Indonesian society.

  • Cartoon



    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Economy

    Piles of Waste Problems

    The KPK recommended that the government revise its waste power generating projects. They are considered as merely profiting investors and burdening the state budget.



    Earth Hour at Home

    A GROUP of people light candles to commemorate Earth Hour in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Saturday, March 28. Earth Hour, marked by turning off electricity for 60 minutes, is a campaign to raise interest on the condition of earth. In accordance to government’s appeal, this year’s commemoration bears the theme “Earth Hour At Home” to prevent the spread of Covid-19./ANTARA/Makna Zaezar


  • The Minister’s Shadowy Games

    The Minister’s Shadowy Games

    There is increasing evidence to support the suspicions voiced by a number of people that the selection of ministers in the current cabinet was not based on competence and caution. Details of the chaotic way a number of ministers have carried out their duties in the last six months are beginning to emerge.

  • Seeking Leadership Against Coronavirus

    Seeking Leadership Against Coronavirus

    It is no longer a matter of deciding whether or not to quarantine the country. Indonesia needs strong leadership to avoid a multi-dimensional crisis

  • Farewell, Anti-corruption Commission

    Farewell, Anti-corruption Commission

    Three months of Firli Bahuri’s chairmanship has ended hopes for the Corruption Eradication Commission. A betrayal of the reformasi mandate.

  • Expensive Energy Option

    Expensive Energy Option

    The construction of waste-to-energy power plants in 12 cities has the potential to cause losses for the government and PLN. There are other more profitable business models.

  • Sidelines

    Life is the story of decisions. Even when we decide not to decide.

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