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Edition 07 September 2020

  • A Tragic End of Poor Procurement
    Cover Story

    A Tragic End of Poor Procurement

    The procurement process for protective equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be riddled with issues. The health ministry’s chief of health crisis center, as the commitment-making official, appointed a company with no experience in manufacturing personal protective equipment or PPE. The move resulted in the scarcity of protective equipment, which may have caused health workers to be infected with Covid-19. This report was made possible through the collaboration between Tempo, Tempo Institute, and Free Press Unlimited.

  • Project Awarded to Newcomer
    Cover Story

    Project Awarded to Newcomer

    ON September 3, Johan Agung’s office could not be found along Jalan Sam Ratulangi V, Oesapa Barat administrative village, in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Locals Tempo met did not know the whereabouts of the company that won a project at the Kupang Health Polytechnic run by the health ministry.

  • The Responsibilty Is Mine
    Cover Story

    The Responsibilty Is Mine

    Chief of the Health Crisis Center at the Health Ministry Budi Sylvana:

  • Health Workers Risking Their Lives
    Cover Story

    Health Workers Risking Their Lives

    Over 100 doctors died from Covid-19. Meanwhile, the number of patients arriving at hospitals in poor conditions continue to rise.

  • Not Enough Contact Tracing
    Cover Story

    Not Enough Contact Tracing

    The whereabouts of thousands of Covid-19-positive patients are unknown. Contract tracing and isolation ratio is still low.

  • Safer in the Virus’ Home Turf
    Cover Story

    Safer in the Virus’ Home Turf

    A total 59 countries closed their doors to Indonesian citizens. The government is doing hectic lobbying in the interests of business.

  • A Middle Way for Green Energy

    A Middle Way for Green Energy

    A new price regulation for electricity from new and renewable energy sources will be issued coming soon. Full of incentives to pursue the 2025 target.

  • Two Drafts, One Head

    Two Drafts, One Head

    Parliament is coming out with plan to discuss revising law on the Bank Indonesia, which many fear will erode the central bank’s independence. It seems to be heavily favoring the government.

  • New Ambitions for Dieng-Patuha

    New Ambitions for Dieng-Patuha

    Geo Dipa is getting ready to continue developing power plants in Dieng and Patuha, after more than two decades of stagnation due to disputes and lack of funding.

  • Songbirds in Boxes

    Songbirds in Boxes

    It is estimated that about a million songbirds from Sumatra, including some protected species, have been smuggled off the island over the past year. The lucrative nature of this business threatens the populations of a number of bird species as well as the balance of the ecosystem. It is suspected that this smuggling involves authorities from a number of institutions. Tempo made this report in cooperation with Internews’ Earth Journalism Network.

  • Law


    I Pay officers

    Songbird Smuggler, Diah Bayu


  • Law

    A Bird Catcher’s Hard Life

    A Bird Catcher’s Hard Life

    Bird catchers are using rat glue and birdsong recording to get their prey. They often encounter dangerous animals during their hunt.

  • Environment

    Bamboo-Powered Plants gone Offline

    Bamboo-Powered Plants gone Offline

    Biomass gas power plants in three villages in Mentawai stopped operating in less than a year after being officially opened. Their engines often broke down and residents were reluctant to supply bamboo as fuel because of how little they were paid. This report was done with the support of the Rainforest Journalism Fund in cooperation with the Pulitzer Center.

  • Cartoon

    Constitutional Court Law Revision

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman



    Washed Ashore

    Children climb on top of a dead whale shark (Rhincodon typus) at the Paseban Beach, Jember, East Java, Sunday, August 30. The nine-meter long whale shark was found stranded on the beach, a second case in the last two months in Jember Regency./ANTARA/Seno


  • Dangerous Pandemic Policies

    Dangerous Pandemic Policies

    THE government’s poor handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has played a significant role in the high number of deaths of healthcare workers in Indonesia.

  • Siti’s way of Protecting Birds

    Siti’s way of Protecting Birds

    The hunting of rare birds is on the increase. Removing them from the list of protected species is a crime against the planet.

  • Don’t Mess with the Central Bank

    Don’t Mess with the Central Bank

    The plan by the government and the House of Representatives to reduce the independence of Bank Indonesia is very dangerous. It would damage the markets and is against the Constitution.

  • A New Hope for Clean Energy

    A New Hope for Clean Energy

    The presidential regulation on tariffs for electricity has many incentives. Transparency is the key to avoiding moral hazard.

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