Edition 13 September 2021

  • Azis Syamsuddin Implicated in Bribery
    Cover Story

    Azis Syamsuddin Implicated in Bribery

    The Corruption Eradication Commission is investigating House Deputy Speaker Azis Syamsuddin in connection to several graft cases. Golkar Party officials are lobbying to extricate the Golkar politician.

  • Positions Up for Grab
    Cover Story

    Positions Up for Grab

    Three Golkar Party high-ranking executives are contending for Azis Syamsuddin’s position in the DPR and the Golkar Party after the KPK delves deeper into a corruption case that involves him. He is currently waiting to be named suspect in the matter.

  • The Peacemaker
    Cover Story

    The Peacemaker

    House Deputy Speaker Azis Syamsuddin and KPK Chief Firli Bahuri were involved in a land dispute between two companies in South Sumatra.

  • Cases Implicating the Rose Team Member
    Cover Story

    Cases Implicating the Rose Team Member

    Azis Syamsuddin’s name is mentioned in various corruption cases. He is Setya Novanto’s close friend.

  • Between Longing and Dread

    Between Longing and Dread

    A number of schools resume limited classroom learning for the 2021/2022 school year. Parents are concern about learning loss as well as the potential for spreading Covid-19.

  • Formula E Hits a Speed Bump

    Formula E Hits a Speed Bump

    Two factions within the Jakarta Regional Legislative Council propose to interpellate Governor Anies Baswedan on the planned Formula E race agenda. Supporters and opponents are lobbying each other to either gain support for the Formula E interpellation or tackle it.

  • Fire in the Chandiri Block

    Fire in the Chandiri Block

    A fire at Tangerang Prison exposes a number of issues. There are indications that guards were not present at the site of the incident.

  • Pursuing Anti-Bankruptcy Law

    Pursuing Anti-Bankruptcy Law

    The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) is asking the government to impose a moratorium on filing petitions for bankruptcy and debt payment postponement (PKPU). This could be a field day for bad debtors.

  • Loose Cannon for Banks

    Loose Cannon for Banks

    Indonesian banking gives a mixed response over plans for bankruptcy and debt payment postponement moratoriums. The OJK is pushing for a credit restructuration relaxation.

  • Neck-Deep in Lawsuits

    Neck-Deep in Lawsuits

    Companies listed at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, including state-owned enterprises, are dragged into lawsuits for delaying debt repayment and bankruptcy due to their thinning pockets during the pandemic.

  • Interview


    I Have Scientists to Back Me Up

    Since the start of the pandemic, BPOM Chief Penny Kusumastuti Lukito often found herself at the center of Covid-related polemics, from drug claims, emergency use authorizations, vaccines, ivermectin to the Nusantara vaccine. How does she deal with these?


  • Market Pulse

    IMF Ammunition is not Enough Protection

    IMF Ammunition is not Enough Protection

    The key question is: would the additional ammunition from the IMF be enough to keep Indonesia’s financial market safe when the tapering shock arrives?

  • Letters

    The Impact of Sumatran Tigers’ Death

    The Impact of Sumatran Tigers’ Death

    Letters on the death of Sumatran tigers, Pertamina’s pension allowances, and cyber harassment.

  • Cartoon

    Munir’s Murder Mystery

    Munir’s Murder Mystery

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Sports

    In the Spirit of Disabled Athletes

    After her accident, Leani Ratri Oktila was inspired by the fervor of the disabled athletes who had more severe impairments. She is the first Indonesian athlete who clinched two golds in the Paralympics.



    Future Seeds

    STUDENTS planting mangrove on the coast of Tolitoli village, Lalonggasumeeto subdistrict, Southeast Sulawesi, Saturday, September 4. With the support of the state electricity company PLN, students from different schools and universities in Lalonggasumeeto worked together to plant 1,500 mangrove trees along the coast in the area to prevent abrasion/Antara/Jojon



    Swimming With Sharks

    TOURISTS swim near a black fin shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) in a diving excursion with a guide from the Shark Diving Indonesia dive center in the waters of Mitita Island, Morotai, North Maluku, Thursday, September 9. The waters of Mitita Island is one of the best diving points in Morotai to see sharks up close. Antara/Muhammad Adimaja


  • Questions around the Azis Syamsuddin Case

    Questions around the Azis Syamsuddin Case

    Despite having evidence of bribery, the KPK has not declared Azis Syamsuddin a suspect. There is increasing lobbying and politicization.

  • Cautiously Reopening Schools

    Cautiously Reopening Schools

    Classroom teaching resumes on a limited scale at the beginning of August. Detailed guidelines for mitigation are needed to ensure that schools do not become new clusters for the spread of Covid-19.

  • The Politics of Interpellation of Formula-E Race

    The Politics of Interpellation of Formula-E Race

    Jakarta DPRD’s maneuver of its right of interpellation over the Formula E race against Governor Anies Baswedan carries an aroma of political competition for 2024. Rather than becoming a source of disagreement, the race should just be cancelled.

  • Closing the Loophole

    Closing the Loophole

    The regulation on the moratorium of filings for bankruptcy and the debt payment postponement has the potential to bring about a crisis in the future. It is prone to abuse by crooked debtors.

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