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Edition 09 June 2020

  • BPJS Leaking Money
    Cover Story

    BPJS Leaking Money

    The government is raising informal workers’ Health Care and Social Security Agency (BPKS Kesehatan) premiums by almost 100 percent to cover the astonishing BPJS deficit of Rp15.5 trillion last year. Besides the increased premiums amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which have made it difficult for many customers to keep paying them, there seems to be holes in the national health insurance’s services—from disordered patient data, fraud by hospitals, to doctors opting for the most expensive procedures due to the lack of guidelines for patient care. If these blunders are fixed, the BPJS stands to save Rp47.59 trillion annually of the around Rp100 trillion claims payment.

  • Monitors With No Authority
    Cover Story

    Monitors With No Authority

    TONO Rustiano can fluently explain the holes in the National Health Insurance system, which has caused the Health Care and Social Security Agency (BPJS) to be operating at a deficit year after year.

  • Corruption in Capitation Funds
    Cover Story

    Corruption in Capitation Funds

    AFTER 30 days of detention at the district prosecutor general’s office of Kepanjen Malang, East Java, Abdurachman’s investigation file was submitted to the Surabaya Corruption Court at the end of May.

  • Cito and Commission Fees
    Cover Story

    Cito and Commission Fees

    Hospitals and clinics are scheming in order to obtain large BPJS claims in treating their patients and distributing drugs. The state loses Rp10 trillion annually.

  • THE PNPK IS Still Not Completed
    Cover Story

    THE PNPK IS Still Not Completed

    Minister of Health 2014-2019, Nila F. Moeloek:

  • Leaving the Barracks to Fight Terrorism

    Leaving the Barracks to Fight Terrorism

    The military is lobbying for support of a draft of a presidential regulation on military involvement in overcoming terrorism. Some circles are opposed this idea, seeing it as overstepping the military’s authority. The government is evaluating the draft.

  • Death in the Kawende Mountains

    Death in the Kawende Mountains

    Three Poso residents died at the hands of a Tinombala security task force. Most likely a case of mistaken identity.

  • Cheap Loans for Survival

    Cheap Loans for Survival

    The governmentis providing bailout amounting to Rp19.65 trillion to SOEs impacted by Covid-19. Some are considered futile.

  • Sharing the Burden

    Sharing the Burden

    The Finance Ministry and Bank Indonesia are formulating further agreements to finance the economic recovery. The budget is suffering under massive pressure.

  • The Unlucky 13th Hideout

    The Unlucky 13th Hideout

    Former Supreme Court secretary Nurhadi Abdurrachman, who had been a fugitive since last February, was finally tracked down through his wife. He moved around to 13 locations and is suspected of having been guarded by police personnel.

  • Interview


    Muhammad Syarifuddin, Chief Justice, Supreme Court: Judges Face Temptations Everyday

    JUST like government institutions’ heads in other countries, Supreme Court’s Chief Justice Muhammad Syarifuddin does not know what it is like to work from home even as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on. He still goes to work and has familiarized himself with video conferencing from a designated cubicle at the corner of his office.


  • National

    Government Guilty of Internet BAN

    Government Guilty of Internet BAN

    THE Jakarta Administrative Court ruled that it was unlawful for the government to shut down access to the Internet in Papua and West Papua during a period of unrest last year.

  • Asean & Beyond

    Thorn in the Flesh

    Thorn in the Flesh

    Mahathir is challenging his dismissal from the Bersatu Party in an attempt to regain control of the government.

  • Cover Story

    There Is Fraud, But Less Than One Percent

    Chief Executive Officer of Health Care and Social Security Agency, Fachmi Idris:



    Back To Mosque

    Muslims conduct the Friday prayer at the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque, Jakarta, June 5. A number of mosques in Jakarta have been reopened with congregations adopting health protocols to anticipate the spread of Covid-19./TEMPO/Muhammad Hidayat


  • #BlackLivesMatter and the New Order

    #BlackLivesMatter and the New Order

    The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is very actively enlivening the social media these days, accompany information around the new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Freedom of Express...

    Freedom of Express...

    Cartooon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Reform Needed at the BPJS kesehatan

    Reform Needed at the BPJS kesehatan

    The move by President Joko Widodo to increase Health Care and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) premiums at the beginning of May is mistaken.

  • Keep the Soldier Away

    Keep the Soldier Away

    Seemingly at odds with the existing laws, the government regulation on the involvement of the military in dealing with terrorism has sparked criticism. Terrorism should be a criminal offense, not a political, yet alone an ideological, crime.

  • Don’t Stop with Nurhadi

    Don’t Stop with Nurhadi

    Public need the KPK to uncover the justice mafia. The commission has to arrest fugitives with political protection.

  • Arbitrary Bailout Funds

    Arbitrary Bailout Funds

    Five state-owned companies are to receive Rp19.65 trillion in bailout funds to restore their performance during this pandemic. Not all of them deserve it.

  • Sidelines

    “Official secrets are as shy as young girls.”—Kafka, in his novel The Castle

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