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Edition 29 June 2020

  • Ghost Protocol Against Activists
    Cover Story

    Ghost Protocol Against Activists

    Cyberattacks were launched against activists critical of government policies. Cyberterrorists are hacking WhatsApp and social media accounts, not to mention stealing and circulating personal data. It is likely that the hackers hijacked messages containing one-time-passwords sent by WhatsApp. Tempo investigates into these acts of cyberterrorism.

  • Intelligence’s Flying Horse
    Cover Story

    Intelligence’s Flying Horse

    The intelligence agency has numerous sophisticated surveillance tools at their disposal, including one made by an Israeli company. There is concern that these tools may be misused.

  • Fictitious Orders For Activists
    Cover Story

    Fictitious Orders For Activists

    Perpetrators of cyberterrorism against activists are exploiting weaknesses in online motorcycle taxi apps. These apps failed to detect repeated fake orders.

  • Police’s Odd Requests
    Cover Story

    Police’s Odd Requests

    The police rejected reports of hacking and cyberterrorism from Lampung University activists. Other cases of terrorism are at a standstill.

  • Pancasila


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Relying on the Stock Exchange

    Relying on the Stock Exchange

    The reorganization of Pertamina is being accompanied by a plan to make IPOs. There are other intentions at play aside from the transparency and accountability of state-owned companies.

  • New Face for an Old Plan

    New Face for an Old Plan

    State-owned enterprises ministry reorganized the business structure of Pertamina. It was designed long in advance, after noticing the excessive bureaucracy was slowing the company down.

  • Up in the Air for RRI

    Up in the Air for RRI

    Construction of the Indonesian International Islamic University on land formerly owned by RRI has a number of issues. Several of RRI assets have disappeared. Neither has it obtained a subsitute location. The land transfer occurred after the intervention of then Vice President, Muhammad Jusuf Kalla.

  • Privilege for Jokowi’s Legacy

    Privilege for Jokowi’s Legacy

    The 2020 planned opening of the Indonesian International Islamic University is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ever since construction started last year, the Rp3.9 billion project has not yet been finished.

  • Dangerous Digital Attack

    Dangerous Digital Attack

    HACKING mobile phones, social media accounts and access to other digital services now is apparently the new way to restrict freedom of opinion during the second term of President Joko Widodo.

  • Law


    RRI Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Rohanudin: A Minister Scolded Us

    Mohammad Rohanudin, CEO of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), had fought to keep a 142.5- hectares land that was going to be taken away to be used as the location for the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII).


  • Law

    Muhammad Jusuf Kalla: There is no state loss

    Muhammad Jusuf Kalla: There is no state loss

    Although he is no longer chairman of the steering committee of the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII), Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, still watches over the project intensely.

  • Law

    Oil Palm Grabbing in Kobi Land

    Oil Palm Grabbing in Kobi Land

    Speculators overtook thousands of hectares of customary land in Central Maluku Regency for over a decade now. They are in the center of a conflict between customary tribes and oil palm entreprises.

  • Opinion

    Wrecked Assets in Ambitious Project

    The development of the Indonesian International Islamic University has resulted in the loss and destruction of Radio Republik Indonesia assets. This is an ambitious project forced through by President Jokowi.



    Picture Window

    Rescue Operation

    Rescue operation local residents forcibly evacuate Rohingya refugees from a boat at the Lancok coast, North Aceh, Aceh, Thursday, June 25. The residents evacuate 94 refugees without the permit from related offices due to the harmful condition of the refugees on a boat. Women and children on board were found in dire conditions of dehydration and starvation. 


  • Shrinking Civic Space in Asia

    Shrinking Civic Space in Asia

    Authoritarian regimes in the region are using cyber laws to silence critics. People need to unite and fight back.

  • Making Pertamina More Agile

    Making Pertamina More Agile

    The plan by Pertamina to turn its company subholdings into limited companies is a good omen for the establishment of good corporate governance. With a portion of the shares held by the public, the management of these subsidiaries will be more transparent and professional.

  • Rappler CEO Maria Ressa: Journalists Can’t Work,  If They Are Afraid

    Rappler CEO Maria Ressa: Journalists Can’t Work, If They Are Afraid

    Since Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte came to power four years ago, Maria Ressa’s life has never been the same. Harassment and persecution—from cyber attacks to arrest warrants—keep coming in turn.

  • Sexual Abuse at Depok Church

    Sexual Abuse at Depok Church

    I have followed the coverage of Tempo about the case of sexual abuse occurring at Herkulanus Parish in Depok, West Java. I feel grateful and salute the courage of Tempo to publish this fairly sensitive article.

  • Sidelines

    A pope and a cardinal meet in the gardens of Castel Gandolfo. It is April 2011, a hot day, even at the papal summer residence outside Rome.

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