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Edition 14 December 2020

  • A Black Land Cruiser at Kilometer 50
    Cover Story

    A Black Land Cruiser at Kilometer 50

    Six Islam Defenders Front members died from gunshot wounds, all in the left chest. Prior, they were allegedly involved in a gunfight with the police, who had been following them from Rizieq Shihab’s home in Sentul, Bogor, West Java. According to witnesses and crime scene investigation, the victims were still alive when they were apprehended.

  • The Megamendung Post’s Secret Code
    Cover Story

    The Megamendung Post’s Secret Code

    Muhammad Rizieq bin Hussein Shihab’s time at the Alam Agrokultural Islamic Boarding School in Megamendung, Puncak, Bogor Regency, West Java, has been leisurely.

  • A Feast That Ends in Prison
    Cover Story

    A Feast That Ends in Prison

    Police arrested Muhammad Rizieq Shihab for violating social distancing protocols. The FPI sees the accusation as far-fetched.

  • A Car for a Prospective Queen

    A Car for a Prospective Queen

    Edhy Prabowo is suspected of ordering his men to purchase luxury watches using bribe funds given in connection with the export of lobster larvae. There are also indications that he purchased at least two automobiles, one of them purportedly given to a beauty pageant finalist.

  • Contemplating ON LPG’s Replacements

    Contemplating ON LPG’s Replacements

    The government designed various options to curb the increasing cost and consumption of subsidized LPG. There is no clear answer yet on what to decide.

  • Cheap Gas,  Heavy Cost

    Cheap Gas, Heavy Cost

    The government is preparing a cooperation scheme with private companies to finance the gas pipeline project in replace of LPG. PGN and other business entities are innovating commercially.

  • Half Hearted Induction Stoves

    Half Hearted Induction Stoves

    The government and PLN are promoting the use of electric stoves to reduce LPG consumption. Initial procurement cost proves to be a barrier for consumers.

  • Trapped in An Old Paradigm
    Market Pulse

    Trapped in An Old Paradigm

    Yopie Hidayat (Contributor)

  • Agus Widjojo, Governor, National Resilience Institute: We Are Too Dependent  on TNI

    Agus Widjojo, Governor, National Resilience Institute: We Are Too Dependent on TNI

    The army’s role in the recent sweeping operation to bring down the banners bearing Islam Defenders’ Front leader Muhammad Rizieq Shihab around Jakarta unsettled Agus Widjojo, governor of National Defense Institute (Lemhannas).

  • Sanctions for Rejecting Covid-19 Patients

    Sanctions for Rejecting Covid-19 Patients

    IS it unlawful for hospitals rejecting Covid-19 patients? Article 32 paragraph 2 of Law No. 36/2009 on health prohibits hospitals from rejecting patients in emergency condition.

  • Cartoon


    Social Aid Collection

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman


  • Scene & Heard

    Voicing Out Against Harassment

    Voicing Out Against Harassment

    Actress Marissa Anita and singer Mian Tiara, survivors of sexual harassment, decided to speak out. They are campaigning to banish violence against women. Dr. Sophia Hage and Ernest Prakasa are also doing their part.

  • News Capsule

    Jokowi’s Dynasty

    Jokowi’s Dynasty

    PRESIDENT Joko Widodo’s son Gibran Rakabuming Raka and son-in-law Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution are almost certain of becoming regional heads.

  • Asean & Beyond

    Signs of Peace in Rakhine

    Signs of Peace in Rakhine

    The Myanmar military and Arakan Army held a ceasefire in Rakhine. There is no guarantee that a further general election can be held in the Rohingya region.

  • Interlude

    The Last Perkenier of Banda Naira

    NUTMEG, the main commodity of the Banda Naira islands, had its heyday in the 16th century. The Dutch, through the Dutch East-Indies Company (VOC), even sent 37 perkeniers (plantation owners) from the Netherlands to Banda to manage the plantations, in order to cover the nutmeg monopoly supply for Europe’s market. Only one descendant remains of the 16th-century perkeniers: Pongky Erwandi van den Broeke, who manages 12.5 hectares of land. He was the victim of unrest in 1999.



    Holy Smoke!..

    Local residents are watching the mudflow of Mount Semeru, from the Piket Nol Bridge in Candipuro, Lumajang, East Java, Saturday, December 12. The mudflow in the Mount Semeru river basin area also carries hot lava, creating thick smokes and the stench of sulfur./ANTARA/Seno


  • The Wrong Way

    The Wrong Way

    President Joko Widodo must establish an independent fact-finding team to investigate the killings of six members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) in the early hours of Monday, December 7.

  • Minister Edhy’s Glamourous Bribes

    Minister Edhy’s Glamourous Bribes

    Some of the kickbacks related to the export of lobster larvae allegedly paid to the former minister of maritime affairs and fisheries are believed to have been passed on to his associates. Investigation should not stop with Edhy Prabowo.

  • Autopilot in the War on Corruption

    Autopilot in the War on Corruption

    The detention of two ministers in the last month shows that there is still widespread corruption in Jokowi’s administration. It is the people who are the victims.

  • Speeding Up LPG Replacement

    Speeding Up LPG Replacement

    The gas pipe networks for homes infrastructure project and the supply of electric cookers as an alternative to LPG have shown little progress. Commitment and resolution from the government are needed.

  • Sidelines

    HALF a century ago, Yukio Mishima plunged a short blade into his stomach and disemboweled himself.

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