Edition 21 June 2021

  • Firli the Culprit
    Cover Story

    Firli the Culprit

    KPK Chief Firli Bahuri is believed to be one of the central figures behind the anti-corruption agency’s downfall. Cases have often been leaked after he joined the KPK. Furthermore, he has allegedly been spying on his colleagues at the KPK to learn their secrets.

  • Money for the Chief
    Cover Story

    Money for the Chief

    KPK Chief Firli Bahuri allegedly received Rp100 million in his bank account, labeled “Idul Fitri money.” His helicopter rental fee is believed to have been much higher.

  • Suit Against the Civic Knowledge Test
    Cover Story

    Suit Against the Civic Knowledge Test

    Non-active KPK employees are filing a lawsuit to several institutions against the civic knowledge test. The process of regulating the test is considered as legally flawed.

  • Third Time’s a Charm?

    Third Time’s a Charm?

    People in Joko Widodo’s circle are believed to be maneuvering for a third term of office for the president. They prepared two scenarios through the constitutional amendment.

  • State Guidelines’ Double-Edged Sword

    State Guidelines’ Double-Edged Sword

    Discussions on state guidelines have yet to reach an agreement. It could be used to topple the president.

  • Protection for Domestic Workers

    Protection for Domestic Workers

    Two factions in the House of Representatives refuse to deliberate the Domestic Workers Protection Bill. It is viewed as increasing the burden of the employers.

  • Staple Goods Tax Concerns

    Staple Goods Tax Concerns

    The government is criticized for planning to take staple goods out of the list of untaxed goods. The revision plan is in line with the World Bank's recommendations.

  • The Fed and Covid’s Pincer Attack
  • The Child Marriage Broadcast

    The Child Marriage Broadcast

    Letters from the readers

  • The Quack

    The Quack

    Cartoon: Imam Yunni

  • Interview


    Children must be Vaccinated for Herd Immunity

    Chairman of Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) Aman Bhakti Pulungan is concerned about the rising cases of Covid-19 among children in Indonesia. According to IDAI’s record, around 117,000 children have been infected since the pandemic struck. Children makes up 12.5 percent of the total cases. Aman says children are most vulnerable to the disease via their parents and the people around them. He observes that many pediatric patients with Covid-19 go to doctors rather late rendering the doctors unable to offer maximal treatment. Given the recent surge in the cases, Aman urges the government to put on hold face-to-face classes scheduled to resume in July.


  • Column

    The Current Road to the Presidency

    The Current Road to the Presidency

    Robertus Robet
    Socioligist, Jakarta State University


  • Opinion

    Opposing the Destroyer of KPK

    Opposing the Destroyer of KPK

    More than simply sidelining 51 employees through a dubious civic knowledge test, Firli Bahuri also wrecked the working system of the Corruption Eradication Commission. The meeting point of those who wish to destroy the KPK.

  • Opinion

    Cheap Maneuvers for Third Term President

    Cheap Maneuvers for Third Term President

    A number of politicians in Senayan are campaigning for an extension to the presidential term limit to three terms. This is a betrayal of the 1998 reformasi spirit.

  • Interlude

    From South Korea with Love

    The love for South Korean culture which has been growing for over a decade leads to the formation of a community of dedicated fans in Indonesia. They are looking to purchase items that can make them feel closer to their idols. It has created opportunities for businesses both large and small.



    Banana, Sir?

    A COUPLE of Sulawesi black monkeys (Macaca Tonkeana) ask for food from motorists at the Coffee Garden Mountains Area, Parigi Moutong Regency, Central Sulawesi, Friday, June 18. The behavior of these protected wild animals is now increasingly changing because human often gives foods to them despite prohibitions and warnings from local Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA). ANTARA/Mohamad Hamzah



    Laying to Rest

    MEMBERS of the Covid-19 burial task force are taking a rest after a hard day’s work at the Cikadut Cemetery in Bandung, West Java, Tuesday, June 15. The burial service officer said that Covid-19-related interments have increased by 20 to 30 bodies per day compared to last month’s five to eight. TEMPO/Prima Mulia


  • Arbitrary Tax Increases

    Arbitrary Tax Increases

    The government’s plan to increase value-added tax and widen its coverage triggers controversy. The key is to build public trust.

  • The Long Road to Protect Domestic Workers

    The Long Road to Protect Domestic Workers

    The Domestic Workers Protection Bill is yet to be passed. The cultural relationship that allows such imbalances must end.

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