• Peer Pressure

    Peer Pressure

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Bringing Back Democracy to Myanmar

    Bringing Back Democracy to Myanmar

    Human rights and security are two sides of the same coin. If ASEAN as a community is to achieve them, it must do away with the rhetorical non-interference principle which only gives regimes the upper hand in dealing with dissent. This principle is no longer relevant in this increasingly interconnected era. 

  • Virtual Police

    Virtual Police

    Cartoon: Imam Yuni


  • Uniforms for Diversity

    Uniforms for Diversity

    The decision by three ministers on school uniforms must be supported. The politicization of what students wear in school must be stopped.

  • Time for the Supervisors

    Time for the Supervisors

    The Attorney General's Office (AGO) has yet to take action against other perpetrators in the Asuransi Jiwasraya investment fund scandal. The Financial Services Authority bears most of the responsibility.

  • Retracting on Revision

    Retracting on Revision

    The proposal to revise the Electronic Information and Transactions Law put forth by President Joko Widodo has faded away. Do not fall for the same trick twice.

  • Messy Satellite Fiasco

    Messy Satellite Fiasco

    Collusion has led to confusion over the procurement of a geostationary satellite for the 123 degrees east longitude orbital slot. Indonesia could lose this strategic satellite location.

  • Dangerous Articles

    Dangerous Articles

    Tempo Cartoon: Imam Yunni

  • When Bigger is Better

    When Bigger is Better

    A tax discount for buyers of automobiles will not be effective in increasing economic growth. A comprehensive stimulus policy package is needed.

  • Unsustainable Way to Manage Waste

    Unsustainable Way to Manage Waste

    Although banned by law, 22 open waste dumping sites are still operating. The principle of reduce, reuse, recycle is still nothing more than a slogan.

  • Disastrous Army Business

    Disastrous Army Business

    In Pasuruan, East Java, a combat engineer battalion is in dispute with its business partner over the management of a gas station. It is time military businesses were put in order.

  • Problems in the Vaccine Program

    Problems in the Vaccine Program

    Leaks of Covid-19 vaccines disrupted the program to immunize the most vulnerable people. Rather than holding celebrations, the government must improve the data for targeting vaccinations.

  • Empty Words about Sovereignty

    Empty Words about Sovereignty

    The transfer of the management of the Rokan Block from Chevron to Pertamina is delayed by a number of problems. This is the result of the government's politicizing of economic decisions.

  • Political Meddling in the Research Agency

    Political Meddling in the Research Agency

    The establishment of the National Research and Innovation Agency is held up by a dispute over political interests. This shows the lack of commitment to innovation.

  • Legal Limbo for R.J. Lino

    Legal Limbo for R.J. Lino

    The investigation into the alleged corruption over the supply of cranes to Pelindo II in 2010 has been in limbo for more than five years. The KPK must immediately make clear of R.J. Lino's circumstances.

  • Doctor Honoris Causa for Sale

    Doctor Honoris Causa for Sale

    Honorary doctorates (doctor honoris causa) should only be given to people who have made a real contribution to the advancement of knowledge. Universities are embarrassing themselves.

  • Wrong Target

    Wrong Target

    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • Self-Criticism


    Cartoon: Yuyun Nurrachman

  • The Bitter Tale of Sugar Imports

    The Bitter Tale of Sugar Imports

    Inconsistency in the regulations governing sugar imports caused food and drink companies scrambling to find supplies. Investment projections could be affected.

  • Democracy Grows and then Dies in Myanmar

    Democracy Grows and then Dies in Myanmar

    The military coup d’état killed the democracy that had never really flourished in Myanmar. ASEAN must not remain silent.

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