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Edition 26 May 2020

  • The Peaceful Path of Old Preachers
    Cover Story

    The Peaceful Path of Old Preachers

    EIGHT ulemas from various parts of the archipelago spread Islam to different corners of what is today known as Indonesia. Faced with many challenges, such as stormy seas and isolation in their new homes, they worked to preach the religion, embracing communities that did not share their faith with their knowledge and wisdom. Like the wali (saints) before them, these ulemas promoted a peaceful and compassionate Islam.

  • A Healer in the Red District
    Cover Story

    A Healer in the Red District

    Abd al-Rauf al-Sinkili frequently put an end to feuds between Muslims in Aceh. He developed the Syattariyah school of thought in the archipelago.

  • The First Prayer Hall in Ulakan
    Cover Story

    The First Prayer Hall in Ulakan

    Sheikh Burhanuddin Ulakan spread Islam by establishing a surau. The first instance of a pesantren education methodology.

  • Falak’s  Tracks
    Cover Story

    Falak’s Tracks

    Muhammad Falak bin Abbas was instructor to many important Muslim people of stature in this country. He took part in the Dutch resistance, and was prominent in politics.

  • A ‘Pope’ from Giri
    Cover Story

    A ‘Pope’ from Giri

    Before becoming king, Sunan Prapen propagated the Islamic faith to Lombok. He used shadow puppet plays to convey Islamic teachings.

  • The Rebel from Pamijahan
    Cover Story

    The Rebel from Pamijahan

    Sheikh Abdul Muhyi used the Wali Sanga’s approach in spreading Islam in West Java. He managed to evade the Dutch.

  • A Woman Wali
    Cover Story

    A Woman Wali

    A waliyah (a female wali or early preacher of Islam in Indonesia) can be found in the history of the spread of Islam on the Island of Bawean. Zainab, as was her name, continued the religious propagation duties of her husband, who had died while sailing from Java.

  • Religious Outreach to Africa
    Cover Story

    Religious Outreach to Africa

    Having travelled to the Middle East for more than 20 years, Sheikh Yusuf spread the message of Islam in Banten and other countries. The location of his tomb is still subject to debate.

  • Duel at Tower Seven

    Duel at Tower Seven

    After over 50 days operating as an emergency hospital for Covid-19 patients, the Athlete’s Dormitory have treated nearly 2,000 people. Some lied to the doctors.

  • Pursuing Normality before the Peak

    Pursuing Normality before the Peak

    The government plans to ease social restrictions. But some regional heads tightened their population movements instead.

  • Interview


    Nadirsyah Hosen, Young Intellectual, Nahdlatul Ulama:  Don’t Use Clerics As Mere ‘Fire Fighters’

    Nadirsyah Hosen observes that the Indonesian public has been split into two major groups as the country grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Economy

    Law Destroyed  in the House

    Law Destroyed in the House

    Ratification of the revised Mineral and Coal Mining Law draws criticism, with many accusing it of only benefitting mining corporations. A leaked letter from the Energy Commission points out that the deliberations should not continue.

  • Letters

    Kimia Farma’s Right to Respond

    Kimia Farma’s Right to Respond

    With reference to the May 12-18, 2020 edition of the Tempo magazine’s cover story titled The Biozek Controversy, which was published on May 12, 2020.

  • Law

    Judges’ Age limitations

    The DPR proposes to amend articles concerning the age limit and term of office of judges in the Constitutional Court Law. Such insubstantial proposal gives rise to the suspicion of an exchange of interests.



    Right On Track

    Workers are fixing the crossties of the railroad tracks in Pawindan village, Ciamis Regency, West Java, Thursday, May 14. Kereta Api Indonesia’s Operational Region 2 of Bandung area is conducting maintenance works on railroads to ensure safe train transportation./ANTARA/Adeng Bustomi




    *It’s time to make peace, please forgive all my wrongdoings **Me too hihihi.../TEMPO/Yuyun Nurrahman

  • Inclusive Islam, Centuries Ago

    Inclusive Islam, Centuries Ago

    THE history of the entry of Islam to Indonesia is a history of tolerance, acculturation and inclusivity.

  • Conditions for a New Normal

    Conditions for a New Normal

    The preparations for a new normal are unavoidable. There would be a huge risk if the Covid-19 pandemic were not handled properly.

  • Pointless Revisions

    Pointless Revisions

    Senayan has approved the proposal to revise the Constitutional Court Law. There is no urgent need to do so.

  • Unfair Mining Law

    Unfair Mining Law

    The Mineral and Coal Mining Law favors corporations and sidelines the people. It should be the subject of an examination by the Constitutional Court.

  • Sidelines

    FOR centuries, pestilence has meant uncertainty. Today too.

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