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Edition 08 March 2021

  • Secret Tax Negotiations
    Cover Story

    Secret Tax Negotiations

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is scrutinizing alleged tax audit bribery by 165 companies. Only three cases have been elevated into an investigation status, with estimated corruption reaching to Rp50 billion. One of these companies is owned by coal businessman Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad, known as Haji Isam.  

  • Echelon Two, Five Pandavas
    Cover Story

    Echelon Two, Five Pandavas

    Angin Prayitno Aji is reported to have been part of the “Five Pandavas” group at the tax office. He is believed to be the owner of resorts in Yogyakarta and Magelang.

  • I Don’t Tolerate Corruption
    Cover Story

    I Don’t Tolerate Corruption

    Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati dismissed two tax officials, Angin Prayitno Aji and Dadan Ramdani, both of whom were named as suspects by the KPK. She hopes that the case does not disrupt the annual tax returns reporting currently in progress.  

  • The Fast Lane for Terawan’s Vaccine

    The Fast Lane for Terawan’s Vaccine

    Terawan Agus Putranto is promoting the Nusantara vaccine to a number of officials. The National Institute of Health Research and Development does not fully supported research plans for this dendritic-cell vaccine. Terawan is also attaching researchers’ names without their consent.

  • The Democrat Party Crisis 
    News Capsule

    The Democrat Party Crisis 

    The Chief of Presidential Staff Moeldoko was elected General Chairman of the Democrat Party in an extraordinary congress.

  •  Fees for the 8th Floor

    Fees for the 8th Floor

    Askrindo is implicated in another corruption allegation. The company's board of directors are suspected of collecting money from the fees for insurance sales agents.

  • Independent Auditor Investigates Findings at Askrindo

    Independent Auditor Investigates Findings at Askrindo

    Investigation by an audit committee formed by Askrindo's board of commissioners of the company’s finance in 2019 found indications that the commission paid to Askrindo Mitra Utama (AMU), a subsidiary which is also an insurance sales agent, was a cover for bribes to the company board of directors. Robertus Bilitea, Chief Executive Officer of Indonesia Financial Group (IFG), a state-owned insurance holding company, answered Tempo’s questions regarding the alleged corruption within one of IFG’s subsidiaries.

  • Investigations Lead to Management Overhaul

    Investigations Lead to Management Overhaul

    The alleged corruption implicating Asuransi Kredit Indonesia (Askrindo) sparked up improvement plans in the parent company of state-owned insurance and underwriting firms. There are problems in the insurance agent business regulations.

  • Four Vulnerable Fellows
    Market Pulse

    Four Vulnerable Fellows

    Indonesia has been included by HSBC analysts as one of the four emerging markets that are most vulnerable should the global financial market fall into panic, alongside Brazil, Mexico and South Africa

  • The Editors, the Directors and the Envelopes
    Special Report

    The Editors, the Directors and the Envelopes

    Tempo’s independence is maintained through open and egalitarian meetings. Opting to treat sources rather than accepting envelopes.  

  • Interview


    This Is No Ordinary Coup

    Since the Myanmar army staged a coup on February 1, Myanmar Now’s Chief Editor Swe Win has intensified communication with the journalists on the ground from his refuge in Australia to keep the world updated of what is happening in Myanmar. He said rumors of a coup had been swirling when the military made several political maneuvers to discredit the November 2020 general election results. Myanmar has now plunged into a crisis as the coup sparked nationwide protests and civil disobedient movement. Clashes between protesters and security forces have left scores of deaths and sent hundreds of protesters, activists and journalists behind bars.


  • Special Report

    Pursuing Investigation

    Pursuing Investigation

    The Investigation rubric was born after Tempo reappeared in 1998. But the spirit of investigative journalism has grown long before.

  • Letters

    The Not Disabled-Friendly Mall

    The Not Disabled-Friendly Mall

    Readers write their views on the not disabled-friendly mall and vaccine hoaxes.

  • Cartoon

    Peer Pressure

    Peer Pressure

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Special Report

    50 Years On

    Tempo magazine was born from an idea of independence. This has been no easy task to uphold.





    Mount Sinabung spewed volcanic material during an eruption on Tuesday, March 2, in Kuta Rakyat village, Naman Teran, Karo, North Sumatra. Mount Sinabung’s eruption created a volcanic column reaching 5,000 meters above the summit. Antara/Sastrawan Ginting




    A heath worker cleans and dries protective shoes at the Athletes Dormitory Emergency Hospital, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 2. The government recorded 1,341,314 positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia since the announcement of the first case on March 2, 2020. Of these cases, 1,151,915 of them have been declared cured while 36,325 have died. Antara/Muhammad Adimaja


  • Another Tax Mega Scandal

    Another Tax Mega Scandal

    Without law enforcement, reforms to the taxation sector are meaningless. Hopes could evaporate if this scandal is not uncovered.

  • Questioning Nusantara Vaccine

    Questioning Nusantara Vaccine

    The Nusantara vaccine is not suitable for Indonesia, which needs to inoculate large numbers of people. Existing vaccines are already proven effective for old people and those with other health conditions.

  • Exposing Embezzlement at Askrindo

    Exposing Embezzlement at Askrindo

    Askrindo has been undermined by alleged embezzlement totaling up to Rp200 billion. The payment of claims was overstated so the directors could benefit.

  • Drunk over Liquor Regulation

    Drunk over Liquor Regulation

    The President revoked clauses in a regulation that he signed regarding the liberalization of investment in the liquor industry. This is proof of the ramshackle way regulations are drawn up in this country.  

  • Bringing Back Democracy to Myanmar

    Bringing Back Democracy to Myanmar

    Human rights and security are two sides of the same coin. If ASEAN as a community is to achieve them, it must do away with the rhetorical non-interference principle which only gives regimes the upper hand in dealing with dissent. This principle is no longer relevant in this increasingly interconnected era. 

  • Sidelines

    His diary is not a monologue, and not a soliloquy: even in the narrowest of cells and in the most cruel oppression—particularly in Nusabambangan, the camp that was actually even worse than Buru—his voice was one of many. 

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