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Edition 23 June 2020

  • Bosowa-Kalla’s Last chance
    Cover Story

    Bosowa-Kalla’s Last chance

    Bosowa Corporation is attempting to maintain control over Bank Bukopin, which is one step away from being handed over to Kookmin Bank. Due to Bank Bukopin’s worsening liquidity, it has become increasingly urgent to inject more capital into the bank. Bukopin’s chronic illness came to the surface due to loan issues with companies affiliated with the Kalla group and Bosowa.

  • Bukopin’s Predicament
    Cover Story

    Bukopin’s Predicament

    Bukopin’s liquidity shortage accompanies the commotion around the plan to inject the bank with more capital. The financial system’s stability may be under threat.

  • Don’t Say We Threw the Towel in the Ring
    Cover Story

    Don’t Say We Threw the Towel in the Ring

    Bosowa Corporindo President Commissioner Erwin Aksa

  • Not Ready for Risk-Taking
    Cover Story

    Not Ready for Risk-Taking

    The government will soon determine participating banks for channeling funds to support banking liquidity. But the plan may be an ineffective and ineffecient way to restore the economy.

  • An Ideological Battle

    An Ideological Battle

    The PDI-P lobbied hard to get the Pancasila Ideology Guidelines Bill passed. The DPR changed direction after the public reject it.

  • Reopening at Abah ’s Behest

    Reopening at Abah ’s Behest

    Plans to reopen schools and pesantren garnered criticism. Accuracy of zoning databases is shrouded in doubt.

  • Preemployment Cards Problems

    Preemployment Cards Problems

    THE Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) have found issues in the Pre-employment Cards program.

  • 20 Years of Evil

    20 Years of Evil

    For 20 years, the altar boys of St. Herkulanus Parish in Depok were sexually abused. There have been efforts to cover up the crime.

  • Parish Priest of St. Herkulanus, Yosep Sirilus Natet:  There has to be justice for the victims

    Parish Priest of St. Herkulanus, Yosep Sirilus Natet: There has to be justice for the victims

    In early February, not long after taking the role of head priest at St. Herkulanus Parish in Depok, West Java, Yosep Sirilus Natet was faced with a case of sexual violence against altar boys. At first, there were two victims.

  • Precious Personal Experience

    Precious Personal Experience

    Susanti is a member of the Indonesian diaspora involved in the Covid-19 Research and Innovation Consortium. She is also a researcher on colorectal cancer of which she herself was once a patient.

  • Interview


    Rev. Benny Giay, Chairman of Synod of Indonesian Gospel Tabernacle Church in Papua:  Do We Have to Change the Color of Our Skin?

    Chairman of the Synod of Indonesian Gospel Tabernacle Church (Kingmi) Church in Papua, Rev. Benny Giay regretted the conviction of seven Papuan political prisoners who were tried for treason.


  • Environment

    The Last Home of Mentawai’s Primates

    The Last Home of Mentawai’s Primates

    Four species of primates endemic to Mentawai Islands are now endangered. Most of their populations are found just outside of Siberut National Park, in what is designated as production forest area. This report is supported by the Rainforest Journalism Fund under partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

  • Letters

    Tin Zuraida’s Right of Reply

    Tin Zuraida’s Right of Reply

    TEMPO magazine of the June 9-15, 2020 edition published an article, The Unlucky 13th Hideout.

  • Cartoon


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman



    Corona Footprints

    A WOMAN wearing a protective face mask stands in an escalator with marks for social distancing during reopening at Pondok Indah Mall as the government eases restrictions amid the Covid-19 outbreak in Jakarta, June 15./REUTERS/Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana


  • No More Banking Crisis, Please

    No More Banking Crisis, Please

    THE drying up of Bank Bukopin’s liquidity should be addressed through an economic approach, not politics.

  • Don’t Turn the Clock

    Don’t Turn the Clock

    As well as not being urgent, the Pancasila Ideology Guidelines Bill could give rise to a single interpretation of Pancasila. The deliberations of this bill should be ended.

  • A Strange Scheme

    A Strange Scheme

    The government must be very careful in paying in bank liquidity assistance. The 1998 Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance problems must not happen again.

  • Cleaning the Church

    Cleaning the Church

    Churches must be active in protecting children. They must not remain silent if there is information about rapes or other sexual crimes.

  • Sidelines

    Blood on the leaves And blood at the root Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees —Strange Fruit, sung by Billie Holiday, 1939

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