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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sidney R. Jones, Director Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict: Women want to play a bigger role in ISIS

The threat of terrorism in Indonesia seems endless. Last December, the police exposed a terrorist cell at Bekasi, West Java, whose members planned to carry out a suicide bombing in front of the State Palace in Jakarta, during a changing of the presidential guard. Police discovered the plan after they intercepted communication between the terrorists and their top leader, Bahrun Naim. "There is no other person more active than Bahrun…

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Human Bondage aboard Fishing Boats

Mualip showed Setiawan three video clips of his dead cousin Supriyanto, a few days before his family received his body on September 27, 2015. As if hypnotized by the visuals on his cellular phone, Setiawan asked Mualip not to show them to anyone. "I was worried that those pictures would upset my relatives, as Supriyanto"s body still had not arrived," Setiawan told Tempo, in early December a year later.