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  • A New Opportunity for Renewable Energy

    A New Opportunity for Renewable Energy

    The New and Renewable Energy Bill must accelerate the endeavor to abandon fossil-based energy sources such as coal. As a precondition, the mechanism for purchasing electricity must be revised.

  • Transparency on Nuclear Energy

    Transparency on Nuclear Energy

    The government needs to carefully study the plan to build a thorium power station in Bangka Belitung. Environmentally friendly energy sources must be prioritized.

  • The Secret Tricks of Drugs Police

    The Secret Tricks of Drugs Police

    Three middle ranking police officers who appear to have stolen money related to drug crimes must be severely punished. There must be a decriminalization program for drug users.

  • A Dangerous Signal from Campus

    A Dangerous Signal from Campus

    The government decision to go ahead with the appointment of a problematic university rector sends the wrong message to the public. The quality of research is at stake.

  • Circle of Lies

    Circle of Lies

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Blame It on the Rain

    Blame It on the Rain

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrahman

  • The Certainties of Digital Banking

    The Certainties of Digital Banking

    Interest rates for banks in Indonesia are the highest in Southeast Asia. Digital banks could lower the cost of borrowing. 

  • The Scapegoat Called Nature

    The Scapegoat Called Nature

    The government is insisting that the flooding in South Kalimantan was caused by extreme natural events. This ignores the massive change of function of upstream forests.

  • Overbearing Ethics Council

    Overbearing Ethics Council

    By firing the chairman of the General Elections Commission, the Election Organization Ethics Council is seen as having gone too far. An ethics body should not have the power of dismissal.

  • The Root Cause of Embezzlement

    The Root Cause of Embezzlement

    The embezzlement of social assistance shows there are fundamental weaknesses with the protection offered to the poor in Indonesia. It is proof of the lack of commitment from the government and from the party that claims to care about the little people.

  • Revaluate Aviation Safety

    Revaluate Aviation Safety

    The Sriwijaya Air crash must lead to improvements in aviation safety. There must be no relaxation of regulations that could put safety at risk.

  • A New Danger from Digital Thieves

    A New Danger from Digital Thieves

    A new method of stealing money from bank accounts by hijacking customers' telephone numbers is on the rise. Banks cannot avoid responsibility.

  • Jokowi's Favorite for Police Chief

    Jokowi's Favorite for Police Chief

    The President has chosen Listyo Sigit Prabowo as his candidate for National Police chief.  It is clear this was influenced by his close relationship and by political interests.

  • High-stakes of Covid-19 Vaccine

    High-stakes of Covid-19 Vaccine

    Celebrity participation and threats of prosecution are not effective ways to encourage public participation in the Covid-19 vaccination program. This will only lead to more opposition.

  • Lost at Sea

    Lost at Sea

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Reviving Old Dreams

    Reviving Old Dreams

    The government is once again unfurling an electric car program. It needs comprehensive and consistent policy to allow the old dream to not collapse.

  • Short Term Solution

    Short Term Solution

    The government is recruiting a million teachers under a contract scheme. A short term solution for the matter of badly distributed quality educators.

  • Worthless Wordplay

    Worthless Wordplay

    The surge in Covid-19 cases practically crippled all the hospitals throughout the country. Bandying around new terms has made us forget the essential target.

  • Banning FPI is No Solution

    Banning FPI is No Solution

    Banning all activity of the Islam Defenders Front solved nothing. There should be a strategic cultural design to address extremism.

  • Lady and the Tramp

    Lady and the Tramp

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

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